The Devil Tarot Card: Meanings and Symbolism

The Devil Tarot Card: Meanings and Symbolism

The Devil Tarot card is the fifteenth of the 22 Major Arcana. Like Death, this card’s bark is bigger than its bite. The image and name are scarier than the meaning and symbolism really is. The Devil is a card for redirection. You are healing with the help Temperance after the destruction of Death and The Hanged Man. The Devil makes sure you are healing correctly.

This card, though it seems scary, is actually a pretty good card to see. This is because the meaning of this card catches you before you have time to actually fall and need to rebuild before reconstruction was finished.

Devil Tarot Card

The Devil is shown as holding up a hand. This hand is what stops what seems to be production. Not only that, but this hand is a sign that while you are on your way to rebuilding, there is still some work that has to be done. You need to dig a little deeper still.

If you do not get down to what you truly need and you are honest, then you might mislead yourself. This card comes forth when you need to reconsider what is going on. This way, you do not go to a route of power rather than a route of honesty.

The Devil Tarot Card Divinatory Meanings: Upright and Reversed

Seeing The Devil Tarot card upright is not a bad thing. It simply means that you need to challenge yourself to go deeper into your inner self to learn more before continuing on your path. Rather than working on material things, you should be putting your energy into spiritual and personal growth instead.

Horse Horse Compatibility
Challenge yourself so you can learn how to change.

On the other hand, The Devil card upside down or reversed is not such a great thing. It means that recorrection has already started to take place. Things need to happen more quickly before it is completely too late.

The Devil Tarot Card

General Meaning

For the most part, this card means that you have given in too strongly to the material objects in life. There is more to life than the best clothes and cars. You have lost sight of this. The Devil Tarot card can also be telling you that you need to break away from these material things but that you are afraid and you need to overcome this fear. Instead of letting yourself get pulled into the world of excess luxury, try donating some of the goods you can by without. An extra TV or tablet or whatever else has been taking away your chances at personal growth.

Love Life Meaning

If you are doing a love reading, then The Devil is not a card you want to see. This card means that your partner is not being entirely truthful with you. They are over jealous and it is only going to get worse from here.

Jealous, Cheating, Affair, Karka 2020 Horoscope
Your partner may be cheating on you.

If you feel that is not the case, then perhaps it simply means that the relationship has been going on for too long and has become boring. The relationship might be tapering out so it has reached its peak and is not worth holding onto anymore. A lot the times The Devil card says that you are your partner will not work out. It is not strange if you two remain close friends, even if you are no longer dating.

Career Meaning

Most people probably are not excited when they see The Devil in a work-related reading, but it can be helpful. Seeing this card usually means one of two things. One: that someone you work with is trying to throw you under the bus so they can steal a better placement out from under your feet. And two: you do not like the job you have.

Business, Work, Promotion
It might be a good time to change your career.

The good thing about seeing this card is that it is a reminder that you do have the chance and control to change things. You do not like where you are working? Get a job in a place that is more fulfilling to you. If you know who is trying to sabotage you, then you can counterbalance whatever is they are trying to do.

Health Meaning

If the Devil Tarot card appears when you are doing a health reading, it is not a great sign. If you have an injury or illness and it has not been getting better, then this card means that you should be careful. This is because your doctor might say that the best thing for you is a medication that could be habit-forming. If you are not careful, you might have addiction problems down the road.

Alcohol, Drunk, Hangover, Devil Tarot Card
Try to cut back on alcohol to improve your health.

Also, this card could mean that it is time for you to go on a detox. If you have been smoking, drinking, or gambling too much, then this card is saying that it is time for you to slow down. Stopping altogether would also be great.

Family and Friends Meaning

Like with health readings, The Devil is not the best card to be shown but you could see worse ones. When you see this hard in reading about your family and friends, it means that someone is trying to take advantage of you. They are being purposely misleading and planting ideas in your head so they can use you.

Support, Climbing, Relationships, Leo
It is likely that someone needs your help.

This card also means that someone you are close to could be struggling with an addition of some sort. They could use your help. They might be a little scared, shy, or ashamed to go to you which is why the cards told you instead.

The Devil Tarot Card: Conclusion

The Devil Tarot card is not as scary as it sounds. The message it brings is not sunshine and rainbows, but it is not sinister like the image on the card might be. This card means, for the most part, that there is something amiss with your recovery and you should look into it so it can be addressed.

As always, this card can mean different things in different readings. However, it always means that you need to step back and look at whether or not you truly feel like things are headed in the right direction. Maybe someone is misleading or maybe you yourself are going the wrong way. You need to learn more about yourself before you keep going.

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