Memory and Memorial Symbols: Keeping Memories of the Dead Alive

Memory and Memorial Symbolism: What Does It Mean?

It is always painful when people we care about die, and that is why Memory and Memorial symbols help us to grieve and accept that they are gone. We can keep the dead alive in the spirit, all the while recognizing that life and death make the cycle of life.

We all have a way of honoring loved ones who have died. Memorial and memory symbolism refers to the rituals we practice in remembrance of our loved ones. Lighting candles, prayers, and ceremonies that acknowledge those who have passed from earth help to keep memories alive. Few symbolic elements can help to boost and support our remembrance.

Benefits of Memory and Memorial Symbols

The most significant benefit is that we can get consolation through remembering the dead. This helps us to remain connected to them even when we still have living family and friends.

Secondly, we can honor our origins and family history. This helps to establish deep roots and tell the coming generations about our other loved ones.

We acknowledge that all energy is never lost because energy cannot be destroyed only transformed into other forms. Therefore, this realization eases the distance between us and the already transitioned.

As conscious beings, we understand that it is easy to call upon the energy and assign it to our intention. In this case, the energy will help cement the purpose of remembering our loved ones.

Memory and Memorial Symbolism: Ways to Utilize Symbols Representing Memories

Use of Plant symbolism

The Fir Trees

While planting, the soil can be mixed with the ashes of the dead loved one. The fir tree is green all year round, which is a great symbol of life after death. That way, your loved one’s energy keeps living through the tree. Celts used fir trees to mark burial sites instead of ancestral graves. The advantage of being a lot of fir trees makes forests. Therefore, the dead play a part in conserving the environment.

Planting Roses

Roses are an expression of love and affection. Different colors carry different meanings. In memory and memorial symbolism, the thorns that prick represent how death hurts. Losing a loved one is painful yet, the sweet smell and color of the rose symbolize appreciation of life. Planting roses can help to appreciate both death and life. As a symbol, they help us realize that beauty is present even amid painful losses.

Memory And Memorial Symbolism

Use of Animal Symbolism

The Elephant

Elephants have very long memories. That is the reason they can learn tricks and perform at the circus. Elephants are also empathetic and show emotion. They mourn for the loss of a loved one and shed tears as well. Zoologists have observed that they also display lethargy and touch they’re departed. They have very distinct funeral rituals. When one of them dies, the pack moves the remains to a unique burial site. They also morn for days and acknowledge the loss.

Elephants have such big hearts and are generous. By invoking their energy, you can channel love, commitment, appreciation, and memory to your transitioned human loved ones. The elephant energy will cover you completely offering healing and comfort as you also transition to death.


A lot of cultures associate the horse with the underworld in old beliefs. Cultures such as Greek, Roman, and Celtic believe that the horse ushers departed souls to the afterworld. They paint horses as a kind of “guardian angel” that helps the transitioned to find their way in the spirit worlds. Eventually, the horse gets the elevation to other realms.

In Christianity, it has been used in passages referring to ascension.  The horse’s elevation from the underworld to the sky is symbolic for a deceased loved one winning over tribulations. This powerful and elegant animal has a profound sense of loyalty, focus, and strength. Therefore, invoking their energy helps you to communicate your intentions and devotion to your dear departed.


There is a legend around the Koala. The Aborigines believe that the koalas were the first inhabitants of the earth and that they lived on the ground. As such, they learned many skills and got a chance to teach humans. The koala kept memories of their lineage and those of human beings. Over time, they started living on trees.

This is a metaphor of moving from the ordinary to a state of enlightenment. Therefore, Koalas are memory keepers and symbols of transition and ascension. Imploring the koala energy helps you find comfort in the message that your loved ones exist in higher realms.

Use of Stones Symbolism


It has a warm essence that is associated with the energies of love and healing. It is also one of the oldest stones that have been used for decoration and magic. The warm essence has been used to heal heartbreaks caused by death. Amber’s warm color is a symbolism of reassurance and tranquility, even in the face of loss. Holding amber stone close to your heart helps to harness the healing of pain and bridging the gaps left after death.


Based on Memory and Memorial symbolism, losing a loved one is painful and leaves a gap. Sometimes there are no words to express what grief feels like. That is exactly why we need memory and memorial symbolism. These rituals help us to accept the transition, find hope, and express our sincere feelings. It is also assuring to know that our loved ones remain in our hearts and on our minds.

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