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Sagittarius Personality Traits

If you are friends with individuals that love to experience new things in life then they probably are from the Sagittarius sun sign. These individuals will always have something new to experience in their lives. To them, life is approached as an adventure. Most of the time, you would hear them claiming that life is short and that you need to enjoy yourself before the splendid opportunity elapses. Certainly, this is true.

However, Sagittarius individuals have their own way of expressing their extrovert natures. They have got varying personalities as compared to other sun signs in the zodiac chart. In fact, their moniker is the adventurer. Please keep in mind that their adventure could also be mentally rather than physically.

Their love for exploration prevents monotony in their regular lifestyles. This is an attribute that you ought to be wary about when indulging with individuals born under this sun sign.

Sagittarius, Constellation

Unlike other zodiac signs, there are several characteristics of Sagittarius that would make them stand out from the rest. These personality traits would also have an impact on how they relate to those that are close to them. This means that understanding your zodiac sign gives you a deeper insight into how you ought to relate with other individuals. Whether you were born as an adventurer, it is still imperative to comprehend what other people think about you. Some of the personality traits of Sagittarius man or woman are briefly looked at below.

Sagittarius Men

Taking an assumption that you are deeply in love with a Sagittarius man, you can rest guaranteed of their outspoken nature. This man will never hide anything from you. In fact, there are instances where you might make the wrong judgment as they comment on certain things. This is just but their way of communicating. Understanding this and you would say goodbye to confrontations in your relationship.

In business related affairs or even friendly relationships, this might be perceived as part of their strengths. Truly, being ingenious and frank can at times be important in certain circumstances.

Talking, Communication
Sagittarius men often talk without much of a filter.

As a Sagittarius man, you need to be careful with how you approach emotional signs. This is because they might get scared of your brutal honesty.  Aside from the negatives, people would always love your big heart. You have the ability to welcome people to your life. This is an attribute that gives other people the impression that you are indeed generous. Your way of conversation in serious matters would also motivate many. This is because you have intellectual abilities that are incomparable to other zodiac signs.

Sagittarius Women

One thing that makes Sagittarius women lovable is the sheer fact that they bring a new definition of life. They are all about happiness. If you are living a gloomy life, dating a Sagittarius woman could be a remedy to solve your situation. This is the friend that you would regret losing. She is always fun to hang around with.

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Sagittarius women are pretty much always ready to party.

Just like the Sagittarius man, she is also an adventurous individual. As a result, if you are planning to hang out with a large circle of friends, rest assured that she will be a great company. Her strong passion to win things over ensures that she gains success that she hankers for. It is for this very reason that most Sagittarius women are successful in life. Yes, they are adventurous but make no mistake that she will sacrifice her career to have fun. She knows how to set her priorities right. This is what makes them be defined as brave ladies.

Sagittarius Sexuality

Sagittarius adventurous nature applies to almost every angle of their lives, even sex. To a Sagittarius, life is a game of chance. They would risk anything just to make sure that you enjoy the passionate moments that you might have with them.

Sex, Couple, Christmas, Holiday
Sagittarius people always love to have an exciting and passionate time in bed.

Consequently, lovers born under this sun sign would spice up your relationship with wild sexy ideas. This is to mean that sex would be different from them. Sagittarius would look forward to a romantic dinner that would kick off with some nice wine.

The way you converse and laugh during your first date contributes a lot to your first romantic encounter. This is the kind of adventure that intrigues any Sagittarius man or woman.

Sagittarius Man

First of all, it is important to understand that the sexuality aspect of the Sagittarius man would revolve around their independence. This is something that they would highly regard in the love affair you would share together.

They can be ideal lovers for those that opt for one night stands. This man cares less about relationships with strings attached. Their passionate natures override this. Thus, they would be more focused on the enjoyment during your intimate sessions.

Love, Sex
Sagittarius men are perfect for flings but they aren’t always ideal partners for long-term relationships.

Moreover, they are brutally honest. When it comes to defining their sexual desires, they would say this bluntly. There is nothing to be afraid of. This is one of their principles. Surprisingly, they also expect you to behave in the same manner.

