February 16 Zodiac Is A Cusp Aquarius And Pisces, Birthdays And Horoscope

February 16 Zodiac Personality

People born on February 16th are surmised to be highly responsible. They are blessed with the typical Aquarian dreamy (but sensible) idealism. You have a high degree of intuition and are clever enough to learn things quickly. Also, you have the ability to look at negative situations in a positive way and this explains your optimistic attitude towards life.

However, you are easily disappointed and prone to being hurt when anyone does not go by your expectations. You have a certain kind of mental alertness and unique originality in thinking. You try being realistic and making attainable goals in life.

Also, you are sensitive to people’s moods and tolerant of their flaws. People enjoy being around you as you are good at generating positive energy towards a good cause. You are a good listener and an excellent observer as well as making you good at solving problems. You encourage others and give them the motivation to explore this wonderful and challenging world.


Work is an important aspect of life to a person born on February 16th. It is likely that you will want an occupation that gives you an opportunity to make good use of your versatility. Because of this, you have a difficult time deciding on which profession to settle for. Having a variety of work to choose from is the most important consideration when deciding on a career path.

Computer, Work, Freelance, Write, Type
Try freelancing– then you can set your own schedule!

You seek a profession that makes you feel of great importance and gives you a lot of benefits other than just financial gain. You bring out your full potential at your workplace, as you like being at the top in your career. Also, you can motivate others to make noticeable steps in the cooperate ladder so as to have better lives. You enjoy helping others and like performing your duties to a certain standard.


Money is fairly important to a person born on February 16th. You do not like letting finances cloud your judgment about living a comfortable life. You have the thought that you can do without a lavish lifestyle and are usually happy when content.  Unlike some other Aquarians, you manage your finances fairly well and reorganize your income when you have to.

Snakes With Money, Budget
Stay out of debt if you want to continue to have a care-free attitude.

You dread having debts in your life and this is why you are patient enough to save up for things instead of borrowing. You are not the greedy type and will always eat from your own sweat. Family and friends often come to you for loan assistance as they find you dependable and an appropriate shoulder to cry on. However, you are careful enough to avoid letting anyone take your generosity for your weakness. You are active in charity work as you believe that the more you give the more you receive. Many people admire you for this.

February 16 Birthday

Romantic Relationships

For an Aquarius born on February 16th, love determines your main wishes and objectives in life. You are the type that settles down in a long term relationship very quickly. You are gentle and caring to your soulmate and do your best to avoid getting them mad. Your playfulness makes you an ideal soulmate if one is looking for laughter in a companionship. You tend to enjoy spending time with your soulmate and can sometimes overdo it by clinging too much on them.

Hug, Couple, Winter
You are likely to be happiest with someone who is creative and intelligent.

However, you are advised to tone down on this and give your partner some personal space as this behavior makes them bored quickly. You are patient and very considerate with your soulmate. You forgive in case of any disappointment as you believe in second chances. Getting married is one of your goals in a long-term relationship. This explains you’re longing for a strong and long-lasting relationship.

Platonic Relationships

You are sociable thoughtful and very friendly to the people around you. However, you get a little bit choosy on deciding on who to get close to one has to break through your emotional guide to win your trust. You are not a disappointment whenever you are invited to a party. You like making sure everyone is having a good time and try relating to almost everybody.

Argue, Fight
Aquarians are good at settling arguments between friends.

Also, you are pretty good at giving solutions to other people’s problems and offering useful advice. You are mature when settling your personal differences and will hardly cause scandals in case of an argument. People enjoy your company and this explains why your social circle is not as small as you will wish it to be.


Family comes first for someone born on February 16th. You have a discipline of prioritizing your family over your friends. Showing appreciation for the happiness that your family brings you is what you do best. This is shown by your habit of checking on them now and then and doing anything in your might to make them comfortable.

Siblings, Brother, Sister, Children
Even as a child, it is likely that you will get along with your siblings and cousins.

You try to lift their spirits and make them feel of great importance. You are skilled at raising your siblings’self-esteem and giving them advice on how to overcome obstacles in life. When it comes to family gatherings you are more than willing to show up in each one of them. You are happy to share the special moments in your life with your family to show them how much you love them.


Health disturbances experienced by Aquarians born on February 16th are commonly associated with their tendency of focusing too much on being busy. You are advised to try relaxing your mind more often to avoid issues related to stress. Also, you have a high appetite but should put an eye on what you eat to maintain a balanced diet. You are prone to weight problems and this is why you should take part in regular physical activity. You care about your physical appearance explaining why you have a natural remedy for most problems.

Try to exercise more often to maintain your health.

Personality Traits

You are an opinionated individual who likes engaging in productive debates and healthy discussions. You avoid having unnecessary drama in your life as you highly value peace and do your best to create harmony. Of course, you do not like feeling underestimated and will do your level best to stand out among the rest. You have a certain kind of lightness in your spirit that enables you to get along with others easily. People take you as a role model as you are an inspiration to many.

One of your best personality traits is that you are a good friend.

February 16th Birthday Symbolism

You have the heavenly number seven for a lucky number. Your curious nature can be best explained by the curious number seven. You look for adventure wherever you go. Honesty drives you and you try to find out the truth about different issues. You think that knowing the truth is equal to freedom. You are a hard worker. Never, do you put your guard down. You are very competitive in everything you do.

Jade, Gemstone,
Try wearing jade to improve your luck.

Your lucky card is the 16th in the magician’s deck. It is a road map to your future. Jade is the lucky gem that brings you positive vibes. It will lead you to your destination. You are a cheerful person who does everything to ensure that everyone feels at home. You like to be happy and enjoy life. People tend to be drawn to your charm. They choose to talk to you about their issues.


Uranus calls the shots on Aquarius, meaning that you respond to this planet. Neptune is associated with the February 16th. This makes you talented with many gifts. You are also smart. You are always outwitting the nerds. Continue to show off your talents. People find you very fascinating. This is a trait that presents a mystery.

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