Rising Sign Personality Traits

Rising/Ascendant Personality Traits

Rising signs are also known as ascendants. Most people do not completely understand what a rising sign means, but hopefully, this article can clear things up.

Some people do not agree that they should belong to the zodiac sign they have, but that is where the ascendant can come into play. Ascendant signs are also known as rising signs. A rising sign is what people first see about each other. How people see you can how you see others, what makes the first impressions.

These are called rising signs because when the day is beginning (your interaction with someone) the first thing you see is the rising sun and when you first meet a person, they first encounter your sun sign. Your sun sign dominates most of your personality, while your rising sign controls your physical quirks or characteristics and mannerisms.     

Rising signs are more specific to the person than the sun signs are. Ascendants show into the place, time, and upbringing. In a way, you could see sun and moon signs as a result of the rising sign. Understanding all three of them can help you to more fully understand yourself.   

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Your rising sign is based on the time you were born and where you were born.

Find My Rising Sign

To find your rising sign, you will need to know a few things. Firstly, you will need to know your date of birth and your time of date. The closer to the minute that you know your time, the more accurate of a calculation you can get. Also, knowing the longitude and latitude (or even the town/county) of where you were born can help.

Use this link to find your rising/ascendant sign. Once you have your sign, read the matching description below to learn all about how your rising sign affects your personality traits and even some of your physical characteristics!

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This clock shows the pictures of all of the zodiac signs.

Rising Sign Traits

Each rising sign affects a person in a specific way. A rising sign does not affect a person’s characteristics as much as their sun sign will. Keeping reading to learn all about each rising sign.

Aries Rising Sign

Upon first glance, Aries rising signs are people who quickly take charge and are headstrong. They might be seen as bossy, but rather they are trying to be brave and bold and might not know how to show that correctly. They can be a little hard to hard to deal with at first because of how they want and demand for things to be done. These people act before giving the idea of full thought.

Rising Aries are competitive, mostly because of pressures that they place upon themselves. Some physical quirks might be the head tilted forward and they walk quickly. Most have slim hips and broad shoulders. Their young charm hardly fades- if it does at all- as they age and they quick to give smiles.

People born under Aries rising are charming and attractive.

While growing up, rising Aries signs can be seen as independent where they have to do things on their own or with very small amounts of help from outside parties. They grew they tend to grow even more self-reliant. While they might need a lot of help with different things, they are usually tied very closely with people that they love.  

Taurus Rising Sign

The best words to describe rising Taurus people would be steady, sure-footed, paced, and capable. They are also loyal to no end and while their personalities sometimes have to be sought out, they gave give off a firm feeling of stability.  These people can also be a bit materialistic and self-indulgent, as well as stubborn.

Taurus rising people are usually down-to-earth.

Taurus ascendant signs usually prefer classic and rather serious outfits but they almost always have something of a flare. Their favorite colors are typically earthy tones like greens and browns. They have fair complections, square or oval faces, and their body tone or shape tend to hint that they are gentle though someone that you should not mess with.

Gemini Rising Sign

Gemini ascendants are interested in learning about the world around them so that they can move up in the social standing. They are restless and impatient as well wit that is quick and sharp enough to unease some people. These people are great with words but at times it can seem like they have too many words in a sense to be properly able to get a message across.   

Gemini signs, rising or otherwise, are usually emotional.

Rising Geminis are usually dressed in a way that looks like they just tossed on whatever was on the top of their drawer but somehow it all matches perfectly without them having tried. It also is not uncommon for rising Gemini women to be able to rock shorter hairstyles. These people- both sexes- tend to have narrower faces and large eyes. They are also somehow able to ignore the entire idea of showing that they are aging.

Cancer Rising Sign

Most of the time Cancer ascendants do not bring a lot of attention to themselves and have more of a girl or boy next door feel to them. They do not like to the center of attention and often times will (sometimes literally) slink and weave their way through so they can get to their dedicated location. These people are shy when you first meet them and it takes some time for them to open up and show you how warm and friendly they are under that shell.

Rising cancer people tend to seem very average and normal.

Rising Cancers are usually skinny people with round faces. Their eyes are round and can tend to have a dreamy look to them most of the time. High cheekbones are also common and they all seem to be lanky- even short rising Cancers.  

Leo Rising Sign

Rising Leos are people that are hard to miss because of the kind of magnetism that they have. They draw people right to them and they love the attention. What comes with the love for attention though is a level of self-conscious. They have a habit of putting too much faith in things.   

Rising Leo people usually try to seek out attention.

Because Rising Leos like to stand out, they like bright and bold colors that accent their completions and bring out their sharp eyes. Most Rising Leos have almond shaped eyes and broad shoulders. Their movements are slow and deliberate, they can sometimes suffer pains in the neck, back, and shoulders.

Virgo Rising Sign

Rising Virgos are amazingly smart but they can be as reserved as they smart. They can be shy and it might come off as them being, overly professional, aloof or uncaring. They tend to worry more than they need to and they are always trying their best to find every detail they can. These people are more or less or magnets for people that need help with something. It may take a while, but these people can, in fact, warm up to new people.  

