February 27 Zodiac Is Pisces, Birthdays And Horoscope

February 27 Zodiac Personality

Personalities born on February 27th are known to be quite charming. Being born on February 27th, you are able to interact easily with people and like taking comfort in the company of others. You are highly principled with your own strong morals. You are caring and loving and are occasionally helping people deal with their problems. Your high level of concentration makes you a quick learner. Your compassionate nature allows you to get along with most people. You are realistic and like putting things the way they are. You have a practical innovative approach in life and are very optimistic.

However, you are easily disappointed and find it hard to forgive. You have a need to love and be loved. You are creative and good at organizing your work. Usually, you plan before doing things and this makes whatever you put your hands on a success. You are a positive thinker and are determined to achieve a sense of accomplishment.


Career paths for an individual born on February 27th are difficult to choose. This is because you are talented and have the ability to perform any task. You strive for perfection and will do your best to produce excellent work. Your high sense of intellect and sociable nature makes people want to work with you. You hope to build yourself a secure future and are therefore very hardworking. You have the habit of moving from one occupation to another to know where your passion lies.

Skills, Career, Job, Talent
Take on a career that will allow you to show off your skills and talents.

Of course, you prefer jobs where you can use your broad mind to the fullest and come up with great ideas that will make you feel useful. You respect others and are good at following orders. This makes you a loyal and trustworthy employee and work mate as well.


You are good at managing funds and are generally organized when planning on how to spend your income. You avoid borrowing and have the discipline of making a budget to avoid running into problems with cash flow. Rarely, will you waste your own on unnecessary items.

Piggy Bank, Money
Treat yourself every once in a while, but make sure to save money for emergencies.

You desire the luxuries in life but have the thought that you can live without them. Often, you feel charitable and are able to set a coin or two aside to help a friend in need. You have something to put away for a rainy day and this makes you a wise spender. You can be a little mean to yourself and will avoid buying expensive things.

February 27 Birthday

Romantic Relationships

For a Piscean born on February 27th, you are a typical romantic and believe in the power of love. You want a best friend and companion all in one. You find it easy to start love relationships as you are quite a charmer and are very sweet talking. When it comes to your personal relationships, you like taking charge but you are a little bit too protective of your partner. You are demanding emotionally but are good at giving your partner a lot of attention to compliment this. Your approach arguments with maturity and will rarely end things because of a petty issue. You are fun loving and this makes it easy for you to keep your soul mate in a good mood.

Woman, Meditation, Meditate
Keep a level head to avoid arguments in your romantic relationships.

Platonic Relationships

You focus on your social life and make it a priority. This is because you like making new friends and pulling people together to generate positive energy for a good cause. You are skilled at finding people’s interest and always have the words to lift up their spirit. Also, you enjoy helping others and making them laugh. This is why you are bestowed with a high sense of humor.

Smile, Woman
Your positive personality is what attracts people to you.

You are able to embrace people different personalities and are good at focusing on their positive side. However, you are choosy on whom to be open with and will rarely show new people the person you really are. You like being around people as being alone makes you sad and gives you a bad mood.


Family is the central unit of society. As an individual born on February 28th, you are constantly rescheduling your timetable to have quality time with family. You like treating your family with a lot of respect and surprising them with gifts to show them how much you care about them. You embrace each opportunity to get closer to your family and this is why you never miss family dinners and outings.

Spending time with your family is very important to you.

Family greatly contributes to much of the growth you experience in life. You like admiring the sheer cluelessness of your siblings and observing then learning from their mistakes. You like acting as a guide and giving them advice so as to make them better people in this challenging world.


Health issues experienced by a Piscean born on February 27th are usually due to their love for experimenting with different foods. You tend to have a high appetite and are not choosy on what you eat. You are advised to reduce this and maintain a balanced diet. Also, you have a tooth for sugary foods and should have regular dental checkups.

Food, Vegetables
Try to be less picky when it comes to your diet.

You like relaxing and setting time aside for exercises. You have keenness on your skin. This explains why you take a glass or two of clean water from time to time. You could easily change your lifestyle and this makes you able to avoid stress.

Personality Traits

You are an opinionated individual and like giving your views about life. You value honesty and are kind at heart. Like most Pisceans, you are ordinarily a good and easy going person. However, you can be a little bossy as you like taking charge. Your multitalented nature gives you a unique personality and makes you a thoughtful person to know. You are very confident in what you do and have the thought that failure is an encouragement that will motivate you towards success. You make realistic goals in life and strongly believe in yourself.

Carefree, Exciting
Your confidence is one of your best traits.

February 27th Birthday Symbolism

Your fortune cookie is number nine. You have this old side of you that is wise and cool at the same time. You are able to relate to people of all ages. This is, in part, because you see through people’s skin and understand their issues. You have changed people’s lives with just your words. You treasure wisdom than wealth.

Bloodstones, Gem, Stone
Bloodstones come in a variety of colors and shapes.

The tarot card labeled nine is yours in the magicians roll. It will explain your need for consistency. This is what you prefer than double standards. You like straight people who do not change their character overnight. This is a principle you have had since childhood. The bloodstone guides your principles. It has shaped you into the person you are today. You like it when people accept you in your original form.


Neptune takes the lead in guiding Pisces. You are the spirit that brings peace in the hearts of men. This is because of the strong influence of the planet Neptune. You are an interestingly ambitious person. You want the best in life. There is no need to short change yourself. You are the best that the world can offer.

Continue to try and maintain high standards. You ensure that people understand your worth. Even though you are not proud,  your self-esteem is somewhat high. This is how you are able to receive criticism with a positive attitude. Your hard work will be rewarded by the universe. You will receive the blessings that you yearn for when you listen to your spirit

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