August 5 Zodiac is Leo, Birthdays and Horoscope

August 5 Zodiac Personality

If you were born on August 5, you are a Leo. You are hardworking and quite authoritative. You are very talented and good at doing many things as a result of your versatility. As an August 5 zodiac, you are extremely stubborn and independent. At the same time, you are very open-minded. You walk the talk. This is the kind of attitude you carry with you wherever you are, either at work or at home.


As per the August 5 zodiac horoscope, you possess a lot of energy and you are a strong-minded person. In the business world, a Leo born on August 5 is impeccable. As an employer, you are qualified with skills that are unmatchable. You are destined to be very successful in whichever career you decide to pursue.

As a Leo zodiac born on August 5, you are very gifted in the areas of performing arts. A career in acting or entertaining best suits you. At the end of the day, you have the ability to achieve financial comfort.

Money, Rabbits
Money is a Leo’s main motivation for working.

According to the August 5 birthday horoscope analysis, when you are in a situation where you are tired, you seem to delegate authority and tell people what to do. When you achieve small milestones, you become very proud of yourself. This is your own way of showing that you are a team player.

In most cases, as a Leo born on August 5, you will find yourself the leader of the pack due to your confidence and authoritative attitude. As you are not a mean person, you will make a confident leader or boss who people can easily trust.


As per matters of your money, you seem to turn nothing into something. You are likely to turn a bad financial situation around with ease. However, this also implies that you sometimes get yourself into money troubles. To avoid this, try to save more than you spend.

Saving Money, Finance, Virgo
Make sure to save more money than you spend.

Romantic Relationships

Those born on this August 5 are the best companions one can have. You are tolerant and have high endurance. You are calm in situations that other panic over and use your head before coming to the conclusion that nothing can be done.

Love, Rabbit Women, Vrischika 2020 Horoscope
When you are calm, you make a perfect romantic. However, when you are angry, you can be jealous and volatile.

When things and situations start weighing you down. However, you tend to explode and self-destruct. This affects those around you, including your partner! Your generosity is noticed and appreciated by many of your lovers. However, take care because they will be inclined to take advantage of this trait.

Platonic Relationships

The August 5 personality reports show that you are an emotionally strong person. You are inclined to give strength to those around you, as you are a magnetic person. People seem to get glued to you as you can be a kind of addiction.

Blue, Outfit, Demin
Leos need their alone time, even though they do love spending time with friends.

Karma seems to kick back at you all your intense generosity and this is very common with others also of your sun zodiac sign. As a Leo celebrating a birthday on this August 5, you are trustworthy and very hardworking. Those around you are always curious about what you are up to. It’s no wonder that your email and phone is always full of messages. It’s not out of shame but an August 5 zodiac is a private person. Leos hide their plans to keep their lives more private.


As a Leo mother born on August 5, you are lenient but at the same time practical. When in love, you can at times seem quite selfish and also conventional. However, you can be sensitive, passive, inspiring and affectionate. On the other hand, you can give in to peer pressure with ease and get influenced by others. In your list of contacts, it’s not abnormal to find contacts of very positive individuals who are like-minded and wise.

Gift, Present
An August 5 zodiac will often pick out small gifts for their family members.

As a Leo born on August 5, you are gifted with the ability to mix and match when it comes to decorating. You can turn household items into amazing things. To you, an empty bottle or can of coke has more uses to you empty. You will find yourself also giving handmade presents to your loved ones and they highly appreciate it.

August 5 Birthday


The August 5 birthday astrology predictions indicate that you are likely to suffer from heart-related diseases. As a Leo native born on August 5, you should totally avoid smoking, eating deep fried food, and also guard against stress. These are the things that affect your blood circulatory system blocking the smooth flow of blood.

Food, Vegetables
Watch your diet to improve your health.

Get regular checkups and also engage in regular exercising and exchange your greasy food for wholesome and balanced diets. You need to get all the nutrients that your body requires in order to avoid illnesses. You are unprejudiced, respectful, and self-supporting. It’s in the nature of a lion to be territorial and that’s what you are, but also quite strong with the need for privacy.

August 5 Zodiac Personality Traits

The birthdate characteristics of a person born on August 5 indicate that you do not get upset easily. You are a very easy going person. You seem to manage your irritation and anger in an elegant mature way. As a lion born on August 5, you are calm and soothing. However, when it comes to defending your peace of mind and your good name. As a warning, people should keep off as you are not to be taken lightly.

Leo, Leo 2020 Horoscope, August 5 Zodiac
Leo Symbol

As a personality trait, you tend to stay to yourself and enjoy some you time all alone. The August 5 birthday analysis says that you prefer your life partner to be as loyal and intelligent as you also are. The perfect soul mate for a Leo born on this day is possibly one who is highly improbable.

August 5 Zodiac Symbolism

Your birthday Tarot card is the Hierophant. It is a strong symbol of those who uphold moral values instilled by society and socially acceptable ways of doing everything. Your lucky numbers are one and four. They represent boldness, empathy, wisdom, patience, courage, discipline, adaptability. and your practicality.

Hierophant, Tarot, 23, August 5 Zodiac
The Hierophant is your special tarot card.

The lucky colors are yellow and blue. Yellow is the color of happiness, warmness, radiance, and vibrancy. Blue stands for focus, attention, trust, stability, wit, freedom, peace, and wisdom. Your lucky days are Friday and Wednesday. Friday is a day that gives you numerous opportunities to socialize and set goals. Wednesday a day for ingenuity, confidence, and creativity.

The lucky gemstone is the pearl that will reassure you of your beauty and give you confidence and optimism among peers especially in the workplace and in family matters.

August 5 Zodiac Conclusion

The ideal birthday presents for those born on August 5 is a bottle of an exclusive Champagne if it’s a man and a ruby bracelet if it’s a woman. These ought to brighten up your birthday. Have an amazing day!

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