Heather Flower Symbol of Endurance

Heather Flower Symbol: Learning to Cope with Life through its Teachings

What do you know about the Heather Flower Symbol? Well, it is the flower that captures the hearts of those who live in the Northern parts of the world. The flower itself is beautiful and has a bright purple color with a delightful fragrance. It bears a lot of meaning and teaching to the people that live in the Northern part of the world.

The meaning of the heather flower speaks of the attributes of being resilient, strength, hardiness, endurance. This means that it can survive some of the harshest weathers of the north and still bloom to its glory. The Heather flower symbolizes the need to appreciate the meaning of solitude and self-reliance in life. On the other hand, it is the symbol that dictates that all of us need to learn to persevere.

Also, Heather flower has other uses that are practical in life. Some of its parts can be used to make brooms. Alternatively, the other parts they would use to produce baskets, ropes, beddings, and even thatching a roof. Some people also use it to put flavor in their drinks like tea. This is because the essence that it produces is soothing and relaxing to the body. Some people even use it to help in the production of beer.

The Inner Meaning

When you are looking at the inner meaning of the heather flower symbol, you have to check out the spiritual significance as well. This has something to do with the bright, soothing color purple that it has. In most of the parts of the world, the color purple or lavender was used to signify beauty, solitude, and approval. It is also the color of royalty in some parts of Europe. On the other hand, there is also the symbolism of the white heather flowers.

This symbolizes the meaning of purity and divinity. It gives one that chance to connect to the heavenly beings. Also, it shows that you need to have a secure connection to protection. This may be from evil spirits.  The use of flowers to signify something is also an old trick among lovers. Therefore, the person that is doing so had to be careful about the message that they want to send.

So, sending the heather flower, the purples ones, meant that you had deep admiration for that person. Also, it said that they were beautiful. The Celts had secure value for the white heather. This is because the purple one seems to remind them of the blood of their fallen comrades in their brutal clan wars. However, the white ones were pure and clean. Therefore, gifting it meant that you had the best intentions for that person.

The Celtic Symbolism of the Heather Flower

The ancient Celts had a definite leaning towards the symbolism of their environment. So, just like the other symbols, they placed some on the heather flower to help the younger generations to make meaning of their lives. Some believe that the ancient Celts due the association with nature were thereby the best botanist of that era. Well, this is true as they also developed their own language Ogham to communicate with the trees.

In their wisdom, they found out that the heather flower was useful to the health of people. It had some laxative effects that would help loosen the body and increase blood flow. This is one of the reasons that they are still pioneers in the scientific world. On the other parts, they would like the heather flower to make brooms and thatch their houses. So, it was acting as cleaning and a protection tool. Apart from these, the heather flower would bring luck to those that believed in it. However, some of them would sue it as a form of a hallucinogen.

Therefore, they would use the heather flower to connect with the spirits through trances and meditations. However, the others thought of it as a way to entice their partners due to its enticing scent. The heather flower also symbolized purity in the Celtic culture. It was used as a sign if cleansing. They would use the white heather flower to adorn the bride’s gown. Or, they make a sprig of the same heather flowers for the bride.

Entomological Significance of the Heather Flower

Going to the meaning of the Heather flower and its origins will help you understand it better. So, the term heather is from the English word hather. They later changed the name of t hather to heather after incorporating the word heath.  It bears the meaning of land that is covered with heather flowers. However, sometimes it would refer to the area that moss is covering.

heather flower symbolism

Moreover, the heather does well on the sides of the mountain or hills. There it can stand independent of all other natural plants that cannot survive the same environment. It originates from the highlands of Scotland.


The color of the heather flower it doesn’t matter who you first encounter it. Al; you have to know is that they are potent plants. More so, the heather flower has a lot of symbolic meaning that can teach you a lot. Therefore, you should learn to give them a chance to influence your life with their positive vibes. Moreover, the colors seem to make the have some sense of connection to the divine. The color white allows you to learn the meaning of staying pure or getting closer to being clean.

On the other hand, it signifies the need for one to connect with the divine powers. The color purple gives you the purpose to appreciate the environment and the people around you. However, it also reminds you that you can stand alone and survive the harshest of all situation in life. Therefore, you will need to have trust in the power within you to make ample strides in life. Moreover, even if you fail, remind yourself of the tough time that you have endured previously. You can use that notion to push yourself to the limit.

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