The Star Tarot Card: Meanings and Symbolism

The Star Tarot Card: Meaning and Symbolism

The Star is the seventeenth numbered Major Arcana card of the 22. All in all, this card means that you are going to be feeling hope soon. This is because your current situation calls for it. Things have not been ideal recently, but things are going to be looking up at long last. You should not give up on dreams and ambitions because things are starting to look up. The destruction of The Tower, The Devil, Death, and The Hanged Man are finally over. If you remember, Temperance meant that you were healing. The Star tarot card means that you were healing and things are ready to move forward.

The Star Tarot Card

In most Tarot card decks, the woman shown on the Temperance card has wings. You can see the woman on The Star card does not. This is because the reader no longer needs to raise to get to where they need to be. You are where you should be and things can no progress forward rather than up. The rebirth that has been completed is shown by the biggest, yellow star in the upper center of the card. The pitchers the woman is pouring into the ground and the water shows where the wisdom of your troubles is going. Lastly, the ground represents your conscious mind while the pool of water is your unconscious mind.

The Star Tarot Card Divinatory Meanings: Upright and Reversed

Seeing The Star Tarot card upright is an amazing thing. It tells you that you have gained a deep insight from the struggles you have been enduring. You will have a new vigor in life and outlook on life because of what you have learned from everything.

This card can also mean that you are going to be having new dreams, wishes, and desires that you may have lost sight of with everything going on. Maybe you will have new ones, perhaps you will rediscover some older ones.

Man Walking, Rabbit Men, Dating, Star Tarot Card
Things are moving on and moving forward in your life.

When you see The Star upside down or reversed, it is not truly a bad thing. This simply means that you are still working. You are halfway up the stairs but have a little further to go. You have too much self-doubt, you can see the blurred outlines of your dreams but you can not quite make them out. Open your heart more and learn to trust again.

The Star Tarot Card

General Meaning

Putting things in the simplest of words, The Star Tarot card comes to you in a general reading when you are going to be inspired again. The darkness that has been clouding your mind is gone and you can regain hope. It might be slow-moving or it might sweep you off your feet, but things are looking up again. The universe is again on your side and you are going to be feeling that soon if you are not feeling it already. You have a new understanding of the world around you and your common sense is stronger than it probably has been in a good while. Instead of inner turmoil and confusion, you are finally entering a time of peace.

Love Life Meaning

When you are doing a love reading you see The Star, things are going to be on par with a fairy tale soon. Do not worry anymore about being attracted to a ‘type’ because that is all over with. This new partner that is waiting for you around the bend is different from anyone else that you ever been with before.

Love Heart Drawing, Romance

In the case that you have been in a relationship for a while, you do not have anything to worry about either. Things will be falling into place in such a way that you and your partner will not be having another fight for a long time.

If you did love reading to see what a crush thinks of you and you got this card, then it means that the person is crazy about you. Remember, however, that you need to meet the card halfway. Relationships still take work but now you will not be pulling the whole weight by yourself.

Career Meaning

Are you looking for a new job? Wondering if you should try for the pay raise or promotion? This card is your green light. If there was ever a time to do any of those things, the time is now. When seeing this card when doing a reading on if you should try for your dream job. This card is basically promising you that you will stick the landing. And if you do not get exactly the job you were hoping for, then the job you do get will line you up for it perfectly. You have little to worry about, so take a running jump and go for it while you can before it is too late.

Business, Work, Promotion
Things are looking up in your career!

Health Meaning

For a reader who has been physically sick with a cold, flu, or some other ailment, this card means it is soon coming to an end. You have been sick for long enough and are on the mend. Once you are fully over your ailment, you will have just as much energy as you had before you fell ill if you do not have more of it.

Smile, Woman
Your health will soon be better than it was before.

For those of you that have been having mental health issues, things are looking up for you as well. Situations are not going to be as heavy on your shoulders as they have been. Because of this, you can think more clearly. Keep in mind, though, that you are not going to be waking up one morning and your anxiety or depression is going to be gone. You need to change your mindset a bit and think positively as well.

Family and Friends Meaning

The Star Tarot card, in reading about family and friends, means that things are going to go back to normal if you open yourself up to it. A family member that you have had a falling out with wants to reconnect, but it takes two people to repair something that both of them broke.

Marriage, Baby, Pregnancy
Maybe you will even get a new family member!

If you are doing the reading a family member who is trying to get pregnant, or if you yourself are trying to get pregnant, then this card brings good barings. Your family is going to grow. You may have a child or someone close to you is having a child. Perhaps someone is getting married soon. You can bet on having a new family member within the year or so.

The Star Tarot Card: Conclusion

When all is said and done, The Star Tarot card is a promise that everything will be getting better. The destruction and reconstruction are finally over. Now you can be whole again. You will hopefully be a better person than you were when it all started.

Rather than your life falling apart or being like a yo-yo, you are free from the stress. There will be areas in your life where you have to meet this card halfway. You still need to put in some work if you want to get the full benefits of what this card can bring. This card comes to you to let you know that the universe is done rebuilding your path. Now, you can continue walking without the fear of twisting your ankles every couple of steps.

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