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All About The Dragons

Have you ever taken time to understand the Chinese zodiac sign that’s associated with your date of birth? Well, if you haven’t done this, it’s never too late to understand your Chinese zodiac sign. One thing is for sure – you’ll be better placed to understand why people sometimes see you as different. Your strengths and weaknesses will also be brought to light thanks to the clear understanding of the zodiac sign you were born under. This critique discusses those born in the year of the Dragon. Dragons living around you are those that were born in the following years: 

  • 1928 
  • 1940 
  • 1952 
  • 1964 
  • 1976 
  • 1988 
  • 2000 
  • 2012 
  • 2024.  

The next time you associate with people born in these years, you ought to understand some of their personality traits including what the future has in store for them. Take notes as you go through these details in the article below.  

Year Of The Dragon, Chinese Symbol
People born in the year of the Dragon are fiery and like to be in control

Traits and Characteristics  

Do you find yourself lively when interacting with other people? Do some of your friends consider you as an intellectual individual? Well, if this is the case then chances are that you might be one of the Dragons. Understanding your personality traits and characteristics is quite important in knowing where you lie in the society. People around you will appreciate who you are after judging you from the traits that you depict. Therefore, the last thing that you need is being judged for who you are not.  

Dragon Men 

Dragon men often have plenty of confidence. There’s nothing that might scare this man from fighting for his rights. As a matter of fact, this confidence might go to the extent of making them arrogant. This is true as Dragons can sometimes despise those who’re weak in society. Nonetheless, their sense of confidence is what makes others consider them as the leaders. Their brutal honesty is another aspect that you won’t fail to notice in men born in the year of the Dragon. They simply speak their hearts without thinking about what other people have to think about them. This is a positive attribute that can have a huge influence on the relationships that Dragons are associated with.  

Honesty, Stones, Sand
Men born in the year of the Dragon can be brutally honest

Dragon Women 

Unlike other women that you might have come across, Dragon women may appear as though they’re overly confident. Certainly, they’re sure about their abilities. This is the reason why they’re confident when indulging with people out there. As a result, if you’re trying to date a Dragon woman, it’s best that you approach them with caution. One impressive aspect of the Dragon woman is the fact that she loathes gossip. You’ll never find her gossiping about other people and their ways of life. On the other side of the coin, there’s a possibility that you might hate the fact that they love to be in control. This is an aspect that sometimes scares men away.  

Woman, Driving, Car
Dragon women like to be in control in all aspects of their life

Dragon Sexuality  

Dragons are simply not good when it comes to keeping relationships for a long time. It’s for this reason that it might not take time before they dumping their partners. In the event that they’re the ones being dumped, this might not have a huge impact on their feelings. This is because they gain emotional support from their friends and relatives. Dragons are quite choosy and this has an influence on their relationships. 

Dragon Men 

Men born under the year of the Dragon will have specific demands that they’ll expect from those they choose as their ideal partners. The first thing that Dragon men will be looking for is a physically attractive partner. In addition to this, they’ll want their romantic partner to constantly praise them. Getting this combination from a single person might be a daunting task. It’s for this reason that Dragons easily get disappointed in relationships. As a result, sticking to long-lasting relationships might not work for them. The good thing about Dragon men is that they’re indeed good in bed. He considers lovemaking as the best way of indulging with those close to him. He has a powerful sex drive that might be difficult to keep up with, more so if he is paired with weak Chinese zodiac signs.  

Sex, Couple, Christmas, Holiday
Men born in the year of the Dragon often have a high sex drive that can be difficult for their partners to match

Dragon Women 

Dragon women are constantly admired not only for their physical beauty but also for their unique sexual traits. Just like their male counterparts, they also have a high libido that might be challenging to satisfy. These women easily get bored with unexciting relationships. Due to this, Dragon women might find themselves moving from one partner to the other. Basically, they’re after relationships that match with their high energies. Others might be afraid of the fact that this woman will weigh the pros and cons of a particular activity before making the final decision. Therefore, it might take some time before you win her over and get under the sheets with her.  

Dating a Dragon 

There are several things that you ought to come to terms with when dating a Dragon. These are some of their personality attributes that might have an influence on the relationship that you share with them.  

