February 8 Zodiac Is Aquarius, Birthdays And Horoscope

February 8 Zodiac Personality

Individuals born on February 8th you are thought to be very cautious and bestowed with the ability to read minds. Having your birthdate on February 8th, you like following your instincts when making personal life decisions. You are naturally nice and enjoy helping others deal with their problems sometimes even before they identify them. You are a good speaker and like complimenting others.

Also, you appreciate good deeds that come your way and congratulate people for work well done. You are the dependable type and this explains why family and friends often rely on you. You like privacy and value your personal space so as to create time to focus on your future. Being too close to people makes you vulnerable, but this does not stop you from having casual friendships. You have a need to feel important and useful to people around you. You are very determined to make your dreams come true and achieve your goals.


Career paths for a person born on February 8th could be a little tricky to decide on. This is because you prefer an occupation where you are able to bring out your full potential and where you get more than just financial gain. Ideal work choices for you are those that allow you to utilize your natural creativity.

Paint, Art
You will be happiest if you are working in a creative job.

You are sensitive to people’s moods and this helps you understand people’s different personalities at work. You are talented and are therefore able to multitask and perform duties assigned to you diligently. A profession you will seek is where your best attributes can be helpful. You have a habit of being aware of knowing the things you can do best and your weaker abilities.

February 8 Birthday


Managing finances for a person born on February 8th is fairly easy. This is because you have a discipline of organizing your income to fit your needs. You have a dislike of the negative aspects of the existence of money as well as those who seem to worship it. However, you realize the value of money and understand that finances are a lifestyle necessity and so when dealing with financial matters you need to be sensible.

Budget, Savings, Money
Try to stick to a reasonable budget.

You avoid wasting your money on unimportant things because you find this quite risky. This is because you avoid borrowing as you do not like being associated with debt. You are capable of your finances regardless of your income level. You have the patience to save up for things and this is why you always purchase quality items.

Romantic Relationships

For an Aquarian born on February 8th, you are slightly sentimental concerning romance. You look for a partner with the same lusty sexual appetite as you and one who understands your need for being loved. Like many other Aquarians, you are open-minded and like facing facts as they are. You try not to hide your feelings as you believe communications is the most important element in any relationship.

Talking, Communication
Communication is key to you having a great romantic relationship.

You are very good at giving attention to your soulmate and you will listen even to the most stupid things they tell you about. People born on February 8th will express their love by being fully devoted and loyal to a long term relationship. You try to discover your partner and embrace their flaws to build a strong and long-lasting relationship. This makes you the ideal person to have as a soulmate, lover and friend.

Platonic Relationships

You make your social life a priority, as you like relating with others. You take your time to know people. This makes you quite choosy when deciding on your close friends. You do not like being around control freaks as you are confident in your decisions. You try giving advice to your friends and lifting up their spirits when they are low. This makes you have an easy time drawing people towards you.

You can make friends with just about anyone, so long as they are friendly.

You are hesitant and skeptical about telling people you have just met everything about you. You enjoy engaging in healthy discussions and beneficial arguments. Connecting with others expands your mind and gives you a special kind of originality in thinking. You try looking at the positive side of everyone instead of focusing on their weaknesses. You have a big heart to forgive and this is why you are able to build strong friendships.


As an Aquarius, you take family with great importance and do your best to prioritize family over friends. You check on them from time to time just to know if they are doing okay. You are willing to help in any troubling situations and to share your sorrows with your family. More than anything, you appreciate the joy that comes with belonging to a family.

Family, Child, Parent
Family means just about everything to you.

You tend to think that only your family will always be there to truly help you and want only the best for you. You will move mountains to see your family happy and content. Never do you want to imagine losing your family as they are the closest people in your life who will always accept you the way you are.


You rarely suffer from major health problems. This is because you are able to listen to your body and give the desired response. You do not put enough keenness and effort on your physical appearance. You are therefore advised to try engaging yourself in gentle exercises such as swimming, walking, and yoga.

Shovel, Garden
Since you like being outdoors, try gardening to get out more.

Try maintaining a balanced diet and you should keep up on this. You value the beauty of nature and this explains why you seek home remedies before seeking a doctor’s advice. You enjoy keeping young and having a healthy look. This explains why you try having a glass or two of water during the day.

Personality Traits

For a personality born on February 8th, you are quite opinionated. You have a need to gain more worldly knowledge than materialistic items. You lack interest in trying to gain extra fame and are content with being appreciated for the good things you do. Unlike most Aquarians, you have an avid love for reading so as to keep yourself updated on the latest news. You prefer living a normal life and keeping your social circle as small as possible. You try as much as possible to have peace in your life and to create harmony wherever you go.

Aquarius symbol

February 8th Birthday Symbolism

You have a lucky number eight. It gives you a very authoritative demeanor. This authority comes in handy when you are serving your role of leadership. Tarot number eight is also your lucky card. It will bring you great achievements in your life. The black pearl is the gem chosen for you. It will make you a warrior to the ills of the world.

Black Pearl, Gem
Try adding black pearl jewelry to your outfits to add refined flair.

You will be the one promoting peace and harmony. You are a brave individual. No matter what, you never let anything shake your beliefs. This is a good trick to ensure that you keep moving forward no matter what. Life will allow you to be in your element without prejudice. Just be proud of who you are and the rest will work out.


Aquarius is controlled by the galaxy, specifically the planet Uranus. Saturn also rules February 8th. These two planets give you a push to work hard. You have the best work ethic. This work ethic will make you better in your career. You are also a people person. This is due to the association with Saturn. You have been built to compliment other people to help them be the best that they can ever be. You have to be the best first before this mission is accomplished.


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