Libra Capricorn Love Compatibility

Libra Capricorn Love Compatibility  

Can Libra and Capricorn have a long and healthy relationship? Find out what’s in store for Libra Capricorn love compatibility here.  

Libra Overview 

Libra (September 24 – October 23) makes a good friend, a committed partner, and an emotional lover.  They like to spend time with people and find a way to connect with them positively.  Its part of their positive personality.  Theyll help their friends whenever they call, and theyre good listeners and not just talkers.  When it comes to topics to talk about, they have quite a few because they try to keep informed.  Anyone interested in a long conversation will find one with this sign.  Some of their knowledge comes from their interests and activities. 

They love an excellent adventure and are willing to go just about anywhere, especially with other people.  Sometimes theyll start planning their next trip while theyre trying to finish up a project.  Theyre also looking for something exciting in their love life.  Libra wants someone who can keep up with their attention and their need for entertainment. 

Man, Adventure, Exploring, Excitement, Monkey
Sometimes Libra will start planning their next adventure before completing their current project.

Capricorn Overview 

Capricorn (December 23 – January 20) prefers to do most things on their own, and they do it well. They have the confidence and ambition they need to achieve their goals with efficiency and ease.  As self-centred as they may sound, theyre excellent friends and focus other’s needs whenever they ask for help.  They won’t, however, ask for anything in return.  They don’t do much outside of their jobs because theyre working on the goals that are most important to them.  Living an organized life helps them stay in control, even if they tend to over-think it.  A love life may seem to interfere with their work goals, but they could use someone who could love and support them. This is especially true when their problems seem too hard to solve. 

Libra Capricorn Love Compatibility Overview  

A relationship between these two signs can be advantageous for both.  On their path to success and wealth, Capricorn needs to find some balance.  Libra’s sign is symbolized by the scales and would be an excellent partner to Capricorn in this area of their life.  Theyre able to learn from each other and complement their strengths and weaknesses, but a little bit of effort can do wonders for this couple.  Libras ruled by the planet Venus which has female energy while Capricorns ruled by the planet Saturn while has masculine energy.  Theyll have their differences, and their stubbornness can get between themHowever, when they work through them, theyll find that they have a love and respect thatll keep them together. 

Positive Attributes of Libra Capricorn Love Compatibility 

One of the best attributes of this relationship is the balance they bring to each other.  Libras a social sign that enjoys spending time with other people.  Theyre likely to be the ones to break the ice and start a conversation with Capricorn.  In return, theyre able to help Libra with their balance of ideas and decisions that they struggle with.  This can include financial choices and such.  Theyre a positive role model for each other.   

Snakes With Money, Budget
Sensible Capricorn can help Libra learn to manage their money better.

Libra works best with others, while Capricorn prefers to lead.  Both of them are great at coming up with ideas and starting projects, but there tend to be conflicts that can interfere with getting the work done.  For Libra, they need guidance because they can get off track and lose interest before they can complete their task.  Capricorn has no problem taking charge and supervising.

Romantically, Libra knows how to make Capricorn happy through the beauty and emotional balance they bring to their sex life.  Their lover brings a level of intensity and passion that many people don’t have the chance to see or experience.  Together they have what it takes to satisfy each other.  When it develops into a long-term relationship, theyll find that loyalty will be a shared value between the two of them. 

Love Heart Drawing, Romance
Both Libra and Capricorn prize loyalty in their partner.

Negative Attributes of Libra Capricorn Love Compatibility 

There are some aspects of each of the signs’ personalities that they disapprove of.  For example, Libra loves beauty, but it doesn’t bother them as much as Capricorn if they see a few gray hairs or laugh lines on their face.  Theres a vanity that their lover can obsess over even though their partner finds them beautiful just the way they are.  Libras also more creative and optimistic than their partner, but instead of appreciating it more, Capricorn gets annoyed by the lack of sensibility that would negatively impact them in the business world.   


Neither of them wants to be changed by their lover.  They love themselves for who they are and won’t alter their personality or beliefs.   Capricorn does what they need to do to maintain their success and achievements.  Libras a believer in the morale that “honesty is the best policy” even if it isn’t something the other person wants to hear.  They tend not to agree when and where things are appropriate to say or do because of Capricorn’s concern about their reputation and status in their field.  There are some things that they value more than their relationship unless theyre genuinely in love and can work out their issues. 

Libra Capricorn: Conclusion 

When it comes to compatibility, these two signs can achieve balance in their lives when they’re together.  They can learn from each other and gain a level of confidence that isn’t possible alone.  Theyll have to figure out how to tone down certain personality traits, but not to try to change themselves completely

Libra can learn to work around some of their partner’s sensitivity to things that can hurt their hard-earned reputation.  They can also help them appreciate their natural beauty rather than obsess with artificial changes to their appearance.  When theyre more comfortable with who they are, theyll see that sometimes the truth doesn’t bother them as much as before.  Overall, this couple knows how to communicate and how to solve problems.  They should be able to love who they are and who theyre with and enjoy their collaboration that brings balance to their lives.  

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