Dragon Me 

Dragon men are born leaders. This infers that you should condone their bossy natures in your relationship. Compromising with their behaviors, in this case, would lead to fruitful relationships with them. Similarly, these men will be breathing fire most of the time as they easily get angry. If you’re not careful, chances are that they might burn you from the raging fire coming out of their mouths. Men from this zodiac sign will also seek a way of balancing their lives. It’s for this reason that they might end considering whether the relationship you share is beneficial to them or not. Hence, it might be wise to convince them that you’re the best fit for them.  

Man, Fire, Dragon
Dragon men have fiery tempers so you need to be careful that you don’t get burned

Dragon Women 

The largest obstacle that you’ll have to face when dating a Dragon woman is her ego. She has an ego the size of Africa. This means that she might take some time before finally settling down for certain relationship opportunities that come her way. Aside from this, it’s her beauty that will make people want to spend the rest of their lives with them. So, how do you attract this lady to you? This lady will be lured by decent things in life. Therefore, first impressions are very important. Equally, it might also be wise to take the lead in the relationships you have with them. Give her the idea that she can control some things in your relationship. This feeling will keep her interested in the relationship. Furthermore, do not forget that she craves for independence.  

Dragons in Love 

When Dragons finally decide to settle down, they’ll be doing this for a worthy cause. The best thing that you can expect from them is that they’ll guide you throughout your love affair. This is what they’re good at, bearing in mind that they are born to lead. Dragons can go beyond your expectations by being faithful in relationships. This could happen because they’ll have done everything there is to be done in their courtship stage. Therefore, getting to the love stage would be a decision that they’ll have taken ages to make. Their cheerful personality will indeed bring some joy in relationships. It’s for this reason that you’ll feel it was definitely worth the wait.  

Choice, Decision
Dragons take making decisions about long-lasting relationships very seriously

Dragons with Money  

The confidence that Dragons have might influence them in taking risks with the investments that they make over the years. Well, this is one thing that they should refrain from. Saving for the future is very important and will have a big influence on the success or failure of future relationships.  

Dragon Careers 

Active Dragons will certainly thrive in their careers. Keeping in mind that they’re good with leadership positions, some of the best jobs that would suit Dragons include economists, politicians, architects, fashion designers, doctors, athletes and many more. Dragons will certainly perform well in these careers considering the fact that they have an attribute of doing their best in their work.  

Arrow, Leadership, Careers
Dragons are born leaders and so will suit a range of different conditions

Dragon Health  

Their quick tempers might cause stomach diseases for Dragons. Consequently, it’s advisable that they know how to control their emotions as part of their health concern. Eating a balanced diet is also recommended. This will help Dragons keep up with their active lifestyles.  

Dragon Fitness 

Keeping fit is important. Dragons might give excuses that their active lifestyle is enough to keep them healthy. Well, they ought to understand that regular exercise will keep them physically fit and healthy enough to ward off any diseases. Hitting the gym regularly is, therefore, a strong recommendation.  

Gym, Fitness, Health
Dragons are advised to hit the gym regularly

Dragon with Fashion/Style 

As part of their career fields, Dragons could be best suited to work as fashion designers. This goes hand in hand with their personality as Dragons are choosy in nature. In addition to this, they love to be the center of attention. This won’t be achieved without knowing how to dress properly. Consequently, Dragons are good at choosing outfits that match with the occasions that lie ahead of them. Their unique style keeps people admiring their personality.  

Clothes, Dragons
Dragons will often have a wardrobe to suit any occasion

Compatibility with Other Signs 

The snake, tiger and the rat would offer the Dragon the independence that they strongly demand in relationships. This makes them ideal matches for the Dragon. On the other hand, the dog, sheep and the ox might find the Dragon overly egocentric. Relationships might take a wrong turn when paired with these zodiac signs.  


To sum it up, Dragons will definitely love to take the lead in everything they do. It’s for this reason that they’re best suited to work as leaders in any career field. Equally, these individuals are choosy in nature. They demand a lot from the people around them. This is not all, they’re also quick to temper. Therefore, it might be wise to choose your words carefully when communicating with them. Understanding Dragon signs might be the secret to having them as best friends or lovers.

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