January 1 Zodiac Is Capricorn, Birthdays And Horoscope

January 1 Zodiac Personality

January 1st babies are quite a challenge to their parents. They are the children who have tough questions. They then grow into ambitious individuals who will not let anything stop them from achieving their goals. They come off as buzzkills when they meet a less serious individual but they will accept teamwork when people are ready to work. They are also a bit bossy but with the right reasons at heart.

New Year, 2019, Jan 1
Happy birthday and happy New Year!


At work, January 1st babies are interesting with all their little notes to remind them their purpose. you will find them in the bathroom having a pep talk with themselves. They will push themselves to achieve and make the big steps on the corporate ladder. They will ask for big checks not because they are greedy but because they want to make a difference in their family and community.

Business, Work, Promotion
Climbing the corporate ladder gives January 1st birthday people a sense of accomplishment that not much else can.


Finance is an important topic for you as a January 1st baby. You are very careful with money. You work very hard to ensure that you get most of it. You have a weakness for luxurious things and you will buy a lot of pretty things that you do not need. You are also addicted to gadgets which are quite expensive.

Credit Card, Online Shopping
It’s best for people born on January 1st to avoid getting credit cards– it’s just too much of a temptation.

The best way to describe January 1st people is using the word spendthrift. You need to save more than you spend. Try not to walk around with cash and minimize your credit card usage.

Romantic Relationships

Relationships are very serious aspects of your life. Every relationship you have is influenced by your sign of the Goat. Being a Capricorn somewhat makes you cautious when choosing friends and partners. You like to pick and choose to separate the grain from the chuff. You prefer to look before you leap. It takes a minute for you to get a good partner.

Hug, Couple, Winter
January 1st people will only take the best of the best when it comes to romantic partners and friends.

Once you have established a great relationship, you are able to let loose and live at the moment. Your biggest disappointment is being betrayed. You may suffer a breakdown if something like this happens. It is therefore important for you to be ready for such eventualities mentally.

Social Life

Your social life is interesting as a 1st January baby. You like people because you are hilarious in a serious way. You will put your point across as a joke but you will actually mean what you are saying. You like constructive criticism on everyone but you.

Friends, Relax
People born on January 1st would do well to learn how to relax with their friends.

The parties and dinners are your favorite. Your partner needs to understand that you need this person to be able to balance your otherwise rigid nature. You are a good friend.  You feel that it is your responsibility to tell your friends when they are making a bad choice. This does not always end well. You are therefore advised to let go of your friend’s issues as they are adults and can make their own decisions.


Family is very important to you as a January 1st baby. You feel that the ties are necessary for sanity to be present. You find yourself wondering how they are doing or whether they are okay. You often call to ask if they need you.

Marriage, Baby, Pregnancy
People born on January 1st often make great parents.

You are also bossy to your siblings which makes them avoid you. It is important that you back off when it comes to their love lives. You exhibit the qualities of a good parent. The patience, caution and resolute attitude make you a good candidate for parenthood. You may not rush into long-term relationships but you should stop questioning your qualities as a parent. You may be busy now but when the kids come you will create time for them.

Health and Fitness

You are not healthy in terms of fitness. January 1st people are very reactant when it comes to exercise. You refuse to jog or walk as it is boring and monotonous. Your eating habits are not commendable. You have to do better with your body. It is important to take care of yourself and avoid diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure. You are advised to choose a more fun way to exercise.

Yoga is a great exercise for January 1st babies.

Personality Traits

Now that we’ve taken a look at the life of the average January 1st baby, let’s take a look at some of their unique personality traits.

Curiosity and Opinion

You are very opinionated for a Capricorn sign. You tell it as you see it. You will confront people if they do not perform. It is your area of expertise to audit financial companies even without payment just out of curiosity. You are advised to tone the curiosity down as it may land you in trouble. It is also important for you to dwell on your emotions.Y ou tell other people their wrongdoing but you are not able to tell your family or partners when they are pressuring you or expecting too much from you. This is an area that you need to work. It is necessary for you to see someone so that you learn how to talk to the people close to you.

Curiosity wasn’t so swell for the cat so Capricorns would do well to keep this in mind.

As a January 1st baby you tend to get disappointed when your belief in the good of people fails you. It is only natural that people be just and fair. As such you do not understand why there are so many terrible people in the world. You do not tolerate laziness and refuse to be questioned about your ideas and opinions. This makes people think you are a dictator but really you just want the best for everyone.

Born On Jan 1


Trust is an important virtue in life. As a January 1st baby you do not disappoint people. You stick to your word. The promises you make are fulfilled and your dues paid. You expect the same from people. You are unable to trust people in your own circle especially if you do not know them very well. Try to give people a chance once in a while.

Men, Friends
January 1st babies often need to know someone for quite some time before they can trust them.



January 1st people set their goals early in life. You will usually plan ahead of time. You are most certainly sure of which career you want to pursue at a very early age. The commitment to achieving your goals is admirable. Once you get into the workforce you find ways to rise up the corporate ladder. You may be distracted by your social life but you never let that stop you from achieving what you came for. You meet a lot of people who help you move forward in the workplace and as an individual.

Children, School
Even from a young age, people born on January 1st are very ambitious

January 1st Symbolism

Your birthday significance is the drive. Your willpower is a breath of fresh air. You will move mountains to make things work. The effort that you put into making ends meet is a challenge to your coworkers. For your tarot card, check the 1st card in the magician’s deck. The Ruby is your lucky gem. It is guided by the sun rays. It will give you good luck and leave a trail of blessings in your wake.

Ruby, Gem
Rubies are quite flashy and expensive… something a Capricorn would likely be drawn to.


You were born on the 1st of January. It is in your best interest to choose your battles. Do not fight where you cannot win. Accept defeat when it happens. Do not beat yourself up for a failed deal or a lost partner. It is all in good faith. It is good riddance. Remember to go to counseling when you feel that you are not at peace. Listen to your inner voice and respect your gut. Do not always expect the best in people because they will disappoint you.  

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