January 16 Zodiac Is A Cusp Capricorn and Aquarius, Birthdays And Horoscope

January 16 Zodiac Personality

Being born on the January 16th gives you a unique character. You are a strong-willed person and believe in the sweetness of success. You are highly creative and able to provide a wide range of ideas. January 16th babies tend to take work more seriously a little more than others grouped in your zodiac sign (Capricorn).

Your love for reading is quite inspiring and this explains your expansive thoughts. You have a high level of intuition and this helps you to interact more effectively. You are highly reliable in accordance with your horned goat sign. Injustice bothers you and you always stand up to be the voice of the oppressed. You have very high moral stands and uphold the virtue of honesty, kindness, and love. You have a thing for art and find it quite pleasing to the eye.


Occupation is an important aspect of our lives. January 16th babies do take work as an important part of them. They tend to look for careers that will help them attain a sense of success and achievement. Financial success does not totally drive them but being ambitious is part of them. They are much focused when it comes to their jobs and they are not known to be lazy because they aim at gaining more than just the monetary rewards.

Man, Boxes, Oxen, Strength
Capricorns are hard workers, to say the least.

People who have this birthday love working for others and with others and this is why everyone will notice whenever they are late for work or not actually show up. They have a very expansive mind and will always come up with new ideas. Helping their colleagues in their day to day activities is their joy as they are able to improve their skills and walk with them towards success.


Money management is very crucial. You should have a habit of making a budget and have the discipline to follow it to the latter. Individuals that have this birthday do not have a hard time managing finances as they know how to organize their income.

Money, Donate, Charity, Philanthropy
Donate money when you can, but make sure you save up enough to pay your own bills first.

No matter how much they desire luxurious things and pleasures of life they have self-control and will have a limit on their spending. Being blessed with a generous heart, they are able to chip in when it comes to charity. They believe that the more you give the more you receive. However, they are careful to make sure their families and friends do not take their kindness for a weakness.

Romantic Relationships

Relating with others contributes to determining our main wishes and aims in life. Capricorns are always emotionally cool when it comes to affairs of the heart. They believe in love and the joy that comes with it. They are very slow and cautious when it comes to choosing the right person and this is why they hide their true feelings until they are sure the feeling is mutual. Capricorns are not able to be fully open to their partners about their lives during the first stages of a relationship.

Capricorns are happiest when they are in long-term committed relationships.

Long term relationships are what they put their interest in. However, love makes them feel vulnerable and weak. They are very good at embracing their partner’s flaws. They do not have a problem in asking their soul mate for an opinion on what they do with their lives. Capricorns are forgiving in nature and do not have a tendency of ending things with their lovers just because of a stupid mistake since they acknowledge that no one is perfect. They do not freak out after petty arguments with their partners because they believe that love is strong enough to fight silly human errors that come along the way.

Born On Jan 16

Platonic Relationships

You are very sociable as a Capricorn and believe in the impact of social connection. You sometimes criticize people but it is always in good faith. Your friends love you because you have a very high sense of humor and could crack jokes without even realizing it. You love discussing opinions and views with others and this explains why debate interests you. You are capable of showing people who you are at first sight as you do not fear rejection. Your persuading skills are exquisite and this is why you are able to talk with people more effectively.

Intelligent, Chess, Game
Capricorns can be friends with just about they can hold a conversation with.


Family is an important part of our lives. It is important for us all to appreciate the fact that much of our growth is credited to our families. As a Capricorn, you adore finding comfort in the company of family, you are generous and caring to your siblings but tend to be a  little bit bossy towards them and this is why they find it hard to open up to you. Minimizing on this will be a great advantage to you and your siblings as you will be able to connect. Again, you should try letting them make their own mistakes and learn from them.

Family, Mother, Daughter
Capricorns love spending time with their families.


Our bodies should be of importance to us. Capricorn babies rarely have major issues with their health. They usually experience generally good health and the minor issues they experienced are caused by their fragile emotions. They have a key interest in keeping their bodies fit and this is why they hit the gym once in a while. This often involves themselves in games and brain-teasing activities to keep active they should try to deal with their unresolved issues immediately so as to avoid irregular sleep patterns.

Fruit, Berries
Try eating fruit instead of candy or sugary treats.

Eating a balanced diet is part of their daily routine and this improves their overall well-being. Despite their love for sugary things they try to avoid them to look and feel great and opt to have regular dental checkups.

Personality Traits

Opinions matters to January 16th babies, just like the rest of the Capricorns. Individuals with this birth date are creative, intellectual and have a big heart to forgive than most other Capricorns. To learn more about their personality traits, keep reading below.

Capricorn symbol


They are independent and love gaining a sense of achievement. Personal success is their main focus and this explains their determination and strong will in everything they lay their hands on.

Goals, Plans, Success
Capricorns can do anything if they stay focused.


They can be a little bit stubborn but are good listeners. They have an excellent kind of diligence that gives them the ability to come up with effective ways to solve problems.

Capricorns don’t quit once they start something.

January 16th Birthday Symbolism

Like most of your fellow Capricorns, your personality is influenced by planet Saturn. The keyword for your numerical reference, which is seven, is a mystery and this explains why you admire adventure and love taking risks. You have an attraction for unique things and this is why you tend to be patient when purchasing items. Your lucky gem is the jadestone and it is thought that wearing it brings you good fortune and protects you from harm.

7, Seven, Number
7 is your lucky number.


The actual day you were born ruled by Neptune and it plays a big part in influencing your unique individuality. You are able to read people’s thoughts and improve their overall character by helping them deal with their weaknesses. The Capricorn goat sign explains your heightened ability to face challenges. You are talented in bringing people together and creating peace among them.

You pursue fulfillment and happiness in all areas of your life. You are not afraid to dream as you will move mountains to achieve your goals. You have a passion for success and this is why nothing hinders you from getting what you want in life.


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