April 17 Zodiac Is A Cusp Aries and Taurus, Birthdays And Horoscope

April 17 Zodiac Personality

Having an April 17 birthday means that you are ambitious. You always like to plan for the future. When you encounter a situation where you have to make a decision or plan, you always like to see and plan according to what’s ahead. It’s important to understand the importance of always being ahead of those around you and for you, this is a way for you to always be associated with many peoples so as to always plan for the future for yourself.

You like to safeguard your future and also you don’t leave those you love and care for behind. You always ensure that good thing a great opportunity is never missed. Your astrological planet is Saturn. This means you are a very patient person. You rarely get upset or irritated. As well, you are extremely self-disciplined, especially amongst your peers.


To be blunt– money is important to you when you are looking for a job. You do not like to be without good finances as you enjoy living the good life. You work hard and are always ensuring for every effort and sweat you break you have been paid well for that. Your desire and talent for business is one major attribute that will help you to always rise to the top. You desire to be the best in every industry you fall into.

Money, Rabbits
How much money you make is highly important when picking a career.


Because you like and enjoy to spend money, you are always ensuring your finances are coming in. You also enjoy saving and do not spend above your limits. This is a must because you understand the values of saving as well as the value for money. For this reason, you might be able to help your friends with their finances. After all, it’s somewhat rare for an Aries that shares your birthday zodiac sign to be as good with money as you are.

Romantic Relationships

When it comes to your personal life and relationships, a person with an April 17 birthday is discrete. They do not like to show and share their feelings especially emotionally. However, they are very lustful for the opposite sex. Anytime they have an opportunity to satisfy their lust, they take it.

Woman, Sexy
Sex is highly important to you in your romantic relationships.

As much as you are not that much of romantic you certainly enjoy giving love to the person who makes the choice to please you. As much as you do not like to show affection when in love or in a long-lasting relationship, you will always choose to put the other person’s feelings and needs ahead of yours. This is something that always comes as a surprise to the person you are with though even more treasured by them. It is important for you to learn to enjoy the company of yourself as much as you can, especially when you make mistakes. Even laughing or making jokes about your mistakes in love will certainly grow you individually.

April 17 Birthday

Platonic Relationships

The weaknesses you may have are that sometimes you may be upset easily, therefore this makes you moody and grumpy. When this happens you tend to be a little judgmental which may throw you off your course ultimately. When aware of this, you tend to get yourself back on track and everything falls into place well. if you can avoid this, then it should be easy for you to make and keep friends.


Most Aries people are very close to their family members. However, since you were born so close to the start date for Taurus (April 20), you may take on some of their traits as well. Luckily, Taurus people are also family-oriented. Because of this, you will love spending time with your positive family members. However, you are not likely to enjoy spending time with the family members who try to boss you around. In the same vein, if you boss around other family members, they are not likely to want to spend time with you. To make your family relationships the best they can be, spend time with your family members and try to keep things light and friendly.

Pisces, Friends, Enemy, Argue
Talk to your family members often if you ant to keep a strong bond.


Having an April 17 birthday means that you may get sick often, as you are not conscious enough to take care of yourself when it comes to your general health. When you are feeling better after a round of medications, you seem to quickly forget how much pain you once were in and this seems to be the point you need to control.

Mental Health
Remember that your mental health is just as important as your physical health.

A weakness that you contain is moodiness are irritability and this will affect your general health even sometimes causing you to be admitted in the hospital. Depression and loneliness is also a factor you need to always consider when making healthy choices. Therefore, eat right and always drink lots of water so you can keep your skin looking fresh and youthful.

April 17 Birthday Personality Traits

The strengths that you have, having an April 17 birthday, are that you are quite a strong person. You take setbacks really well and are always able to bounce back fast. More often than not, you may find yourself in compromising situations but you always find a way to be responsible and do the right thing. You have a strong will and seldom drain yourself in things that do not grow you.

Aries, April 17 Birthday
Aries symbol

Your personality is always to achieve and make the best and most of yourself. You are well managed and obey authority to the letter. It’s easy for you to become a successful person.  Having an April 17 birthday, you are aware of what you can achieve and what you cannot–where you can challenge yourself and ultimately when you see its impossible. This ensures you make realistic goals that you know you can achieve. When this happens you are always quick to ensure you surround yourself with people who can help you as pride and ego never set you back.

You have realistic dreams.  You do not limit yourself but you consider yourself to make reasonable and achievable goals for the future. When you fail, this makes you feel like you want to accomplish much more leaving nothing to hold you back.

April 17 Birthday Symbolism

Since you have an April 17 birthday, your lucky number is eight, which signifies “leader”. No matter where you go, you are responsible for your own actions. Sometimes, you are also responsible for others. You try not to be biased. This helps you to be fair. Always like to take initiative and this is one for the strongest points that cause you to be as successful as you are.

Black Pearl, Gem, April 17 Birthday
Try adding black pearl jewelry to your outfits to add refined flair.

The gemstone that you poses for being born on the seventeenth of April is the black pearl. Wearing a black pearl brings you luck.

April 17 Birthday Conclusion

In summary, you are strong at heart. You are resilient and never make mistakes easily because of how well and carefully you take life. When confronted with failure, you do not give up. Instead, you learn from your mistakes.

Because you are flexible with life, you do not complain a lot, and when amongst your peers you always seem to be the most mature. Because you are kind and are always putting others first you always seem to be at peace with those around you even at the workplace. Your consistency is the greatest attribute you have and is the reason why the friends you have you will keep them for tears. A simple advice to you would be, always remain happy. When feeling strained or sad, look for ways to laugh and bring humor to your life. This will entirely ensure you to see life in better rays ultimately.

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