April 29 Zodiac Is Taurus, Birthdays And Horoscope

April 29 Zodiac Personality

People who have an April 29 birthday have a strong personality and are very level headed. They are go-getters. They do not stop at anything or anyone. Sometimes they may be faced with delays in plans or schedules. However, regardless of how or what happens, they are sure to go ahead with their goals and plans so as to achieve their dreams and everything they set their mind to!  

Their approval from others, especially close family and friends, is taken to heart. They like to feel wanted and needed but mostly appreciated for all the hard works and efforts they achieve in life. They may seem to be irritable at times. However, this may be because they are perfectionists by nature. They do not like substandard services. They enjoy paying for quality instead of the usual quantity. Once they make a decision, it is very difficult for them to back down.


Work is very important for people who have an April 29 birthday. While you may fancy a big check, what you do and how you perform is a bigger priority. You may find yourself being offered jobs that do not satisfy you. Do not feel bad about it. Strive for what you love and what you want to achieve. Do not stop at anything or anyone that comes your way.

Job, Career
Don’t feel the need to take a job you will not enjoy.


Sometimes you may feel financially strained because you can be a shopaholic or an impulse buyer. However, do not feel bad about it. If you come across a job that pays you the best and you still enjoy what you do, then go for it. Meanwhile, manage your finances to the best of your ability. Take care of yourself too and continue to nature your artistic side as well.

Romantic Relationships

As someone with an April 29 birthday, you are passionate and loving by nature. At the same time, you are very guarded. Sometimes you might not show affection as you receive it. They take their time to analyses a relationship and are very guarded to matters of the heart. They do not make the first move because they fear rejection. This is how their heart helps them guard their souls against making a life choice that they soon regret.

Hands, Love
Take your relationships slowly so do you not do anything you will later regret.

However, when they love, they do it with great passion and force. They do not like to take anyone for granted therefore they do not. They are loyal and faithful to the last breath, or until they can do it no more. Their passion for family and close friends is admirable and most people want to be close to them because of this.

April 29 Birthday

Platonic Relationships

Having an April 29 birthday means one of your strengths is the fact that you are dependable and can be trusted. People find it very easy to talk to you and share with you their deepest thoughts and fears. One can easily speak to you. This makes you a very accommodating person, not only to friends and family but to society at large.

Talking, People, Men
Remember, you can talk to your friends if you are having a tough time.

However, one of the weaknesses that bring you down, is the fact that when you are worried or concerned with a personal issue, this troubles your mind and sometimes you are not sure how to deal with it. Sometimes it is good to seek help or speak to a family member who you trust so as to get long-lasting solutions.


There is no one who you trust more than your family members. Because of this, you can be sure that the advice they give you is good enough to follow. At the same time, remember that you are caring and dependable. This means that you are equally qualified to give out advice as you see fit. As a Taurus, you always want to do what is best for your family members. Try to be caring and compassionate at all times. This will strengthen the bonds between you and your family members.

Spending time with your family means everything to you.


For a Taurus, who shares your April 29 birthday zodiac sign, they may sometimes be prone to illness. This relates not to major illness, but instead to those that come about because of their nature of being irritable and impatient. Therefore, they are advised to manage their temperament. Eat balanced meals so as to not affect their hormones. When irritable or impatient, this is usually a sign of a hormonal imbalance. Therefore, take care of yourself well, talk to a therapist or a counselor if you see the issues are not being solved or taken care of.

Cooking, Couple
Cooking at home is a great healthy-living activity. However, make sure to watch your portion sizes!

As well, sometimes a Taurus may be prone to not eat well. However, they may also be known to fall off the wagon and eat everything they come across. Manage your meals. Do not eat or consume a drink that is not in your planned schedule. Eat at home and avoid eating out a lot. This will help you keep a well-balanced diet and also ensure you do not spend too much on food out that you can easily consume from the comfort of your home. Drink lots of water to stay hydrated at all times

April 29 Birthday Personality Traits

Having an April 29 birthday means that you dream big. You want to always be the best at everything you do. Your dreams of success are the most important aspect of your life. You often search and research ways to better yourself at all times. You do not forget to ask questions and you always seem to attend any social gathering so as to network with the world.

Taurus, April 29 Birthday
Taurus constellation

Do not doubt yourself. Do not be afraid of failure, as you will come to learn as the years go by, that failure is also a part of success. Sometimes you may second guess yourself, make a choice to not. Whatsoever you set your mind to achieve– go for it.

April 29 Birthday Symbolism

Because you have an April 29 birthday, this means that you will be forever lucky! You will not fail. You will never find difficulty and setting yourself apart from failures and derailleurs. Your birthday date also means that you are calm and no matter what storm comes your way you will always manage to achieve, as the sky will never be your limit. Only you can limit the reach of yoru goals and ambitions. Never look back, never regret the choices that you make in life. It may seem hard and difficult, but you must always continue to push through. Your loyalty to yourself is the most important aspect of your life. Look forward to better days and bigger accomplishments than what you have so far.

April 29 Birthday Conclusion

People with an April 29 birthday are born under the moon. This makes them confident and dependable. You never take credit for work that you have not done. You always seem to be ahead of your peers and never feel sad or bad about this. Even though you never seek attention, you always seem to get it.  This is because you command it without speaking it. You are consistent and this is a character that most of your loved ones appreciate from you.

Do not be swayed by others. At the same time, do your best to sway others in a positive direction.  Do not be blindsided by the difficulties that come with life. Instead, learn from each misstep and every process you go through. Sometimes you may find yourself in situations that may want you to compromise, however, do not. Greatness will always follow you as it has so far with your life. Always strive to move forward.

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