January 17 Zodiac Is A Cusp Capricorn and Aquarius, Birthdays And Horoscope

January 17 Zodiac Personality

January 17th  is an interesting day to have as a birthday. Individuals born on this day are naturally social able, kind, friendly, and witty. They rarely make people angry as they are able to relate well with everyone. They have a will to fully understand people’s different personalities and know what they have in common.

However, they may be naïve in pursuing goals but their focus is never deterred. They are strong human beings and are able to cope with their daily challenges. Being sensible and loyal is part of their personality. They tend to be very reliable and you can always count on them in times of need. Having a January 17th baby for a partner is a great advantage as he or she highly values the virtue of trust and honesty.


Capricorns already know which career to pursue at a tender age. As an individual born on January 17th,  you are always determined to follow your passion. Working for others gives you joy and you have the power to instill morale in your fellow colleagues. You take your job very seriously and this explains why your product is never messy. You have a huge potential and can carry out any task that comes your way.

Computer, Work, Freelance, Write, Type
Capricorns can be workaholics at times.

Capricorns work hard so they can accomplish their goals. You are ever willing to sacrifice a few more hours for work. Working as a team motivates you as you believe it gives you an opportunity to share your ideas and thoughts. Jealousy is not part of you and this is why you always appreciate other people’s enthusiasm to improve their skills.


Managing funds is very crucial. As a Capricorn born on January 17th, you have an easy time managing finances as you are good at organizing your income.  You are a good budgeter and are not known for being a spendthrift. Temptations often make you want to dig into your savings but your self-control enables you to overcome them.

Thrift Store, Shopping
January 17th babies are likely to find most of their treasures at thrift stores.

You like to spend your money on important things and this explains why you prioritize your basic needs before luxury. You are overly generous and will never say no to charity. Capricorns are love to both volunteers their money and time to others in need. Family and friends always come to you for loans and you rarely turn them down.

Romantic Relationships

Capricorn personalities tend to believe in the power of love. They are more inclined to believe in meeting the perfect match. They always look for partners that are willing to get involved in a long term relationship. People with similar interests as them and those that have a positive attitude towards life are most likely to attract a Capricorn’s attention. They seem to be a little choosy when it comes to picking a long life partner. They thrive in the security of a happy relationship and will be fully devoted to their partners.

Cozy, Love, Couple
Capricorns are happiest when they are with a partner they can trust.

Capricorns have strong views on marriage and will take a long time during courtship. Again, they seem a little insecure when it comes to love relationships and they need to minimize this so as to build trust in their partners. They are intensely passionate and protective of their soulmates and will often get jealous due to petty issues.

Platonic Relationships

Being reliable is of great importance.  Like your fellow Capricorns, you make your social life a priority. Even when you’re slammed with work you always devote yourself to social activities. Making new friends every day is part of you and this is why you are never hesitant about approaching a new face. You are ever interested in connecting with your old friends as you believe in the advantage of belonging to a cohesive society. You are never afraid of rejection and will always be yourself when approaching new people.

Connection, Network, Business, People
Capricorns make connections almost anywhere they go.

Again, you are convinced that meeting new people expands your mind and makes you able to come up with new ideas and share your thoughts. You are very good at making friendships last as you are able to embrace people’s different personalities. You love being close to people as you find comfort in the company of others.  Being alone makes you sad and this is why you prefer being a fan of social networking sites.


Family determines our growth as human beings. Capricorn babies treasure their families and will always prioritize them over their friends. They create time to spend with family no matter how tight their schedule is. They believe that family will always be there in times of joy and despair. The bond that binds them to their family is created by the trust they have for each other. Being with their siblings’ gives them joy and helps them determine their parental skills. They believe that the greatest part of their lives is shaped by family.

Capricorns are likely to have large families.


Being healthy is crucial and should be taken seriously. As a Capricorn born on January 17th, you are very keen to notice any abnormalities that affect your body. You are very sensitive in nature and occasionally let anxiety build up and affect your emotional well-being.

Snake Fitness, Yoga
Try to resolve stress in healthy ways, like doing yoga.

However, you always look for ways to deal with your stress by looking for destructions and dealing with unresolved issues immediately. Always try to find time to relax with activities such as yoga. You have an avid interest in keeping your body fit and have quite an interest in sports. You also have habits of keeping your diet balanced.

Personality Traits

People born specifically on 17th January are very opinionated individuals. Their personality traits match up well with most Capricorn personality traits. There are some personality traits of a January 17th babies that help them to stand out from the average Capricorn.

Capricorn symbol


January 17th babies have plenty of patience, kindness, and are generally nice in nature. They value honesty and will always tell the truth and will expect people to do the same. They love being noticed for doing good.

Work, Volunteer, Friends, Selfie
Capricorns also help others in need, even if they don’t know them personally.


They are determined to achieve their set goals and this is why they look for effective ways to deal with any challenges that block their way to success. Their determination drives them in both their career and hobbies. Their relationships are also likely to be affected by this–in a good way, of course.

Business, Work, Promotion
This determination helps January 17th babies to advance in their careers.

January 17th Birthday Symbolism

Being born on January 17th, your date of birth adds up to eight and this is why you have leadership qualities. You are very assertive in nature and make decisions after thorough thought. The tarot card related to your birthday is obviously the 17th on the magician’s deck. This is why you are very adventurous and seem attracted to rare things.

Black Pearl, Gem
Try adding black pearl jewelry to your outfits to add refined flair.

Your lucky gemstone is the black pearl and it always protects you from harm when you wear it. You are naturally calm and very good at improvising skills. When dealing with troubling issues you always come up with solutions. When you are at your happiest moment your face will show. You dream of success and gaining a sense of achievement.

Born On Jan 17


The planet Saturn is thought to be the celestial body that influences the personality of a Capricorn. However, the actual day of birth of individuals born on this day is an astrologically influenced by the sun. This explains why you are ever having a smile plastered on your face. The yellow color of the sun symbolizes your high chances of luck. You are rich at heart and are always willing to help. Your dynamism makes you have a unique character and help you approach life with a positive attitude. One last thought for this special Capricorns is that they should learn to let people into their lives.

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