The sexual relations you would share will never get boring. That is for certain. With the creativity that they boast of, Sagittarius men would not rest until you appreciate the fact that they are good in bed. Truly, this is what they take pride in.

Sagittarius Woman

A Sagittarius woman would be ready to experiment on anything that you bring to the table. The most important thing to them is that both of you understand that love is all about giving and taking. Certainly, she will be playing her role very well. Hence, the ball lies in your court as to whether you would outperform her outstanding sexual performances.

This woman’s love for sex should not mislead you. She is also all about adventure. The first thing that she needs is to know you better. This implies that you would have to take her out several times before getting under the sheets. In this way, she is slightly different than the Sagittarius male. This likely has more to do with gender roles in society than it does with her biological sex.

Dating Rat Women, Sex, Couple
Sagittarius women also love to have an adventurous time in bed.

Her adventurous nature should not wear you out. Simply find something interesting that both of you can indulge in together. This is a good way of ensuring that both of you have fun while still ensuring that you maintain close ties.

Consider this woman like a meal that you have to prepare. The first thing that you have to assemble are the right ingredients. Next, there are several things here and there that you would have to mull over during the preparation. By considering all these steps, there is a certainty that the meal would be scrumptious. This is the same expectations that a Sagittarius woman has with regards to their sexuality. Keep that at your fingertips.

Dating a Sagittarius

There is a secret to dating a Sagittarius man or woman. This is simply understanding them. There are varying personalities that might scare you away from these lovers. However, it is by taking time to understand them that you would unveil their true pictures. For example, Sagittarius individuals are brutally honest. This is one person that you should put up with right from the friendship zone.

Flirting, Date, Couple, Man, Woman
Sagittarius people love going on dates but they might not want a commitment right away.

Additionally, they have a strong desire to feel free even in the loving relationship that you share. Consequently, the last thing that you should do is to pressure them on matters such as commitment and longevity. Doing this only scares them away from relationships.

Sagittarius Man

This man is a fire sign. This implies that one would have to be careful not to get their hands burnt from the raging fire emanating from them. Sagittarius man would prefer when things go smoothly in your relationship without any interruptions. If you were thinking of asking them about your future, please leave this question to another time.

Broken Heart, Break Up, Sad
Pressuring a Sagittarius with commitment or arguing with them could end in a break-up.

Their quest for freedom is more important to them. As a matter of fact, this might even strike you as completely selfish. Well, they are not. This is just their personality that you would have to put up with. On the bright side, if you are ready to jump the cliff with them, they would ensure that you enjoy life to the fullest. You never know, considering the fact that they are a mutable sign, there is hope for change in future.

Sagittarius Woman

A Sagittarius woman would have hope for life. She is the type that would not stand beside you and watch you sink in depression. She knows exactly how to lighten you up. She is always optimistic in the way she approaches life.

When in love with a Sagittarius woman, there are several things that you would have to understand. First, she also craves for an independent life. Therefore, she expects you to offer her the freedom to tour the world with the circle of friends she has.

Woman, Blue Hair, Cute
Sagittarius women love their independence, so don’t be surprised if they want to have an open relationship.

Secondly, she is a social being. She needs to keep in touch with her friends. As a result, you should not be jealous of her male friends.

And third, she might not be there full time to keep you company around the house. Her love for adventure will take her to places she has never been before. This is what she loves most. Understand this and you would be in good terms while dating a Sagittarius woman.

Sagittarius in Love

Sagittarius individuals are straightforward. They always try their best to speak their hearts out. This is to mean that love might be easy for them. When they finally decide to settle down, they would have made the right decision to settle down with the right partners. Therefore, there is no looking back for these individuals.

Sagittarius lovers would take you places. This is one of the ways in which they would express their love to you. Remember that they are the adventurers of the zodiac chart. It is important however to comprehend that they have a different way of expressing their love. They are simply not good with emotions. This is another attribute that you would have to come to terms with.

