February 28 Zodiac Is Pisces, Birthdays And Horoscope

February 28 Zodiac Personality

A person born on February 28th  is believed to be imaginative and unrealistic with dreams. You are good at changing negative situations into positive ones. Having February 28th as your birthday, you are intelligent and see an extra beauty in nature. Your innovative mind gives you the ability to come up with new ideas and apply them. Your sociable character and strong will power enable you to communicate effectively with others.

You are confident and are assertive when it comes to decision making. You are sometimes too sure with yourself and have a habit of taking control over your own issues. Your charming nature makes you likable and fun to be with. You are able to communicate effectively and this enables you to have an easy time expressing your feelings.


As an individual celebrating your birthday on February 28th, you are known to be a hardworking person. You are diligent at work and like doing things in your own way to reach a certain standard. Ambition drives you and you are not obsessed with money. You are able to unite people and prove to them the importance of teamwork.

Skills, Career, Job, Talent
Showing off your skills makes you happy at the workplace.

You prefer an occupation that enables you to put into use your extreme cleverness and a high degree of intelligence. Often, you will choose a job for its overall suitability rather than the salary. You are able to organize your work so as to meet your target. You have the capability of being a boss as you are bestowed with an air of authority.


As a person born on February 28th, you take financial matters very seriously. You respect money and are careful not to waste it on things you can do without. You have a discipline of not living above your means. Since you like gaining a sense of accomplishment by being independent, you do not rely on loan assistance. You have a plan on how to allocate your resources and this is why you rarely find yourself borrowing. You are considerate and like helping family and friends in times of need. All in all, you are sensible with your money.

Rat With Money
All in all, you are pretty good at saving your money.

Romantic Relationships

When it comes to your love life, you are typically wonderfully ebullient. You look for a soul mate who understands you and whom you can confide in. You are free-spirited and kind at heart. This is why your companions easily come to you other than the other way round. You are enthusiastic about love and believe in the destiny of soul mates. However, you are not as open as your fellow Pisceans.

Love, Dating
Sometimes you can be a bit nervous about finding a romantic partner.

You have a desire for a secure home and believe in the institution of marriage. You tend to be shy and your soul mate will have to break through your emotional guide just to have your trust. Overall, you have a positive outlook on life and believe that everyone deserves a second chance. This is why you are able to build very strong and long term relationships.

February 28 Birthday

Platonic Relationships

Humans are social beings. Akin to a person born on February 28th, you take your social life as a priority. You create time to spend with friends and will have a drink or two during the weekend. You are the realistic type. This may appear impractical. You focus on people’s interests and what makes them happy. This draws many towards you and you are able to have casual relationships.

Friends, People
Like other Pisces, you are pretty good at making friends.

You enjoy serving people and are good at imparting knowledge in them. This explains why you are a good adviser and an excellent listener as well. Having people around you helps you relax your mind as you have a high sense of humor and will laugh at almost everything.


Family is an important institution for a person born on February 28th. You treasure spending quality time with family and are good at organizing family events that increase the bond in your ties. You like advising your siblings and helping them make wise choices in life. One piece of advice: you should give them a chance to explore life and learn from their own mistakes. This will make them more open to you and will create a certain kind of connection.

Spending time with your family is very important to you.

You are able to discuss with your family on the importance of upholding the virtues of trust and loyalty that are the solid values that bring you closer. You have the thought that family helps you determine your main wishes and aims. Make sure not to miss on any special moment that involves your family just to show them how much you care about them.


Health issues experienced by a person born on February 28th  are caused by your ignorance to notice irregularities in your body. You like eating foods of different kinds but have a habit of making sure your diet is balanced. Also, you have a tooth for sugary foods and are advised to take regular dental checkups.

Fruit, Berries
Try eating fruit instead of candy or sugary treats.

You are careful about your exercise requirement and will set time aside for activities that will keep your body fit. You have a need for relaxation as you have too many worries that will build up to anxiety. Whenever you do not have adequate sleep you tend to be inactive during the day and quite temperamental. This is why you should make sure your sleep patterns meet your need for adequate rest.

Personality Traits

As a person born on February 28th, you tend to be very opinionated. However, you are easy to get along with and are very sweet talking. You have a charming nature and are very honest no matter the consequences and expect people to do the same. You are a fun person to know and you are good at being sensitive to people’s moods. Continue to avoid drama in your life. When settling differences you are very mature. You rarely get into fights and you have effective ways to deal with situations.

Pisces symbol

February 28th Birthday Symbolism

Ten is your number of success. It will bring you good fortune. You are very determined to make your future the best that it can be. You believe that the world gives people second chances. As a Pisces, you are able to forgive the people who have wronged you. It is possible for you to see others in a new light. You refuse to be the barrier for others success. You are very helpful in making others be the best of themselves.

Ruby, Gem
The ruby is your lucky gemstone.

The first card in the magician’s deck of tarots is for you. This makes you a starter. You are brought to the world to lead others. The ruby is your stone of good karma. It will give you protection and special care throughout life.


Neptune is the guide for all the people born under Pisces. This makes you the pioneer of traits. You are the one to show others how to behave. You should start making the difference and others will. It is your duty to point others in the right direction.  The sun is your mentor in all situations. This means that you walk in the light. You are aware of all the challenges ahead of you. It is your habit to craft ways to maneuver and become successful. You are the king of plan B. The world is yours to navigate.

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