Lily Meaning: The Flower Of Hera Symbol

Lily Symbolic Meanings: The Flower of Purity and Hope

In the ancient days of the god and goddesses, people came up with lily meanings. Also, they gave it a close association to the goddess Hera. At that time and period in life, the lily symbol represented the meaning of motherhood. Therefore, it also had the attributes of being nurturing. In that period, Zeus had a demigod son by the name Hercules out of wedlock. Also, Zeus had the deepest desire to have his son become one of the gods. In his wisdom, he made a deal with the god of sleep, Somnus to put Hera to sleep.

Later, he convinced Hercules to suckle from the breast of Hera. As per the legend, Hercules was so rough while nursing that some of the milk from Hera overflowed. The fluid then formed the milky way and the ones that flowed to earth created the white lily flower. However, the symbolism of the Lily in Greek mythology also represents masculine traits. Somehow, the features of the lily flower had some representation of the male sexual organs.

In some parts of the world, some of the specialists were able to determine the sexuality of a child by using the lily. They had the belief that the midwife would approach the expectant mother with both a lily and a rose. The rose represents femininity while the lily represents masculinity. So, the child would take the sexuality that the mother chose for them.


What are Some of the Attributes the Lily Flower Has?

Well, while learning the inner meaning of the lily flower, you will get to notice that it has some unique attributes. These attributes have a particular pull about them that can help influence your personal decision about your approach to life. The sight of a lily flower to most people in the world represents the meaning of hope, purity, faith, rebirth, integrity, passion, motherhood, transitioning, among many others. It also bears the mark of innocence, fertility and promise.

Somehow, in its unique way, the power of the lily seems to invoke at least one of these traits in any one of us. Also, the lily meaning has a relevant association with the purpose of lunar. This is one of the few reasons that make is one of the reasons that make have feminine qualities. On the other hand, white lily has a special place in the hearts of Christians. It symbolises the meaning of innocence and purity. The Christians associate the white lily to the symbol of the mother of Jesus, the Virgin Mary. Also, you will find that the paintings of Mary always has white Lily in them.

Spiritual Meaning of the White Lily

On the other hand, the white lily has a special place in the hearts of the Christians. It symbolises the meaning of innocence and purity. The Christians associate the white lily to the symbol of the mother of Jesus, the Virgin Mary. Also, you will find the paintings of Mary has the white Lily in them. There are several meanings that the Christians attach to the white lily. For example, they use the symbol of leaves to show the humility of Mary.

Also, the white petals speak of the purity and the sanctity of the Virgin Mary. This shows that she is one of the purest beings to have ever lived on earth. Moreover, the symbolism of the lily’s scent is there to explain the meaning of Mary’s divinity. Lastly, the stem shows the significance of Mary’s religious and faithfulness in life.

Furthermore, when you are approaching the meaning of the Lily, you cannot miss the fact that it usually has just three petals. Remember that the number 3 is one of the holy names in the world to mean trinity. In this case, it represents the meaning and symbolism of the Holy Trinity. So, it carries the purpose of the three virtues of Christianity that are Faith, Charity and Hope.

The Symbolic Significance of Having a Lily Dream

You may have noticed by now that the Lily is dealing mainly with the sanctity and the ethical values of life. This means that the benefits that it teaches are towards improving one’s life towards being a better person. Therefore, when you are dealing with the symbolism of the lily dream, you are bound to meet the same. However, remember that the ideas about the Lily may vary so you may have to infer to get a proper reading. For example, when you dream about the white lily, it means that you need some purity and integrity in your life. This means that you need to have the courage to pursue your line of success.

On the other hand, the image of you holding a lily means that you are about to receive a lot of respect and admiration from people. Also, it may bear the meaning that you need to respect the position that you are holding in your real life. The vision is there to warn of impending doom if you don’t live up to your status in the community. Furthermore, the best type of lily dream is one that reminds you that you need to make changes in your life. It tells you that you need to put into action the various plans that you have been hogging. Remember that you have not had the chance to succeed in life because you are holding back. Let yourself loose upon the world and take it over.

Mysterious Meaning of the Lily

The lily flower is also one of the few symbols that still inspire the meaning of freedom, growth, purity and progress. Therefore, if you are looking to borrow from the symbolism of the Lily, you need to have an open mind. This means that you can seek the same meaning and interpretations of the tarot. However, in this case, the purpose of the tarot also signifies that the lily is still the symbol of purity. Therefore, you can use it to inspire the sense of good health and abundance in one’s life.

Lily Meaning: Summary

The meaning and the symbolism of the lily is one that varies depending on the person’s views and desires. This is because there are many interpretations of the same flower that differs. Or, sometimes they can be the same in many of the cultures. Living your life under the influence of the Lily meaning can help you achieve a lot of things in life. So, you need to give it a chance and accept the interpretations that you get. However, since the meaning varies, you need to apply the one that is most relevant to your issues in life.

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