Temperance Tarot Card: Meanings and Symbolism

Temperance Tarot Card: Meaning and Symbolism

The Temperance Tarot Card is the fourteenth of the 22 Major Arcana cards. This card is gentler than the last two because it is not about death, loss, or ending bringing a beginning. Essentially, Temperance is the rebuilding of the last two cards.

This card shows a woman filling a pitcher that used to empty. The holes that were left by Death and The Hanged Man are being filled with peace. The empty slot that once held what could have been dangerous is now being filled with goodness. Think of the Temperance tarot card like a cavity filling. The Hanged Man and Death have cleared away the decay and Temperance is healing it.

Temperance Tarot Card

If there is a hole in your car’s tire, you need to get the tire patched so you can keep driving. That is what Temperance is telling us. You are going to be healed soon so you will feel better. By having these empty spaces filled with spiritual growth and learning, you are thereby able to keep moving on with your life.

This growth, healing, and learning might take a little while, but the woman filling the pitcher symbolizes it has begun. You might not be able to feel as though anything is happening. That is why this card shows itself. To tell when healing is happening. You may not feel its progress, but you will know when the learning, healing, and growth is complete.

Temperance Tarot Card Divinatory Meanings: Upright and Reversed

When you see this card and it is upright, it means that there are foreseen events and circumstances that you might not enjoy. However, you need to take a chance when it comes to learning and growth. You will achieve your goals of completion once the events have happened. This card can tell you that you have been using the correct amount of moderation.

Earth Sign, Flower, Earth Element
Now is a time for growth.

If the card is upside down or reversed, it means something else. It can mean that there are two opposing forces stopping you from the healing that you need and want. If you feel that is not the case then perhaps there is too much of something in your life. You need moderation. In case that is not it either, it might mean that while things are in motion, the events are not the ones that could be helping you. Otherwise, the events are not helping you enough.

Temperance Tarot Card

General Meaning

Simply put, the Temperance tarot card means you have found the proper amount of peace and harmony. These things are needed so you can heal and grow in the way you need to. There is a balance that is needed between getting things getting and resting. The Temperance Tarot card shows itself to show you that you have found that balance. Even if you can not feel the growing at this time, it is happening.

Balance, Relationships, Libra
Find balance in your life.

The way you are perceiving things is also good, strong, and safe. Temperance is a reassurance card to tell you that you are on the road to recovery. If you are worried about your physical or mental health, you do not need to be after seeing this card. The storm is over so you can stop running and catch your breath for a while.

Love Life Meaning

Temperance is a good Tarot card to see when you are doing a love reading. For couples that have been thinking about moving in together, this card is the green light. Things will go well and you will be happy together. Also, for couples that have recently moved in together, this card means they have nothing to worry about. The stress of moving is over and now you both can enjoy each other’s company.

Home, House
Now is a great time to take the next step with your partner.

This card can be a little annoying for single folks. It does not promise that you will be meeting the love of your life tomorrow. However, it does tell you that you are okay with how things are. You are not dying to be with someone. Your heart is not aching with loneliness either.

Career Meaning

Whether or not Temperance is a good or bad card to see in a career depends on the person getting the reading done. This card can simply be a hint that you should balance your checkbooks. Make sure that all of the expenses are where they should be.

No Money, Poor
Learn to keep a better eye on your finances.

If things have been stressful in the office then this card could be telling you that the hard times are over. You are okay to take some deep breaths without anything blowing up or anyone going overboard. However, if things at work have been okay then this card can be mutual. Things are not going to get worse but they are not going to be getting better, either. They are just going to stay where they are and that is that.

Health Meaning

When doing a health reading, the Temperance Tarot card is one of the best cards you could hope to see. This is because this card is all about healing. You are about to start recovery from whatever injury, wound, or illness you have been suffering through.

Comforting, Cancer Zodiac, Clasped Hand
Now is a time for emotional and physical healing.

This card can also appear when you have been having mental health problems. You need to take more time for yourself so you can relax and rest up. Though there might be people that need your help, you can not help them if you are just hardly trudging along because of exhaustion. Try yoga and meditation to bring stress and anxiety levels down. There is nothing wrong with taking some time for yourself. That is what this card is trying to tell you.

Family and Friends Meaning

Seeing Temperance in a reading about your family and friends is a good thing. A lot of times, even though you love your family, there is still a lot of tension that is not wanted or welcomed. If you have been having some family dramas, then this card means those times are over and things are going to be more peaceful.

The Hierophant Tarot Card
Take some time for yourself.

Drama with friends and peers is not enjoyable either so this card can be a relief. Things are clearing up soon and you do not need to bother with the troublesome person in the same manner for much longer. Although, if the stress is coming from your interactions on social media or an optional activity, this card is telling you that you can and should give it a rest for at least a couple days. Get off Instagram and pick up a relaxing book.

Temperance Tarot Card: Conclusion

All in all, this card is about healing and needing to find balance so you can start to heal. Taking time for yourself, simply letting things move as well for a while, rather than fighting against the current, and just letting yourself exist so you can grow is important. It might be a little hard to get used to at times.

Rebuilding after a fire is important. Things are calming down. It’s time to recover. You deserve to rest and peace after the blows you have been receiving and ducking. The recovery might be difficult in the beginning, but it needs to happen so you can keep going strong.

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