Flower Symbols and Meanings: The Joy and Delight

Flower Symbols and Meanings: Historical Meaning of the Flower

The use and application of flower symbols are one of the things that have been around for many years. Moreover, it has helped heal a lot of people. Also, it is one of the analogies that are literary in all the cultures of the world.  However, flowers symbolism is more present in ancient European cultures and Asians. You have had the opportunity to watch some of the Greek plays; they are usually so many flowers in the acts. This goes to all the major ancient civilizations like Romans, Chinese, Egyptians, and even the Celts.

This is because most of the human thought and emotions has significant symbolic representation with the flowers. Moreover, you can also rely on the colors of the flowers to signify the attributes that all people have. For example, a white flower signifies purity, innocence, and spiritual powers that one can have. On the other hand, the red flowers usually bear the meaning of love like the rose flower that is more prominent on the lover’s day; the valentine’s day.

Apart from the fact that the flower meaning is ancient, the learning of their symbolism became more pronounced in the early 1800s. Then they came up with the language of flowers that was done by one Lady Mary Wortley. This is the period that gave way to the current perception of flower symbols. There is a wide range of flowers that captures the various characters and the moods that people have. For example, the flower tulips were known for one’s passions. Therefore, receiving them would signify the love that one has for you.

The Symbolic Meaning of Gifting a Flower

Over the ages, people have come up with various meanings of flowers and what they signify when you come across one. Also, there is a lot of other sense of flowers, meaning when you receive them as a gift. Some of the flowers like the rose even bear meaning depending on how many you get. For example, if you get three roses, it spells, I LOVE YOU. So, you may need to get a grasp of the flower meaning before you can send some to anyone.

On the other hand, there is a flower that is meant for funerals and the settings also. This means that there are ways that you can arrange the flowers to form a wreath so you cannot give that to someone on their birthday. It would say that you wish death upon them or a short life. Here are some of the flowers and their meaning as gifts.

The Red Rose Flower Gift Symbolism

Well, the rose flower is one of the most common flowers on earth with one universal meaning of love. It shows the passion and desires that you have on your partner. The red color also symbolizes that valentine’s day that is the day for the people to celebrate love across the world. Some people would send the rose flower with other goodies like chocolate to show that they care deeply for their partners. On the other and, the rose flower can also be an apology gift to some that you have done wrong.

flowers symbolism and meaning

The Gifting of the Dark Crimson Rose

This is the rose that when you see at your doorstep, it means that you are in mourning of a loved one. People usually send them to symbolizes that they are also in mourning with you. However, in the early days, the gift of the crimson rose meant that there is death that is coming your way. So, they would use it as a warning or a threat.

The Symbolism of the Red Tulips Gift

The red tulip flowers are also the symbol of affection towards your partner. However, to mean it is more of a courtship kind of flower to show your partner the desire that your heart is burning with towards them. Some people or individually ladies may send the red tulips to their partners to show that they have accepted the proposal. Therefore, they can start dating or courting.

Gifting the Daisy Flower and the Underlying Meaning

This is the flower that represents innocence, purity, potency, among other pure and symbolic virtues. So, if you are gifting the daisies, it means that you love the person that is bound to receive them. However, you are gifting the daisies so that they can have peace in their families and love in their hearts for other people. More so, to remind them that there is no shame on leaning towards the help of the divine spiritual world.

Daffodil Flower Symbol

This the flower that is used to show the level of bravery that you can show or also possess. On the hand, it brings good luck and wishes the person that you send them to happiness and optimism in their lives. In short, you are reminding them to be persistent like the daffodil that many people don’t always have high regard. Plus, it can grow and blossom in some harsh environments. If they had such hard times and you sent them the daffodil, it also means that it is time to try something new. Moreover, life is never a permanent fixture but susceptible to changes all the time. Therefore, so are we.

Gifting the Lily of the Valley

This is one of the flowers that have a lot of symbolic significance and spiritual meaning. So, gifting this one bears a lot of symbolic meanings that touch on different things. They have a delicious scent that relaxes the person that receives. Moreover, the flower is white. Therefore, it captures the symbolic meaning of the color white. So, by gifting this one, it means that you wish one pure bliss of happiness. Also, you are telling them that they have the power to overcome all the stressful situations that they are currently having. All they have to do is emulate the traits if the Lily of the valley.

Flower Symbols: Summary

Well, as you can see that there is a lot of symbolic meaning that captures the flower meaning. So, you will need to read on other flower symbols. You can start by going through Lady Marys’ version of the language of flowers to properly comprehend its inner meaning. However, you can also use your intuition and wisdom to decipher most of the flowers significances by yourself. Moreover, by doing this, you will be able to come up with new ideas of the meaning of flowers that you can share with other people.

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