February 15 Zodiac Is A Cusp Aquarius And Pisces, Birthdays And Horoscope

February 15 Zodiac Personality

People born on February 15th are believed to be warmer than others who share their Aquarius zodiac sign. Being born on February 15th, you are known to be affable and bestowed with the ability to come up with useful ideas. You do not find it difficult to get along with others as you understand people different personalities. You are very careful about who to trust as you have the thought that not everyone wants the best for you.

Original thinking and have the usual sincerity and resoluteness of your zodiac sign drives your personality. You communicate your thoughts and give your opinion and views about life. You have an expansive mind and a fairly positive attitude towards life. Your charismatic nature draws people towards you. You are an individual who likes keeping up with the trend and this is why you try to connect with both generations; young and old. You are a big dreamer who is always optimistic about achieving your goals. This makes you admirable and a role model for many.



Career paths for a person born on February 15th are not easy to decide on. Being born on February 15th, you find working quite tiresome but at the same time value its importance. You would rather have an occupation where the timetable is flexible and where the working hours are less.

Graphic Design, Art, Computer, Freelance
A career in freelance writing or art –anything creative– would probably be best for you.

Mostly, you prefer teamwork. You look for a profession that will make you feel useful and give you a sense of satisfaction and joy. A suitable job for you must be one that involves many tasks that are not too mundane and with a generous salary. You avoid disappointing your colleagues at work by making sure you perform your duties on time and be very responsible.


When dealing with finances, you form a discipline of making a budget and following it to the letter. This is why you do not find it hard to be in control of your income. You try to avoid trusting others with your money and will only ask for financial advice when you really need it. You have an eye for quality things and desire a lavish life. However, you put your self-control into use and avoid temptations.

Money, Rabbits
Watch your budget if you want to stay out of the poorhouse.

You are willing to offer a hand to a friend in need as you are not known to be selfish. You do not like depending on credit and this is why you rarely seek loan assistance. Continue to approach financial situations in a mature way and reorganize your budget according to circumstances. You like congratulating yourself from time to time with treats for a job well done.

February 15 Birthday

Romantic Relationships

For an Aquarian born on February 15th, you immensely value your personal space but are willing to sacrifice this when you meet the right person. You are typically wonderfully ebullient but also a little shy when it comes making the first approach. One has to win your trust and share your desire for a secure home base with full of joy and excitement. You are cautious about romance but have a need for closeness and yarn for oneness. You are happy to find a best friend, lover, and confidante all in one. Since you highly respect marriage, you are willing to devote yourself to a long term relationship.

Wedding Rings, Book
People of your sign aren’t afraid of commitment.

Your likeness in spirit and lusty sex drive make you long for a supportive mate with the same outlook in life. You are passionate, genital and loving to your partner and are able to provide the desired attention and affection.

Platonic Relationships

You are naturally sociable and have a habit of making nice gestures to people you have just met. You like making sure everyone around you is happy and content. Continue to try building casual relationships but you are likely to avoid being too close with people as you are skeptical about being open with everyone. You try not to interfere with people personal lives to avoid the pitfalls of meddling into other people’s business you are kind with a high sense of humor making people enjoy having you around.

Friends, Women
There are no crazy parties required for you to have a good time with your friends.


Family is a priority for an individual born on February 15th. You make sure you spend quality time with your family. Your siblings find you fun and interesting as you give them space to make their own mistakes and learn from them. You are not too proud to put your parent’s suggestions into considerations this makes them find you quite responsible and mature enough to face the world. You surprise your family with an expected visit and have a habit of bringing them gifts just to see the happy. Your siblings look up to you as you are a great inspiration for them.

Family, Children, Parents
Aquarians are usually pretty close with their families.


Major health issues are not common among people born on February 15th. This is because you take charge of your body, listen to any abnormalities, and give the desired response. You are likely to be affected by stress and this is why you should deal with resolved issues immediately.

Health, Doctor
Even though you are in tune with your body, don’t be afraid to see a doctor every once in a while.

Also, you are prone to being temperamental and moody during the day when your sleep patterns are affected. You should maintain a balanced diet and take part in regular exercises for healthy living. You should learn to avoid fatty food to reduce your chances of being exposed to weight problems.

Personality Traits

Your main strength of character is usually revealed in your brave and talented nature. You are sharp enough and very observant. This enables you to deal with worrying issues and have solutions for problems. You will frequently go to great lengths to achieve your wish of being happy in life. You are very curious and this explains your inquisitive mind. However, you are easily hurt when others disappoint you or betray you in any way. This explains why you are not able to build very strong long lasting relationships.

Aquarius symbol

February 15th Birthday Symbolism

Six is the lucky number of your life. This comes with the affinity for people. You have a way with people. They seem to come to you. People like to talk to you. Your lucky tarot is the 15th in the magic envelope. It has all the things that you would like to know. It tells all your tales.

Turquoise, Rock, Gem
Wearing turquoise jewelry can help to bring you luck.

You are very fond of children. This comes with the number 16. You are very secure in your own skin. You exhibit great confidence. Turquoise is your rock of harmony. It will provide you with great fortune. It will prevent you from making mistakes. Also, it will be your guide in your journey.


Uranus instructs Aquarius. You are the said star and your character of comfort comes from this planet. Venus brings its vibes to your date of birth. This makes you a joyful person. You are usually more than happy to be alive. Your contentment is what makes you happy. You are very easy and like to enjoy yourself. You like adventures and new experiences. This will make you go through life without any regrets.

You are a symbol of freedom. You are a free bird who makes his own choices. Never let people influence your judgment. This is a very strong character that you exhibit. You are not scared of anything. You are ready for whatever comes next. Always remember to learn lessons from your experiences. You also choose to look at the brighter side of everything. You are the symbol of optimism and hope for humanity.

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