Tiger Horse Compatibility: Original Freedom Seekers

Tiger Horse Compatibility

The Tiger Horse Chinese Zodiac compatibility is very high. The two have a lot of things in common and will make an excellent couple. They have the same desires and goals in life. They will work together towards achieving their visions. Since both of them love their freedom and independence, they will most likely be a free and original partnership. Due to this, their union will have minimal devotion and commitment issues. Also, the two have the same interests and hobbies. They will have a lot of fun engaging in the same activities. It looks like an easy match for the Tiger and Horse. Let us have a look at whether this will be the case.

Tiger Horse Compatibility
Tigers, while caring, might not be able to give their partner the emotional security they are looking for.

The Tiger Horse Attraction

The attraction between the Tiger and Horse will be strong. The Tiger will be fascinated by the Horse’s energy and love of life. The Tiger will not fail to notice the Horse’s spirit either. On the other hand, the Horse will fall for the confidence the Tiger holds. The Horse will love the work ethic of the Tiger and even their self-sufficient nature. This strong attraction between the Tiger and Horse will set the foundation for the success of this partnership.

They Share Similar Traits and Interests

The Tiger and Horse have a lot in common. Firstly, they are energetic and will be in constant search for new ways to stimulate their minds. They love going on adventures and expeditions where they have a lot of fun. The two are also sociable and exciting. They will love spending time with their friends and family. This couple will have a large circle of friends they will do activities with. Since they are lively and energetic, they form an intense partnership. In addition, the two have a great sense of humor. They will fill their partnership with lots of laughter. The Tiger Horse relationship will never be a boring one because of their great communication skills. Shared traits and interests mean these two will certainly enjoy similar things in life. They will #have a wonderful time doing the same things.

Both are Emotionally Distant

The Tiger and Horse are emotionally aloof. They keep their emotions and feelings closely guarded and do not show them to the world. Although this looks like a disadvantage, this trait is a great benefit for both of them. They will be able to grant each other the freedom and independence they really desire. Moreover, they will hardly bother one another with commitment and devotion issues as they will not be jealous of the other’s friends. This will be good for them since they do not like to feel held up in any way.

They Form Great Business Partners

The Tiger and Horse are both creative and innovative. They will put their minds together and come up with some of the best business ideas they can together. The Tiger will love to be in the lead of things. The Horse, on the other hand, will have to leave the limelight for the Tiger. They will work hard to create a business empire for themselves.

Downsides to the Tiger Horse Compatibility

The Tiger Horse relationship looks workable. However, like many relationships out there, it will not lack its own issues. Let us have a look at some downsides of this partnership.

Tiger Horse Compatibility
Horses are outgoing people and do not like being tied down in one place.

Two Independent Lovers

The Tiger and Horse are both freedom-loving and independent. They do not like to be held up in the same place doing the same thing over and over again. They hate monotony and find it to be boring. This will not be good for their partnership. This is because they will spend too much time out of the house where they may end up forgetting about each other. Settling down is not their main priority and they may choose to leave if they feel too compelled to settle down. For them to have a happy partnership, they will have to put in extra effort and try to show some sense of commitment and devotion.

Tiger’s Dominance

Another problem the Tiger Horse compatibility will face comes from the Tiger. Tigers are domineering and love to be in control of each and every activity they take part in. The Horse will be frustrated by the Tiger’s behavior. They will feel trapped and may end up fleeing the relationship. For a successful and strong Tiger Horse relationship, the Tiger will have to go easy on their domineering nature.


The Tiger Horse compatibility is high on the scale. Their attraction towards each other will be strong. Each of them will fall for the strength and confidence held by the other. Moreover, the two are similar. They are both sociable, intelligent, creative, and fun-loving. They also have the same hobbies and interests. The couple will love each and every minute they will spend together. Nevertheless, there are some issues they will have to deal with in order to have a healthy relationship. One issue is that they are independent and may not put in the needed work to make their partnership successful. Another problem will be the domineering nature of the Tiger. These are still small issues that should not be a threat to the Tiger Horse compatibility.

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