January 18 Zodiac Is A Cusp Capricorn and Aquarius, Birthdays And Horoscope

January 18 Zodiac Personality

January 18th babies are known to wear a serious look. They are good at creating ideas and will always have organized thoughts. They are bestowed with lots of aspirations in life. When compared to other Capricorns, they tend to be more patient than most. These dynamic traits of their individuality give them a unique character.

They are known to be hardworking but can be a little bit stubborn when it comes to being cooperative as they like doing thing their own way. They are known to be independent, charismatic, kind, and gentle in nature. Again, they are focused on achieving their goals and are always determined for success. They are authoritative and this gives them good leadership qualities.


Work is an important part of our lives. Capricorns born on January 18th take their careers as a passion and not for financial reasons. They are known to be hardworking and could go for extra hours working. They believe that success is not all about money and will work to gain a sense of achievement.

Artist, Career, Paint
Capricorns would rather do something they love for a little bit of money than do something they hate for a lot of money.

Their abilities to motivate their coworkers to work together is one of their biggest strengths. They always have a positive attitude and will perform any given tasks with confidence. They love having control over their careers and will rarely take advice on what to do with their jobs. Being involved in work discussions is something they love, and they will be very active during meetings. They have a need to feel appreciated and inspired when working.


Individuals born on January 18th are very cautious when dealing with money. As a Capricorn, you believe that money management should be taken seriously. You are very good at making a budget and following it to the letter.

You are not a selfish person and you will always stretch out a hand to someone in need. However, you love luxuries and have a tendency of desiring expensive items. You need to have the self-control to achieve your saving goal. Despite the fact that you are generous, you are careful in making sure that no one takes your kindness for your weakness. You are known for taking part in charity work and will always sacrifice your needs to put a smile in another face. You are sometimes tempted to dig into your pocket and buy something you had not planned for. It is good to reward yourself at times but you need to have a limit.

Money, Rabbits
Capricorns work hard for their money, but they are easy to give it away.

Romantic Relationships

Relationships are aspects of our lives that cannot be ignored. January 18th babies tend to find it difficult to commit themselves as they believe that love makes them vulnerable. They are able to choose a partner in life by following their instincts. They love partners that can share the same views in life as them.

Dinner, Wine, Candles
Capricorns are true romantics when they are with someone who they love.

Having a Capricorn of this day as a partner in life will be a great advantage as they are known to be loyal and devoted to their love partners. Usually, they opt looking for a best friend and lover all in one so as to confide in them. They are able to accept mistakes in their relationships and know how to make things work by correcting them. Their love flows strong and deep when it comes to a long term relationship. They are not quick at ending things and will prefer talking to settle any differences with their partners.

Platonic Relationships

Taking your social life as a priority is very important. Individuals born on this day tend to be a little choosy with their friends. However, they are not shy to make an approach to a new face and this is because they are not afraid of rejections.

Men, Friends
You seem to be able to make friends just about anyone!

They think about their positive sides as a person and things that make people attracted to you. They add value to social interaction by having a high sense of humor and being a good listener. January 18th people are able to contribute to discussions as they are able to share their opinions and views. When in a bad mood, they try not to let it show when trying to interact with people. They are able to be open and this helps them build casual friendships. They are not known for turning down invitations and will always turn up for your party.


Family is the central unit of society. Capricorns born on January 18th treasure their families and feel happy around them. They believe that trust and loyalty bind a family together. They admire their siblings and their sheer cluenesses interest them. Capricorns avoid being bossy to their siblings and this is why they are ever open with them and are able to have a connection. They believe that family shapes their lives and contributes to determining their main wishes an aims.

Siblings, Sisters, Children
Capricorns have deep bonds with their siblings, no matter their age.


A strong constitution and overall good health usually experience by people born on this day. Food is important to this Capricorn babies and this explains their high level of appetite. However, they are a little choosy on what they consume as they love watching their weight.

Man Walking, Rabbit Men, Dating
Capricorns would do well not to get too stressed out over minor health issues.

They take minor health issues seriously and will deal with them with immediate effect. Their energy levels are ever high giving them a good mood during the day. They are very active in exercises as they keep them vibrant as they carry out their day to day activities.

Personality Traits

Capricorns born on January 18th share most of the same personality traits of the average Capricorn. Some common January 18th personality traits are listed below.

Capricorn symbol


You find kindness significant to each individual. Similar to your members who share the same goat sign; you value honesty and believe in truthfulness. You love doing good to others and expect them to reciprocate.

Cancer, Man, Couple, Hug
Capricorns make up some of the kindest people you will ever meet.


You are fanciful with your dreams and goals but will do anything in your power to achieve them. Your aims are not usually unrealistic and this is why you are able to work towards them. You are independent and you would rather lack than borrow. You will pursue pleasant surroundings that will give you a sense of fulfillment. Whenever you make up your mind about something you stick to your intentions. Failure disappoints you but you have a way of using it as an encouragement that drives you towards success.

Goals, Plans, Success
Capricorns can do anything if they stay focused.

January 18th Birthday Symbolism

Being born on January 18th, your date of birth contains two digits and this is why you always have a second chance. Personalities of this day have their lucky number as nine as this is the summation of their date of birth. This explains their heightened want of taking comfort in the company of others.

Nine, 9,
Nine is your lucky number.

Capricorns have a sense of empathy and generosity to others. They tend to have a mature look due to their nature of taking their lives seriously. They have an interest in taking charge of things in life. Their lucky gemstone is the bloodstone which attracts good fortune in their lives and gives them the confidence to face challenges in life.

Born On Jan 18


The celestial body that influences your personality as a Capricorn is planet Saturn. Mars also has an astrological influence on your personal character as it rules the actual day you are born on. You have an added taste of confidence and thus able to make your dreams come true. You are able to make good progress towards life as you are not proud and have a sense of real purpose. These Capricorns are advised to tone down their will to over-trusting people as not everyone will be proud of your success.

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