January 12 Zodiac Is Capricorn, Birthdays And Horoscope

January 12 Zodiac Personality

January 12th babies are known to be more innovative compared to other Capricorns. They are more sociable, dependable, determined, competitive, and organized. They have a more unique approach to life as the actual day they are born is ruled by the planet Jupiter. These Capricorns have a great thirst for books and they are able to understand information quicker than the majority of typical Capricorns. They are able to come up with new ideas because you have a diverse mind.

Everyone appreciates your great sense of humor and you will always find yourself cracking jokes. You like speaking your mind but at the same time, you are a very good listener. People will want to talk to you in times of distress as your words are very encouraging. You are strong-willed and rather outspoken but you will always think before jumping into conclusions.


Doing work that you enjoy is very important for you to bring out your potential energy. Capricorns are a  little selective as they want a job that is flexible and has plenty if variety. You are capable of many tasks that you have to try several occupations to know exactly what you want to do.

Capricorns are pretty good at multitasking.

You have a need to succeed and this drives you to work to your level best to achieve your goals as it appears they put work before everything else and are prepared to work endlessly to be at the top in your career. Your capability of doing many things competently gives you good leadership qualities. You are believed to bring prosperity as you have a positive attitude.

Born On Jan 12


Managing funds is an important thing in our lives and helps us have ordered when catering for our needs. As a Capricorn, you are focused on money goals and love control over your money. Finances are easy for you to manage because you have a discipline of following your budget to the latter. You are financially comfortable as you are able to reorganize your income to suit your daily needs.

Piggy Bank, Roosters With Money
Work on saving more money than you spend.

You are not a fun of loans and prefer being patient with your savings when you really need to carry out your activities. Even though you have a desire for pleasures of the world, you own the virtue of self-control. You believe that one should spend but have limits.

When it comes to offering a hand to those in need, you do not hesitate. You are very active in charity work and this explains your generous nature. You should ensure that you discover a fine balance in your incomings and you are giving to avoid getting into debts.

Romantic Relationships

Relationships are a sensitive issue for you as a Capricorn. You are emotionally typical compared to others who share your goat sign. You like hiding your feelings but crave for attention and affection.

Couple, Romantic, Rose
If someone likes a Capricorn, it is likely that they will need to make the first move.

Being in love makes you feel vulnerable but you cannot help falling for those with a similar opinion in life as you. You have a strong desire to feel loved and are therefore very loyal and devoted when it comes to romance. It will take you a while to be more open with your emotions to your soul mate but will not be pushed into doing this until you are sure. You have few insecurities with long term relationships but have tried to build your trust in your partner no matter how slow the process is. All in all, you like the idea of love and are not skeptical about it.

Platonic Relationships

Connecting with people enables us to realize our strengths and weaknesses. January 12th babies will believe in their advantage of belonging to a cohesive society which is helping each other. You have friendly diplomacy and possess a sincere character. You love to take comfort in the company of others and this explains why you are not a loner. Communicating with people to understand their different personalities helps you to make friends. You are interesting and naturally nice to new faces you meet when running your errands during the day. You are skilled with words and therefore able to solve problems that come your way.

Argue, Fight
January 12th babies don’t argue much, but they are great at resolving arguments between friends.


Family is the beginning of our growth in life. Capricorns have very strong family ties and believe that the bond in a family brings unity among them. They understand that having a family is a gift that should be treasured and treated with respect.

Siblings, Sisters, Children
Even as children, Capricorns will treasure their siblings.

Trust and loyalty is most important to them when the family is involved. You always advise your family to bank upon each other to build healthy and trustworthy relationships. They respect the fact that the family is the central unit of society. They will always try to find happiness in their families and bring joy even during tough times. You treat your siblings with care and happen to be very protective of them and this will make it difficult for them to make it up to you. The thought of losing your family could make you sick.


Medical issues experienced by Capricorns are mild and never too serious. Most minor health problems experience by January 12th babies are most often due to bad dietary and other habits you may have acquired due to your tendency of picking up negative practices such as including fads in your diet. They need to pay more attention to their body reacts.

Healthy, Food
Capricorn people are likely to keep to a healthy diet.

Your emotional happiness is most important to your health and you need to avoid stress so as not to build up anxiety. To ensure optimum health and plenty of energy you need to take in enough fluids for a fit body.

Personality Traits

As a Capricorn baby your opinion matters and you will never leave it at bay. One thing you have a big opinion of is the positive personality traits you hold dear. Apart from the average Capricorn personality traits you have, you also have traits that make you stand out from the average Capricorn crowd.

Capricorn symbol


You have a capable, flexible and trustworthy attitude. You are dependable and your family and friends take your word very seriously. Dedication is one of your most respected personality traits. You have a few weaknesses such as being a daydreamer but you can overcome this by working towards your goals. All in all, you are a very mature person who can act as a role model to others.

Goals, Plans, Success
Capricorns are determined and usually reach their goals.


Direct your generosity to causes that do not involve large amounts of money to keep your finances organized. Instead of donating all of your money, try donating time instead. Attending charity events or volunteering can make a big difference in the lives of the needy. You are also likely to make friends with like-minded people if you participate in these kinds of events.

Jog, Man, Exercise
Try jogging for charity sometime!


You value honesty in your relationship with others and find it hard to forgive those who betray you. Capricorns will not make friends with liars or people who are otherwise untrustworthy. Because of this, you do your best to be as honest as possible.

Friends, Women
Capricorns only befriend honest people.


The planet Saturn decides on most part of your personality and actual day you are born is influenced by planet Jupiter. This explains your sincerity and direct approach of life. Having this birthday gives you all the little extras in your personality. Your devotion to important issues make people look up to you. Luck and good fortune follows you wherever you go.

You are a determined character and your diligence enables you to overcome obstacles in life. You are always ready to build a solid foundation for your future. People usually see you as having a positive influence on them. You frequently dreams of things you wish to do in your spare time. One piece of advice is that you should try to get yourself more time and focus a little more on your own happiness.


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