February 14 Zodiac Is Aquarius, Birthdays And Horoscope

February 14 Zodiac Personality

People born on February 14th are believed to be quite charming compared to other Aquarians. Being born on Valentine’s Day you have an optimistic attitude towards life and a certain kind of unique mental alertness. You are good at making people laugh as you enjoy cracking jokes and making everyone happy. You have a forgiving heart but are easily disappointed and betrayed.

Express your feelings and thoughts and put your ideas into use. One of your best attributes is your ability to listen to people and give the desired response. You have empathy for emotional cues and you are sensitive to people’s moods. You have a high degree of intelligence and are bestowed with an extra amount of sharpness. Confidence defines you and you are able to stand for yourself. You like doing things your own way as you are ever sure of yourself. You have a good combination of observing and analyzing skills making you capable of approaching situations in a mature way.


Career choices are not the first priority for a person born on February 14th. However, this does not mean that you do not take work seriously. You may have to try different occupations before finding something you enjoy that is suitable for many talents.\

Business Woman, Career
No matter what career you settle with, you can succeed if you work hard.

You prefer working where you move around. The less you have to work, the better. You tend to of great importance at work as you like fixing things and helping others with their problems. You try your best to be highly responsible at work so that you can feel that you make a difference. Most of all, you have a desire for a working life that keeps you comfortable with a considerable pay.


You have an imprudent attitude to finances. Sometimes, you have a hard time managing your budget. You like spending money on expensive things just to own the feeling of importance. Luckily, you avoid borrowing and will hardly rely on loan assistance. You like being in control of your own money and are able to reorganize your budget depending on circumstances.

Snakes With Money, Budget
Work on keeping a budget so you don’t get up with debt.

Also, you realize the importance of saving and do your best to have self-control and accept the fact that you can live without the pleasures of the world. You are naturally generous and are ever willing to help a friend in need where you can. You find it easy to manage your finances on your own so as to have a discipline of being careful with money.

February 14 Birthday

Romantic Relationships

Being an Aquarian born on February 14th,  you are not overly obsessed with the idea of love. Some people may find this ironic since your birthday is a romantic holiday. However, your positive attitude towards companionship makes you have a require closeness. You are likely to have the thought that respect and honesty are the most important elements of a long-term relationship.

Couple, Romantic
Don’t be afraid to make the first move in a relationship.

You are a little bit shy to make your first approach whenever you were crushing on someone. Luckily, you are good at making your partner feel appreciated by treating them with much kindness and giving them attention. However, you are prone to being temperamental but will always avoid taking it out on your soulmate as you do not like hurting their feelings. You show passion during intimacy and are quite gentle with your partner. You prefer a companion who is stimulating both physically and intellectually. This helps you maintain your interest in the relationship.

Platonic Relationships

A water bearer with born on February 14th has a strong desire to reach hearts. You are not choosy with your friends as you like building a connection with everyone around you. You are generous and friendly. This makes you very likable. You tend to have a fairly big social circle and sometimes have friends you do not even remember coming across.

Aquarians can make friends with just about anyone, so long as they are friendly.

You enjoy being available during social occasions such as weddings, graduations, and parties to laugh with others. One good habit of yours is that you avoid unnecessary arguments by not interfering with other people’s lives. You find comfort in the company of others and you like being around people. Being alone makes you sad and bored as you start reflecting on worrying issues.


Family is the most important institution for an Aquarian born on February 14th, and most Aquarians in general. You feel that family ties are necessary for sanity to be present. You always find yourself checking on how your family is doing and sacrificing your work to spend quality time with them.

Children, Siblings, Friends
No matter your age, you will always love to be around your siblings.

Your siblings enjoy having you around as you only give your suggestions about their lives when they ask you to. You are ever cheerful when around your siblings to show them how much you appreciate having them in your life. Your family finds you independent and responsible making you a good candidate for parenthood.


Health imbalances you might suffer are commonly related to their habit of letting worries build up to anxiety. You are a bit sentimental and are not very good at handling stressing issues. You are advised to try relaxing your mind often and maintaining a balanced diet for healthy living.

Fruit, Berries
Try eating fruit instead of candy or sugary treats.

Take part in regular exercise so as to keep in shape. You have a tooth for sugary foods and you should try avoiding too much of sugar intake. However, you give the correct response to any disturbances in your body and you should keep up on this.

Personality Traits

You enjoy commenting on social networking sites and giving your views about life. However, you are afraid of being too close to people as you find this making you weak. You focus on your future and make achievable goals in life. You try to have a peaceful life and be happy with whatever you involve yourself in.  People admire you for you are determined with a certain kind of self-drive. This explains why you will move mountains to get what you have set your mind on.

Aquarius symbol

February 14th Birthday Symbolism

Five is your digit of fortune. You should use it every time you get a chance. You are a very curious person. This makes you want to read and look for knowledge. You feel like it is your duty to learn something every day. You are a mysterious individual. Nobody ever knows what is going on with you. This is a good element of surprise.

Pearl, Jewelry, Necklace
Man or woman, pearls are the perfect gemstone for you.

The 14th tarot card is your lucky card from the magic envelop. The pearl is the gemstone that gives you fortune and greatness. It contains the secrets to your future. It will give you insight on how to move forward. You have been chosen to see the world and tell the stories. You share experiences with people and teach them new things. Also, you are always looking for new ways to get things done.


Neptune is the ruler of Aquarius beings. Your behavior and demeanor are from this planet. Saturn commands February 14th. This gives you that will to thrive. It makes you push yourself beyond the limit. Your search for perfection is relentless. You never give up once you begin. You are ready to make the sacrifices necessary to get to the top. Of course, you should try being kinder to people. Try understanding their motivation. This will make you figure out human behavior. This will be the beginning of your success.

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