Heart Symbol Meanings: The Sign of Cupid

Heart Symbol Meanings: What does the Heart Sign Signify in Your Life?

At one point of the other in life, you must have come across the heart symbol and wondered what it could mean to you as a person. The heart symbol has very little to do with the meaning of the actual heart. However, it touches on the matters that deal with human emotions and the issues of love and affections. Well, the heart symbol is one of the most commonly used symbols in the current world due to the technology that we have.

This has led to people overusing it and also misusing it, especially in the social media platforms. Remember that the hearts symbol means different things to different people in life. This is because it happens to appear in many cultures. Therefore, each culture has its special meaning that can help them decipher what it stands for. To some of the customs, it means sex, unity, sensual, love, attraction, and strength. The meanings are so many; that is why the symbolism of the heart symbol is vast.

Some of the Symbolic Representation of the Heart Symbol

Symbol of Love

In most of the cultures, love is the one that comes to mind every time some thinks of the symbol of the heart. In the current literature with the teens, I see them even using the word heat to mean love. Therefore, one can say something like ‘I heart you’ to suggest that they love you. It is also the symbol that marks the day of the valentines. The day of Valentines is the day that you are supposed to spend with the person that you love the most in the world. I always refer to it as the day for lovers.

Symbol of Attraction

The symbol of the heart is more of an emblem that represents femininity. So, in most of the cases, many of the men will use the logo to show that they love their partners. When you send a text from someone that you like, it will show them how you feel about them. However, the meaning of love here also varies. Because it may mean that you are just thinking about them.

Symbol of Unity

In contemporary society, the symbol of the heart also means communal unity. This signifies the duty and will power of the people to come together to achieve a specific goal that is bound to help some people in the same community. On the other hand, the symbol of the heart also has the meaning in terms of marriage. It is what signifies that two different hearts that have come together in holy matrimony. Therefore, it portrays the signs of strength and power that you use as a person.

The Symbol of the Torn Heart

I bet you have seen this one at one point in life if you have ever been heartbroken before. Well, this is one of the symbols that signify what type of discomfort and pain that a person can have. It shows that they are going through a heartbreak that only a lover can cause. On the other hand, they also believe that if you break someone heart like it is not possible to heal it back.

The Symbol of a Heart with an Arrow through it

This is the sign that the angel of love cupid has taken an interest in your love life. Therefore, he is going to help you find your soulmate if not already. On the other hand, it means that you are love-stricken and the only thing that you are to be with your soulmate. People believe that such love is a march formed in the heavens, and nothing even death can take such feelings away.

heart symbol meanings

The Symbol of Sensuality

The matter of love and sex are things that tend to go hand in hand. Therefore, people usually use it in sentences to show that they have a feeling for one another. So, the symbol of the heart also expresses the desires that you have towards a person. Therefore, it can be the guiding light to attaining the love of your life.

What does it Mean to Dream about the Symbol of the Heart?

I am tempted to say that it means that cupid has visited you and is telling you that it is time to go out and meet your special someone. The dream is, therefore, a sign from the celestial world that your time to have the courage and go after the love of life is here. Put aside all the other things and give it you’re all. If the partner that you are seeking is not ready, then you have to practice patience but don’t stop showing them that you are there. Also, do show that you are too much available it would beat the purpose of being unique in their hearts.

Dreaming of the Broken Heart

This means that you are about to go through one of the toughest times in your relationship, but you can avoid it by considering your partner’s feelings. Ask them what you can do to make it right and follow through. However, if it does not work out, then you can prepare for the tidal wave of disappointment so that it doesn’t catch you off your guard.

Dreaming of the Red Heart Symbol

This means that you are in love and the times that you are going through are excellent. So, you need to keep doing the same things that you are doing. Or, it means that you are about to meet the love of your life and be happy forever.

Dreaming of the Black Heart Symbol

When you dream about this, it means that you are going through some severe grief in your life. So, you may need to stay with some that love you. Or, it may bear the meaning of you have no room for love in your hurt but hate. So, it is a sign that you need to take a step back and learn to love again.


Love is the main driving force behind the symbol of the heart in almost all of the cultures around the world. So, you should use the logo more to express how you feel about someone. Remember that it is not a mistake to love someone. Also, they don’t have to love you back. When you do it, you do it for yourself and not for anyone else in your life.

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