February 13 Zodiac Is Aquarius, Birthdays And Horoscope

February 13 Zodiac Personality

As someone born on February 13th, you are naturally sociable and have an avid love for fun. You are friendly with a gentle and caring personality. However, you can be a little selfish but this is not always a bad thing. You have a wild imagination and are quite a big dreamer. Compared to other Aquarians, you are believed to be freedom loving and very open-minded.

You are the type of person who is able to make nice gestures to new people and make them feel comfortable. This is because you are ever cheerful and everyone will notice when you are disappointed. You make negative situations into positive ones. Your energy levels are ever high and you are always up and about. You are bestowed with the ability to draw people towards you. You are very dependable especially in providing a shoulder to cry on this makes you likable.



In your work life, it’s relatively easy for you to pick a career. You are not known for laziness but this does not mean you are overly ambitious. You prefer a kind of job where you do not need to put as much effort. It is likely that you will end up with a career that you find fun and that doesn’t take up too much of your free time.

Computer, Work, Freelance, Write, Type
Try freelancing– then you can set your own schedule!

You work well with others and help your colleagues increase their productivity. You look for a high paying job as your needs are quite many. Even though you do not like to work long hours, you try to produce diligent work and perform your duties to a certain standard. You do not adore work but you take it very seriously. People enjoy working with you as you are good at solving problems.


Keeping a close eye on financial matters is crucial. For a person born on February 13th, you avoid being frivolous with your money. You avoid borrowing to buy things you may need and will only take loan assistance when you really need it. You plan ahead but have quite a difficult time when making a budget. This is because you have an extravagant taste and desire a lavish life.

No Money, Poor
Don’t be too frivolous with your spending or else you won’t have any money left!

Your income level is easily managed as you have the ability to usually keep something aside for emergencies. You tend to have a relaxed approach to being generous with your money. You give a hand where you can but are cautious by avoiding people to take this as your weakness.

Romantic Relationships

For an Aquarius born on February 13th, you easily get confused in matters of the heart. However, you need closeness and are very passionate at the time of intimacy. You have a craving for attention and affection and are able to make your soulmate feel confident. You sometimes try to avoid following your heart and focus more on what your mind tells you.

Brain, Mind
Listen to your mind in matters of love–not just your heart!

People born on February 13th are happiest when they are in a loving relationship. While you immensely value your personal space, y are willing to sacrifice this the moment you meet your destined soulmate. In a long term relationship, you like being playful, sexy, and showing your partner how proud they should be to have you in their lives.  You can have a certain kind of ego to make the first approach in arguments. However, you are very good at apologizing and could do it a million times.

Platonic Relationships

Having a social life is a priority for an Aquarian who was born on February 13th. You are incredibly charming and like spending quality time with friends. Partying is great for you because you enjoy being around people. You like making promises and will always do your best to fulfill them.

Party, Club, Woman
Feel free to cut loose every once in a while, but try not to over-do it.

However, you get slightly nervous when approaching people who you have just met as you are afraid of rejection. You seem to have a large circle of friends as you like being popular. In fighting your battles, you have a habit of involving your friends as they increase your motivation and give you morale. You understand people’s different personalities and this enables you to get along with others easily.

February 13 Birthday


Family is the central unit of any society and should be taken with great importance. Being an Aquarian, you are strongly attached to your family and you have a tendency of checking on them from time to time. You like gathering your family to encourage them to bond. Surprising your family members with unexpected gifts gives you a certain kind of joy.

You adore being with your family.

Unlike many other Aquarians, you try to avoid interfering with your sibling’s lives and are good at giving them space to make their own mistakes and learn from them. You appreciate your parents’decisions and do your best to put their suggestions into consideration. You are protective of your family and will do anything in your might to see the content.


Issues with health experienced by people born on February 13th are commonly caused by their bad habits. Being born on February 13th, you are adventurous and you are prone to using drugs and taking in excessive alcohol. You are advised to reduce this as it may affect your well-being.

Exercise. Avoid fad diets.

You like taking part in regular exercises because you care about your physical appearance. Luckily, you are quick at noticing any abnormalities in your body and giving the desired response. You should maintain a balanced diet and make sure you have a higher intake of vitamins in your body.

Personality Traits

Having your birthday on February 13th you like sharing your thoughts and ideas. You enjoy commenting on other people’s views about life and are very active in arguments. You are curious and have a habit of digging out information.

Aquarius symbol

However, you avoid being too close with people as it makes you vulnerable. You are not very good at keeping secrets as you like sharing your mind with others. You value modesty and do your best to be truthful with people around you.

February 13th Birthday Symbolism

Four is the number chosen for you.  It will bring you fortune…if you use it wisely. You are very humble and kind to people and are extremely kind with your words. You are considerate of other people’s problems. Also, you are extraordinarily honest. You feel that it is only fair to be truthful.

Topaz is the lucky gem for you.

The 13th card in the magic deck is your lucky tarot. This will reveal all the hidden truths. It has all the stories to tell. Topaz is your gem. It is the chosen stone to guard you. It will be your shade during the rainy days. You also advocate for justice. You like to see people treated with respect and dignity. Continue to try to make everybody at ease. This is how you promote peace.


Uranus is the ruler of the Aquarius star. It is the origin of your modesty. The simplicity comes from the positive energy from this planet. You are a great friend. You ensure that the people who trust you are safe. Take care of a lot of lives makes you happy. You are on a mission to put people In the right path. You try to teach peace to those who are willing to listen. Continue to lead by example in all areas of your life. You give back to the community. Your spirit of sharing will bring you good karma.


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