Square Symbolism: Spirit of its Significance in Our Lives

Square Symbolism: The Relationship that We have with its Meaning

Did you know that ordinary square that you interact with almost has a square symbolism that means a lot to your life as a person? Probably not, because in the current world many people tend to overlook the deeper meaning of the objects and geometric shapes that they interact. However, over time astrologers took time to develop various purposes through study to come up with the common goal of the geometric symbolism like the squares.

These geometric symbols always take up or associate with things that we don’t understand like the earth or the universe. Therefore, when we associate these symbols to such phenomena’s we can relate to them more deeply and spiritually. In this case, we are looking at the symbolism of a square and how it brings meaning to our lives. Plus, the symbolism of the square has a close relationship with the physical world.

The Simple Meaning of the Square Symbolism

Some even believe that it represents the very stability of the world that we are living in. They look at the shape of it and borrow meaning from the straight lines that it has. Because it has fixed ropes, then it means fixation or stasis. So, they say that it bears the signature of homes and buildings. On the other hand, some believe that the equal sides of the square signify inspiration and awareness. Also, they can bear the significance of diabolic, human, divine and angelic.

Moreover, the presence of the square shows the possibility of duality in most of the things that we come across. Besides that, it implements a fundamental need for balance and harmony in our lives. These happen when there is both the presence of both negative and positive pulls in our lives in equal measures. So, if you are having problems with anyone and this is your symbol you may need to make peace for the sake of harmony.

In most of the cases, the four sides of the square are the ones that people use to give the meaning of itself. Therefore, you will find that it holds values like integrity, community, direction, elementals and being practical. On the other hand, it stands for the presence of the universe and its cosmic elements like the sun, stars, moons and the planets. Plus, it also has a bearing on the significant aspects of the earth namely the fire, water, land, and wind.

Hidden Meaning of the Square Symbolism

I bet you are wondering what other meaning could a simple symbol as a square could have in our lives. However, to fully comprehend the association that we have to the purpose of this symbolism we must look at them.

Physical Elements

The Square symbolism has a secure connection to the number 4 that is a sole representation of material things. In this section, we can look at the four main directions of the world. Also, there is the element of the earth’s natural seasons cycle that are four in number. So, to many people in the world, the square is the sole representation of the material things of the world. On the other hand, it also sometimes signifies the meaning of heaven, and it relates to the earth. This means that it also has an element of spiritualism in them.

Steadfastness and Edict

In many cultures, the symbolism of the square shows that there are some stability and order. This is because, in the same customs, the square always acts as the main building blocks of any building that they have. Plus, they also give firm and steady foundation to the same premises. In other words, they do encourage the construction of stable and permanent structures. For example, if you take a look at the modern buildings that we have today. They all have the basic building symbols of a square before they can take up other shapes.

Spiritual meaning that Square has to our Religions

Do not be surprised by seeing that squares have a sense in our spiritual life. They also influence some of the religions that we have today. For example, if you look at Christianity, there are things like the nimbus or the square halo. These are some of the things that Christians use to mean holiness. Or, sometimes they would use it to show the saintly manner in which one can represent itself.

Also, if you look at the four evangelists of the new testament of the bible that is Matthew, Luke, John, and Mark. Moreover, they also serve as the part authors of the New Testament. In the Book of Revelations, there is a clear picture they are describing the shape of the earth as four corners of the planet. It also goes ahead to talk about the central four winds of the world. All these together gives a clear and distinct boundary of the world that we are living in from the heavens.

Square Symbolism


In the matter of the square symbolism, there is a need for one to learn a lot about the various elements that the four sides represent. That is the only way that you can get to achieve all the knowledge about the meaning of this symbolism. Plus, it will open your mind to the various values that you may need to have is this geometric symbol is your sign. Don’t forget that this symbol is the sole representation of balance in the universe.

So, it carries both the negative and positive attributes that helps one understand their position on earth. Also, they will get the chance to know how to react to the situation depending on their mood and temperature. The four sides of the square are also visible in the matters of the religion especially Christianity. This is because of their many ways that the directions of heavens and earth are represented.

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