Virgo ascendants are graceful and intelligent, but can sometimes be shy.

Generally, rising Virgos have movements that are just as graceful as they are. They can blush easily when embarrassed or put on the spot rather than it being a cute reaction from being teased. The details that they try to find it not just in the things around them but themselves as well. Rising Virgos can spend rather lengthy bouts of time looking at a reflection trying to find something wrong whether in the way they dressed or in their physical appearance.  

Libra Rising Sign

Though these people may seem pleasant enough and friendly, they are also pretty good at hiding issues that they have in their own lives with friends, family, and relationships. Rising Libras look like they have everything under control but the truth is that they fret over little things when it comes to how they look. These people are competent and can be persuasive when they need to be.  

Rising Libra signs tend to be more secretive than someone with a Libra sun sign.

In rising Libras, cheeks with dimples on oval or heart faces are not unusual. Even if they are not in the best of moods, they almost always look like they are having a decent enough time. These people, even though they are not the most outgoing can still attract people because they give a calming feeling.

Scorpio Rising Sign

Rising Scorpios are not people that go unnoticed because they have a presence that is too strong to be missed. Whether they are giving a speech or quietly sitting with a book, their presence requires respect. They do not give a lot of attention to others’ rising signs and tend to look between the lines in both people and the overall world around them. They do not like people to know a whole lot about them and can go to extra measures trying to stay secretive. Rising Scorpios can surprise themselves when someone tells them that they changed something or when someone has a reaction to something they did.

Scorpio rising people like to keep to themselves.

Usually, the second things noticed about a Rising Scorpio (after their presence) is their keen eyes, sharp cheekbones, and pale complections. They are pretty good at hiding their emotions behind a cool mask. These people are enigmas but it seems like that is the most drawing thing about them.

Sagittarius Rising Signs

Rising Sagittarius people are very adventurous people that do not much care for staying in one place for too long. They have to move around so that they can explore what is unknown to them. It might look like they are almost always trying to find something that others are not seeing. They are outgoing and like to meet new people.  

Sagittarius rising people are outgoing and excitable.

These people are so fast-moving that they tend to have a sort of graceful clumsiness to them. They have happy faces and broad foreheads. They like to play with their hair without really thinking about it and if they are not touching their hair with their hands then they sort of toss their head to get their hair out of the faces. Their eyes are just as happy as their faces and they have a strong, almost athletic build.

Capricorn Rising Sign

Rising Capricorns are very serious people. They can be funny, yes, but it can be hard to pick out their jokes because even those are said with a straight face. These people try their best to appear as they are- or will be- successful with whatever it is they set their heart to and they normally are successful. The easiest and fastest way to describe Capricorn ascendants is to say that they are responsible. Even from a young age, these people have a strong sense of family, tradition, and responsibility.

Capricorn rising people tend to focus most on their career and family.

Generally speaking, rising Capricorns have olive complections if not darker ones. Their voices overall are deeper than most of the other rising signs. Capricorns tend to have sensitive skin that bruises easily and might have more rashes or other skin conditions. At first, rising Capricorns can appear stiff, bored, and just uninterested. But once someone can get through to the person, then they are often happy and pretty gentle.

Aquarius Rising Sign  

Rising Aquarius people have a knack for remembering things and their talents sometimes lie best in the science fields. These people are not easily surprised by things and they are not all that excitedly. They are amazing at giving advice, and they are quite the little tricksters when it comes to calmly and quietly getting people worked up for their amusement. Aquarius ascendants are curious and they give almost anything to find the answers they want. They are also highly gifted story-tellers and listeners.

Aquarius ascendant people are intelligent and more relaxed than people born under an Aquarius sun sign.

Aquarius ascendants are usually soft-spoken with high foreheads and lightly shaded eyes held within well-sculpted faces. Being sensitive to the nature around them, they dress well according to the season so they are bundled for the winter and lightly dressed for the summer. As far as bone structures go, these people tend to have broad hips and shoulders, men and women both.

Pisces Rising Sign

Rising Pisces people are very gentle, open-minded, and kind-hearted who are very go with the flow people. They are very changeable, though. One day they can be talking a mile a minute and then the next they hardly say a word. Pisces ascendants are not fans of hard facts that cannot be easily debated; they are indecisive but still relish in being able to pick for themselves. These people are sensitive physically meaning that they might have more allergies (food and seasonal) than others.

Pisces, Rising Sign
Creativity is a Pisces rising person’s most noticeable trait.

Pisces Ascendants are graceful with kind smiles and they are extremely charming in a way that none of the other rising signs seem to be. Their feet are usually just as delicate as their movements. Their movements seem to be planned beforehand because of how flowing and calm they are. Even though some of these people are quite tall, they all tend to give off a “small” vibe.


It may be a bit confusing with how your Moon and Rising signs are not the same as your sun (Zodiac) sign, but all three can give a sort of light to who you are. So while your zodiac sign may not sound a lot like how you see yourself, these other two signs can help to make up your sun Sign. There are other signs than just these three that can really give insight on who you are and why.              


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