Dragon 2020 Horoscope: A Warning Against Greed

Dragon 2020 Horoscope

Four stars will affect the Dragon 2020 horoscope: two good and two bad. All in all, the stars will cancel each other out. There will be some challenges that the bad stars will try to hit the Dragons with, but the two good stars will be bringing around help and luck.

Dragons already have a foot in the door for battling the bad stars on their own because of how strong they are when it comes to their dedication and their leading. Their natural energy will be helping as well and bring lots of success their way if they do not let themselves stumble from insecurities.

Dragon 2020 Horoscope Birthday Years: 1904, 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, 2024.

Dragon 2020 Horoscope Predictions


The Dragon 2020 horoscope predicts bad luck in love. Dragons are likely to have some troubles because they will have become a little more self-centered over the year of 2019. While they will enjoy some alone time, they should be careful of just how much time they are spending by themselves. They do not want to lose their current partner or risk pushing a potential one away. Meeting new people is advisable, even if the Dragons will not be meeting their soulmate.


Health is a steady middle zone for Dragons this year. They do not have to watch for any life-changing illnesses or injuries. However, they should be careful when it comes to colds and the flu.

Healthy, Food
Eat at home more so you know exactly what is going into your body.

Dragons are likely to have more digestive troubles than anything else in the coming year of 2020. They need to watch what they eat If they have any sort of strange pain, they should see a doctor rather than trying to push it off like they normally would.


Good news! The Dragon 2020 horoscope predicts good luck with careers! Dragons are in line for promotions and pay upgrades. However, they have to be sure to make decisions quickly so they do not miss chances for improvement.

Talking, People, Men
Speak up at work if you want to be noticed.

Dragons are going to be extremely busy with their work in 2020, but they will also get the notice that they deserve. To further boost their chances, they should be loud and make their ideas be known. Things may seem slow moving at times, but they should keep their heads up and know that more great things are going to be coming their way. While they should make themselves known, they should also be careful with how they make themselves so. Being rude and loud is likely to set them back more.


Like with Love, finance is not going to especially strong for the Dragons in 2020. They will be getting income, but it will be trickling in rather than pouring in. Dragons should be careful when investing in something or they should not be investing at all. 2020 is not going to be a good time for them to do so.

Saving Money, Finance, Virgo
Save money! You’ll need it for next year!

They should not be spending a lot of money. There is likely to be a sizeable loss of money during the year. Dragons should stay far away from gambling and casinos. They might think that will bring them money, but it loses them more than they had in the first place. Dragons have a habit of being greedy and they need to keep their greed in check in 2020.

Dragon 2020 Horoscope: Feng Shui

Colors to embrace are going to be greens, browns, and yellows. Dragons should do their best to completely avoid blues and whites. Dragons should wear a sort of yellow stone necklace if they want or need some extra luck throughout the year.

Amethyst, Gem, Dragon 2020 Horoscope, May 21 Zodiac
Try wearing amethyst jewelry to keep your lucky gem with you always.

The best directions for them are going to be east, northeast, and west. Kwan Yin will protect a Dragon’s body for different sickness they are likely to encounter. Crystals such as amethyst or pyrites have a high chance of protecting them from bad luck.

Dragon 2020 Horoscope Conclusion

These people should try to watch how they behave and what they say because they get themselves into more trouble if they are not careful. Since Dragons help others so often, they should be receiving help from others this year too. Dragons need not worry about their fate this year. Everything will work itself out.

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