February 29 Zodiac Is Pisces, Birthdays And Horoscope

February 29 Zodiac Personality

People born specifically on February 29th are believed to have a certain kind of lightness in spirit. Being born on February 29th, you are very caring and sensitive to people’s moods. You area little self-centered, which is not a bid thing as you mostly apply this when it comes to getting attention. You tend to be down to earth and quiet with a high degree of sharpness compared to others that share your zodiac sign.

Bearing the thought that you are a Piscean, you are sociable and quite friendly. You like having set goals in mind and gaining a sense of satisfaction. You like being at the top in whatever you do. This is why you produce diligent work and are very organized. You are a little bit shy when it comes to intimate relationships but are a very considerate partner. You are able to make wise choices in life and are very assertive in your decisions.


Career aims and directions to a person having February 29thas a birthdate is something they tend to decide earlier in life. You take work very seriously and perform the tasks assigned to you to a certain standard. People find it a little bit hard to work with you as they see you as a perfectionist. You like giving orders but are very polite when doing it. This explains why you should never doubt your leadership skills. You have a need to feel useful and of great importance and this is why you find yourself choosing occupations that are quite demanding and those that require split-second decisions.

Business Woman, Career
Admittedly, you can be a bit of a perfectionist at times.


You are good at managing funds and take money very seriously. You find saving very crucial. This is why you are a saver rather than a spender. You rarely run into problems with cash flow as you have an organized plan on how to use your money. You like being in control of your income and do not like taking advice on how to use it.

Piggy Bank, Roosters With Money
Pisces are pretty good at saving money.

All in all, you are sensible with your finances and will only provide assistance to others when they really need it. You do not like borrowing and will rarely depend on loan assistance. You put your basic needs before anything else and this is why you have good progress in life.

Romantic Relationships

As a Piscean, you are typically cheery when it comes to the idea of love. Being naturally nice and kind explains why you are never short of companions. You are a good listener and are good at lifting other people’s spirit when they are low. When it comes to intimacy, you are intensely passionate and romantic. You value the happiness that comes with finding your better half. You are able to open up to your soul mate and this makes your relationship easier to handle.

Sex, Couple, Christmas, Holiday
Confidence will bring you luck in love.

However, you have fragile emotions but you pretend to be tougher on the outside. This is why you find yourself getting hurt because of petty issues that can be handled in a minute. All in all, you are very loyal and devoted when it comes to having a long term relationship. Putting your partner’s needs before yours makes you the perfect match for anyone.

February 29 Birthday

Platonic Relationships

You are a little bit shy when it comes to your social life. However, you are friendly and skilled with the ability to help other people deal with their problems sometimes even before they notice they exist. Your kindness of heart makes everyone want to be associated with you. You are advised to take caution to ensure no one takes your generosity for your weakness.

Shy, Woman
If you can get over your shyness, you can make more friends.

You like being active on social networking sites and very good at connecting with others. While you fear rejection, you always bring out the real you when interacting with people. You are a fun loving person and are always jovial. People admire you as you are very polite and have an appreciation for good deeds that come your way.


Family contributes to shaping our lives. As a person born on February 29th, you enjoy sharing your joys and sorrows with family and like taking comfort in their company. You are able to be open to your family members and are able to express your feelings in a mature way. You like spending time with your siblings and surprising your parents with unexpected visits. This shows them that you think about them and care about their well-being.

Spending time with your family is very important to you.

You find family events interesting and will rarely miss out on any. Though family ties may bring you difficult challenges, you treasure and appreciate the happiness that comes with family. You are good at discussing major problems affecting the welfare of your family and will find solutions to deal with them immediately.


Being a Piscean fish with February 29th as a birthday, you are generally in good health. You rarely suffer from major health issues as you are keen on listening to your body and quick at responding to any abnormalities.

Food, Vegetables
Improve your diet to improve your overall health.

However, you like quick snacks and are prone to diet deficiencies. You are advised to change on this to avoid illnesses that come with the lack of a balanced diet. You spend most of your time working and sometimes forget you have other commitments such as exercising your body to keep fit. Create time for physical activity for generally healthy well-being.

Personality Traits

You are creative in nature and are good at coming up with new ideas and thoughts. You have a need to love and be loved. As a Piscean, you value modesty and are very truthful in all that you engage in. You enjoy discussing your opinions about life with others so as to get their views in return. You are able to read people’s minds and know what they are thinking about at the moment. Your naturally nice personality makes others happy. Seeing people enjoying being around you gives you a sense of satisfaction.

Pisces, Constellation
Pisces constellation

February 29th Birthday Symbolism

Your lucky number is none other than two. Always remember this number when you are making a wish. You champion for equality. You feel that every human being deserves kindness and sincere love. This is a movement that you have within your own self.

Pearl, Jewelry, Necklace
Man or woman, pearls are the perfect gemstone for you.

The second card in the magician’s tarot is your lucky card. It has all the secrets that you want revealed. You will learn a few things about yourself from its readings. The pearl is your gemstone for good karma. It is the protector of your soul. It will prevent you from going into bad situations.Also, it will regulate your behavior in different ways.


Pieces people are born under Neptune. Their character is taken over by this planet. You are a preacher of love. Love can break the barriers of hate and jealousy. You prefer to love than to hate. You are the sign of kindness to the human race. Your genuine care for people is breathtaking. People find it difficult to forgive but you are very easy at it. You let people come back to your life. You feel that good intention is what makes the world move forward. As someone born on February 29th, you are an icon and will always mean a lot to the people around you.

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