Adventure, Northern Lights, Couple
Expect adventure when you’re with a Sagittarius but don’t expect great communication skills.

Similarly, do not expect them to be jealous of your affairs. They do not have time for this. Love them unconditionally without having to worry about whether they would reciprocate or not. They certainly will but in a very different and unexpected manner.

Sagittarius with Money

It makes no sense when you love to travel and yet you do not have any money to spend. In relation to Sagittarius individuals, their quest for adventure comes with their love for money. They might appear as spendthrifts but in a real sense, they are exploiting the opportunities that are ahead of them.

Sagittarius people spend money like crazy.

A positive aspect about Sagittarius people is that they would spend everything to the last dime without feeling guilty. Thus, you should be ready to have fun with such spenders in the zodiac chart. According to zodiac analysts, Sagittarius individuals are somehow lucky with money as compared to other sun signs. Partly, this contributes to the positive attitude that they have when they splash their money around. Undeniably, they are certain that they would get some within no time.

Sagittarius Career

The idealistic principles that Sagittarius individuals uphold would have an impact on their career paths. For instance, there is a high probability that they might choose to study law. This is one way in which they would see to it that justice is served in the world around them. In addition to the law career, Sagittarius would also work well in travel industries. This is their passion. They love to travel and they would offer their best in such industries.

Business Trip, Laptop, Computer, Map, Travel
Sagittarius people love adventure and even a business trip counts as an adventure to them.

Sagittarius Health

The unending love for pleasure and the most expensive things in life contributes a lot to Sagittarius’s health. During their regular trips, there is a high chance that they would be taking the finest wine the world has to offer. They would also be selective on their choice of food. This means that Sagittarius individuals could easily be affected with arthritic pains. These are pains that would majorly affect the thighs and hips.

Their high energies should give them the awareness that they should keep off foods rich in energy. Examples of such foods include fruits and nuts. They ought to minimize the consumption of these foods.

Food, Vegetables
So long as Sagittarius people eat healthy foods and have safe sex, they should be in good health.

Sagittarius individuals are passionate about their lives. They seek for admiration wherever they go. Therefore, keeping themselves toned up should be part of their daily goals. Hitting the gym should be part of their schedule on a daily basis. Combining their fitness demands with a good and balanced diet is the trick here.

Over time, they would be admired by many. The lifestyles that Sagittarius people choose later in life might affect their fitness. It is for this reason that they might gain weight easily when they get old. This happens as they opt for more sedentary lifestyles where they spend a lot to have fun while wining and dining. Therefore, it is imperative for Sag to be aware of existing changes in their lifestyles that might pose as health and fitness threat.

Sagittarius with Fashion/ Style

There is no doubt that Sagittarius would want to be admired for their unique taste for fashion. Moreover, their adventurous natures demand that their wardrobe is filled with all sorts of outfits for different occasions.

Fashion, Women, Models
Sagittarius people love to wear clothing that helps them to stand out from the crowd.

Sagittarius individuals are fiery in nature. Hence, they would be on the lookout for outfits that would make them appear lively. Adding this to their creativity, there is a certainty that many people would go for tips from them on how to dress.

Compatibility with Other Signs

Bearing in mind that Sagittarius individuals are highly extroverts, the most compatible sun signs would be those willing to go out with these persons. Therefore, Aquarius, Libra, Leo, and Aries would stand as the best matches for this sun sign.

Balance, Rocks
Emotionally balanced signs will be the best partners for Sagittarius people.

Zodiac signs that are full of emotions would be least compatible with Sagittarius. For instance, Pisces and Virgo are highly emotional signs. This means that it would be a challenging task for a relationship to work when paired with Sagittarius. And so, they are regarded as the worst matches for Sagittarius.  


So, what do you think about Sagittarius sun signs? Are they individuals that you can put up with? Their adventurous nature is an attribute that should not scare you off from dating them. Having a positive mentality on their impact on your life would indeed contribute to a blissful relationship. Sagittarius people are also not good with their emotions. Understanding them is the only way that would lead you to live a happy relationship together.

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