Hunab Ku Symbol: Sign of the Gods

Hunab Ku Symbol: Significance it Brings in Your Life

History has a lot of confusion in regards to the Hunab Ku symbol. This means that the historians are not able to tell of its exact origins. Some of the believe that the Hunab Ku symbols originate from Mayans while others think its Aztec. On the other hand, there are those that can trace back to the roots of Christianity. The symbol of Hunab Ku appeared sometime at the place by the name Diccionario de Motul.

The symbol of Hunab Ku means the only God or sole God as per the Mayan language. However, it has similar meanings.This was the reference to the existence of only one God to all human beings. This is then the great and all-powerful God. God in the text had no physical form. However, it was more of the energy of the universe. Therefore, God was the great source of all the powers. The book of Chilam Balam of Chumayel captures the term of Hunab Ku.

However, this book came about after the Spanish conquest. Besides, there is no proof that it was one of the Mayan symbols in text. However, many of the people still believe that it was still a Mayan symbol. Some even say that Hunab Ku was one of the Mayan gods. In which case the term Hunab Ku means that life has a more significant meaning than that it plays on earth.

Hunab Ku – A Mayan Symbol

The only proof that Hunab Ku is a Mayan symbol is the presence that it has on the Mayan calendar. This is one of the reasons why the logo has a strong sense of the various cycles that take place in the lives of people and that of nature. In some sense, it signifies the symbolism of unity, balance, and order that all living things survive on earth.  The symbol also has the power to show that God is omnipresent.

Moreover, He has a lot of powers that has no comparison. In his way, he can manipulate all the energies that are affecting the lives of all things in the universe including that of the spirits. In his wisdom, he has given the living creatures the responsibility to take care of the world on his behalf. Remember that the most potent symbolism of Hunab Ku is a balance. It is the force that drives his will.

Learning the Aspect of Having Balance through the Teachings of Hunab Ku

When you are tackling the meaning of balance about the symbol of Hunab Ku, then you may need to be patient. This is because it is such a broad concept that cover almost all aspects of life. So, the best way to get about it is by learning the general idea and meaning of balance in regards to Hunab Ku symbolism. Later, you can apply such thoughts in your life to help you get through peacefully.

If you look at the significant driving for of the world like the moon, the sun, night and day, weather, light, and dark, you will find the presence of balance in all of it. There is a mutually binding agreement that states that one cannot exist without the other — for example, the relationship between the sun and the moon. Only one of the can be present at night while the other take form during the day. In a way, they compromise to give an idea to each other so that they don’t confuse.

The Concepts of Male and Female Symbols

There is a balance that we need to maintain in the matters of sexuality. Although in today society, the question of gender is one of the most sensitive topics I believe that its traditions should be respected. This is the best way to maintain the morals and the teachings of human history. However, there should be exceptions only when the situation is dire and life-threatening. This also applies to the concept of marriage. It is a concept that should take place between a man and woman to maintain the balance and morals of nature.

The Cycle of Life and Death

When you are born you naturally enter the world, and the balance is maintained because at the same time some else is taking their last breath. However, I know that death is one of the subjects that is scary but bear with me. Life is a concept that is receiving so that you can try out your strength and weakness before you can go to a better place. After that you can ascend to the celestial realm and be among the chose souls. Also, it helps create space of growth and progress based on the developments that you leave behind as people.

Hunab Ku Symbol

The Symbolism of the Seasons

I think this may be the perfect way to illustrate the meaning of balance and the chaos in between if not observed. Two primary seasons is summer and winter. However, the two of them cannot exist on each other times. That is why they have a transitional period in between. The transitional seasons are spring and autumn. Spring is the season that open way to summer and terminates winter, while autumn ends summer and gives way to winter. All of them work in unison and concerning one another’s time. Therefore, they all the time to maintain the balance of weather and season.


Learning the symbolic meaning of Hunab Ku is one of the greatest treasure despite the confused history that it has. Besides, it still bears a sense of significance despite the different account that it has. You can use it to understand the concept and origin of the one supreme god. Also, you get to know why the one supreme godlike order, and balance. Apart from all that you will also get to appreciate the meaning of connection and functional relationships in the world. By maintaining the same connections that we have had over the years, we are bound to avoid confusion in our lives. Also, it will help us preserve the sanctity of our symbols and heritage.

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