August 25 Zodiac is a Leo and Virgo Cusp, Birthdays and Horoscope

August 25 Zodiac Personality

People born on August 25 fall under the Virgo zodiac sign. Neptune is the ruling astrological body for Virgos. Members of this sign are Earth signs. As an August 25 zodiac, you are honorable and intelligent. Your need for mental stimulation gives you a natural thirst to learn more and acquire more knowledge. You have a principled intellect that is responsible for your strategies and ways of handling your day to day activities.

You dance your own music and enjoy it. This is greatly influenced by your streak of independence. You create your world that pleases you and not expect anyone else to do for you. People respect you for who you are and the impact you cause through your actions. You carry yourself in an honorable way.


People born on August 25 find it easy to choose their career path and define their professional ladder. This is due to your sense of practicality and a touch of commonsensical aspects. As an August 25 zodiac, you use your intellect and sense of duty to complete tasks within the given time frame and fully utilizing your abilities. Occupations that lead to the top are favorable for you. You have a chance to be leading the pack and to grow both business-wise and as a person.

You have a great sense of duty. Feeling useful and appreciated is part and puzzle of you. So you take the mantle and work so hard where you can and make sure someone acknowledges your input. Despite the fact that you do things to feel useful, you like the positive impact your usefulness causes. Responsibility and duty go hand in hand. The need to be useful is not in everyone but you try and urge those close to you to do worthwhile things.

Rose-Gold, Office Supplies
Virgos love to stay organized.

You strongly dislike lazy people and you do not associate with lazy environments that do not keep up with your intellect and sense of duty. The organization is a key aspect of the road to success. You have great organizational skills that help you to be on top of things. These skills promote your self-awareness. Self-knowledge is crucial in your day to day life since it keeps you alert and gives an informative view of what is happening around you.


You tend to be frugal with money. The income you earn is not a major factor but be watchful and mindful about the spending of your money.

Thought Bubble, Think, Person
Money is always on your mind.

Romantic Relationships

You are reliant on friendship especially. You need emotional support and rapport. However, you are a people-pleaser. In a romantic relationship, you are interested in pleasing your partner more than you care about being pleased. You like to be the bigger person in the relationship.

Love, Dating
Virgos are affectionate when they are in love.

Your strong craving to be appreciated and loved must be met. This makes you secure in the relationship. You tend to be unhurried and very careful before committing to your partner. You are hesitant to some extent because you look at the long term goal of the relationship. As a Virgo, you require a great and almost perfect line of communication from a good lover to a person who stimulates and excites you mentally and physically.

Platonic Relationships

For being a Virgo born on August 25, you have an energetic charm that enlarges your social circle. Having a vast social circle is consoling to you because you feel accepted, loved, and appreciated. However, your social circle is a selective one. It consists of intelligent, elegant, and polite people. Your charm reflects on how you get away with things. You do not struggle to get things done your charm works magic.

Friends, People
Work on getting along better with others.

You are interesting, capable, and fun. Your abilities are capable of bringing food to the table. You are the kind of person who everyone wants to be around. You are not pushy. However, when you’re wrong buttons are pushed you tend to be overly in control and temperamental. Your temperamental side causes you to act on impulse and you opt to deal with the consequences later. Learn how to control your tempers for your own good. Acting on impulse brings more harm than god. Be careful how you deal with people who do not share the same views as you because you often get annoyed. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion no matter how stupid it is.

August 25 Birthday


You are youthful and amicable. Other people find it easy to form a rapport with you since you are warm and welcoming. You are always ready to lend an ear to those in need and advise them accordingly. Also, you are open-minded and welcome new ideas and different views and aspects of life. You are open to anything that means new adventures, a new way of life, and a new way of conducting yourself. But there is a catch in you embracing these new things. They must impact you and what is around you positively. You seek cohesion and security of a loving family.

People born on August 25 should work towards achieving a great mindset and a positive attitude. Your emotional state could greatly affect your health, both positively and negatively. You are very energetic and when you are emotionally unwell your energy levels tend to go down. This stresses you a lot and affects your psychological state. Luckily, this is short-lived because you get on your feet very fast.

Relax, Simha 2020 Horoscope
Relax to improve your mental and physical health.

You lead a healthy lifestyle; you watch your diet and you exercise regularly. This is not enough to maintain your well-being. find other relaxation methods like yoga or meditation that are recommended for you. They will help you a great deal especially in arranging your line of thoughts and achieving a great mindset as the end result.

August 25 Zodiac Personality Traits

As an August 25 zodiac, emotionally, you are inclined to be open but you are complicated in your openness. You demand constant approval. It is hard to unravel your moods. As a Virgo born on August 25, you crave attention, love, and appreciation in order to be emotionally stable.

Virgo, August 25 Zodiac
Virgo symbol

You are not averse to changes. Change is very critical. Accepting it is hard for you. However, your versatility helps you blend in with the new change. Embracing change is a gradual process to you and takes time. Take time to weigh the options and consequences of rejecting or accepting such changes. Depending on that conclusion, then you are able to decide how to go about that particular change.

August 25 Zodiac Symbolism

Seven is your lucky number. “Mystery” is your lucky day. The seventh tarot card in the major arcana, The Lovers, is for you. Carry Jade with you always. It is the lucky stone for good fortune.

Jade, Gemstone, Rat 2020 Horoscope, July 25 Zodiac
Try wearing jade to improve your luck.

August 25 Zodiac Conclusion

Being born on August 25 means you have an abundant supply of independence, sense of duty, and disciplined conduct. This cultivates your motivations and drives you in the right direction by coming up with the right strategies to set your desired goals in motion. Worldly aspirations will be a priority at one point in your life.

However, as you grow your things change, you will find spiritual growth being one of your greatest concerns. Look forward to the future. You are ready to unravel what it holds for you.

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