January 11 Zodiac Is Capricorn, Birthdays And Horoscope

January 11 Zodiac Personality

The January 11th is a unique day to be born on. Similar to the rest of the January babies, people born on this day belong to the Capricorn group. They are idealistic in nature and have a practical approach to life. Their emotions seem to be more fragile compared to those who share your Capricorn goat sign. They have a philosophical mind and this explains their love for justice.

The moon being the celestial body that influences their personality they happen to be highly creative and instinctive. They tend to get along very well with others as they believe in the power of social connection. They have a gift of being able to solve troubling issues among their colleagues. Looking at things from a realistic angle and approaching them positively is part of them.


Work is an interesting part of our day to day lives. Capricorns prefer jobs which they can fully display their personal skills and bring out the best in them. They are patient when it comes to teaming up with their co-workers and are therefore able to embrace their different personalities. They are not easily fooled when it comes to business activities and are very cautious when choosing whom to partner with.

Business Woman, Career
Capricorns would do well in a business career.

Their hardworking nature enables them to reach their way up step by step. Professions attract you and always want to know other peoples’ careers the first time you meet them. Your good leadership makes you everyone’s favorite. Everyone will notice whenever you miss for work or show up late. Your ideas are diverse and this helps you to expand on your creativity. When your boss needs someone to work for hours you will always volunteer.

Born On Jan 11


Management of cash flow is a very crucial topic that every individual needs to take with caution. Capricorn babies believe that ensuring proper liquidity of funds is very important. They do not encounter problems with cash as they know how to handle their money. Prioritizing their basic needs is what they do best.

Piggy Bank, Roosters With Money
People born on January 11th need to work more on saving money.

Their main focus is creating ways to save money as they believe you should always limit your spending. They avoid borrowing and do not like involving themselves with debt as they are independent people. It is not easy to steal from a Capricorn baby as they are very careful about how they secure their money. However, they will always be willing to chip in when it comes to charity work.

Romantic Relationships

January 11th babies tend to hide their feelings but are very good at expressing their emotions during one on one talks. They tend to be a little bit inquisitive when it comes to romance; they need to tone this down to avoid getting into petty arguments with their lovers. Being dramatic in relationships is not part of them as they do not like putting their partners on the spot. Once in a long term relationship, they are generous, loyal, devoted and kind. They prefer looking for soulmates who are emotionally stable. Nevertheless, on finding a perfect match they do not take time to take a step of approach.

Hand Holding, Love, Couple
Capricorns are fans of long-term relationships.

Platonic Relationships

Human beings are social animals and crave for close relationships with other people. Well, individuals born on January 11th are a little shy when it comes to their social lives but yearn to meet new faces every day. A social nature helps individuals determine their wishes and aims. As a Capricorn, you are friendly and skilled with words and hence able to solve problems easily.

You enjoy informing, helping and encouraging people in what they do. You are open minds and have a tendency of sharing your issues with others. Your empathy and sensitivity to emotional cues and are always ready to help people in solving their problems even before they identify them.

Intelligent, Chess, Game
While January 11th babies can make friends with everyone, they prefer to make friends with like-minded people.

You are the type of person that always says yes to an invitation and people will always want to attend the occasion when you are around. You are never afraid of rejection and will always approach a new face with a lot of confidence. Networking with people is part of your daily routine as you love sharing ideas and thoughts. You add value to social interactions and have a gift of enticing people.


Family is the central unit of society and provides a setting for much of the growth we experience in life. Capricorns love serving their families and will move mountains to have a smile plastered on their faces. They understand that family ties may bring us difficulties but the challenges are there to strengthen us and make us better people. They love sharing their worldly knowledge with their siblings to teach them on the aspects of life making home their school. Learning from mistakes is part of their daily routine. Their love for their family flows strong and deep and can get very protective when it comes to standing up for them.

Friends, Women
Capricorns will be close with their siblings at all ages.


Taking care of our bodies should always be part of our daily routine. Being a Capricorn, you do not have a tendency of falling ill and will rarely find yourself looking for a doctor. Diet is very important to you as an individual and this explains why you are very choosy with the type of food you lay your hands on.

Sleep, Pillow, Bed
Try to get at least eight hours of sleep a night.

You love working out and will always want to have body fit exercises whenever you are free and will always advise your friends to join in. Adequate sleep is very important for your body to remain active during the day. Whenever your sleep pattern is affected your mood changes from time to time as the day goes by. Your love for nature is intense and you will always find yourself using natural remedies to maintain a healthy and vibrant look.

Personality Traits

January 11th babies have many average Capricorn personality traits. Below are some of the common Capricorn personality traits explained in detail.

Capricorn symbol


You value the virtue of honesty and believe truth is the answer to freedom. Capricorns rarely lie. while Capricorns can usually tolerate most anyone, they cannot tolerate liars. They will not be friends or partners with these kinds of people.

Honesty, Stones, Sand
Capricorns were born to be honest.


You love showing gratitude when good actions come your way. You make your mind embrace your happiness. Learning from experience is what you prefer and this explains your risk-taking nature. You love beginning your day on a positive note and tend to have a habit of actively searching for the good side of a negative situation. The people you hang out with are optimistic and give you morale to face challenges that come your way with confidence.

Smile, Woman
January 11th babies seem to be able to find a positive note to everything.

January 11th Birthday Symbolism

The digits of your date of birth add up to two and this explains why you are a ‘seeker’. Your interest in worldly knowledge is more than that of materialistic items. You fight for justice and fairness and always act the voice of the oppressed. You have a solid belief of truth in all things you do. Your Tarot card on the magician’s deck is ten and this is why you are harmonious in nature.

Studying, Woman, Monkey
January 11th people will look for ways to continue learning throughout their whole life.


Capricorn’s personalities are dictated by planet Saturn. The actual day you were born is influenced by a unique celestial body which is the moon; this clearly explains your love for honesty and pureness of heart.

You believe that having a social life is not always about having fun. Your kindness and dependable nature lead to a mass accumulation of friends. Your positive attitude and readiness to take risks helps you make big steps in the corporate ladder. If you can try having self-control on your obstinacy you will be able to understand others better.

You are ever ready to accept circumstances and appreciate the blessings that come your way. Life is a journey and you believe that you will always have ups and downs. You work tirelessly as you are very ambitious and focused on success. To sum it all up, you are a unique individual and people will always appreciate you for who you are.


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