August 18 Zodiac is Leo, Birthdays and Horoscope

August 18 Zodiac Personality

Charisma, focus, and pragmatic with a nurturing nature are all terms that describe an August 18 zodiac personality. The Sun is the ruling astrological planet for your birthday. This influences you to be highly instinctive and to normally learn best through your own experiences. Your serious and determined nature makes you responsible. You possess a heavy sense of duty. You work hard in an efficient and organized manner and you can be tough but fair.

As a Leo born on August 18, you have good taste with an eye for quality. You do not like wasting. Hustling for material security is part of you but you are not greedy. You are rather sensitive to the needs of others. Favorable opportunities often come your way and you take advantage of them owing to your patience and persistence and this intensifies your naturally caring protective side.

Change is foreign to you and it scares you. Soon your confidence is affected by the setbacks of failure. You might appear extraordinary due to the magnetic halo that surrounds you. Your relationships are likely to be wild owing to the odd and witty nature of your demands. Being a typical lion born on August 18, you possess a lot of sexual energy and desire exciting sexual experiences. However, these encounters may not be able to ease the stresses and anxieties of your daily life.


The most favorite work choices for those born on August 18 are the type of jobs involving exciting stuff, unusual things, or glamor. You may be principally attracted to photography or design careers. These grant you the chance to put your creativity into good use. You are competitive and your enterprising spirit leads you to want to climb to the top of your chosen career.


Finances and monetary rewards play an important role in your working life decisions. You are a resourceful saver and overly careful with cash. This makes improbable that you will get into problems which is possible with a balanced budget.

Piggy Bank, Scorpio, Financial Stability
Leos are great at saving money.

Romantic Relationships

A person born on August 18 is a hopeless romantic and is in need of love and fun in life to feel whole. Often, a person born on August 18 to have great insight and a whole bunch of consideration for a soul mate. A very intense emotional connection is a basic need in a loving relationship for you. You need a partner who makes you feel alive and whole and you aim to please.

As a Leo, you are inclined to leave nothing to chance when it comes to romance. You will normally trust your instincts and follow them when it comes to a long term commitment. As a lion born on August 18, you are generous, lovable, and protective. This makes you a considerate partner who is imaginatively romantic.

Couple Chatting, Coffee, Cancer Capricorn Love Compatibility
Communication is key in your romantic relationships.

Avoid lovers’ tiffs at all times. However, this makes you sometimes take things personally. Target maintaining harmony by communicating calmly. As a bold lion, you are not shy when it comes to revealing your sexual fantasies and you prefer a partner to take the lead between the sheets. You tend to be sulky and withdrawn if hurt or disappointed romantically.

Platonic Relationships

Being born on August 18 makes you a trustworthy life partner and wonderful reliable workmate. You are fair in your actions and you look intently into the situation make you a great problem solver. People admire you for the keenness into detail and your reliability to deliver what you have promised.

Support, Climbing, Relationships, Leo
Friends see you as a dependable problem-solver.


You treasure and value your friends and family and therefore put their needs before your own. The only thing that makes you not attract a lot of people is your spontaneous moodiness and over-reacting to some situations that don’t warrant such reactions. Try to work on this aspect for you may lose invaluable friends and business partners due such ordeals that come as surprises to them.

Family, Children, Parents
Your family can depend on you with ease.


As a Leo born on August 18, any health problems come from the negative relationship they have with their bodies. This is caused by their likeliness to deny or indulge their appetite, depending on the mood they are in. The results of this make you prone to exercising, dieting obsessively, and even eating disorders in order to get into shape.

Food, Vegetables
Watch your diet to improve your health.

As a Leo born on August 18, it is important for you to get a sense of balance and perspective. Always keep in mind that until you are happy on the inside, no amount of dieting or exercise will make any difference. Listen to music as it is very therapeutic, do aerobic exercise such as dancing, walking and swimming as this will give you multiple benefits and keep you fit and healthy both in mind and spirit. A good work out regularly will vent your emotionalism and serve as a liberating factor. Red is the color of confidence, therefore wear it with pride and it will help boost your self-confidence.

August 18 Zodiac Personality Traits

Being born on August 18 means you are highly creative and driven by ambition. However, these aspirations are all concentrated on personal fulfillment. The achievement of successful interactions with people and solid home ties are your highest priorities. These objectives outweigh the goals you might have in your working life. Your dreams are likely to be reserved for fantasizing about things you would do if you had plenty of money, which is one of the consequences of your imaginative thinking.

Leo Zodiac Sign, August 18 Zodiac
Two Leos will share interests and hobbies that make their relationship harmonious.

You dream of achieving something exciting or unusual to make a noticeable mark in the world. Keep dreaming Leo as all dreams are valid and your will for sure come true.

August 18 Zodiac Symbolism

Leos born on this day are pretty simple in terms of what they like. You love anything that does the work and produces the same outcome at the end of the day. The Priestess tarot card symbolizes your loyalty and discernment over challenging matters.

Seven, 7, August 16 Zodiac
Seven is your lucky number.

Your lucky number is seven. It makes you peaceful and calm. Your lucky day is Sunday. It gives an opportunity to relax. Your lucky color is beige that symbolizes wisdom and intense love. Your birth gemstone is the ruby that boosts your positive outlook on life.

August 18 Birthday

August 18 Zodiac Conclusion

Natives born on August 18 are very authentic. They are a true reflection of originality. Their creative imaginations that are reflected in their day to day activities exhibit their authenticity. However, if you were born on August 18, you are resentful. You forgive but do not forget. You hold grudges for a long time and your present is haunted by your future. Learn how to let go to guarantee a brighter future with no resentments.

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