January 29 Zodiac Is Aquarius, Birthdays And Horoscope

January 29 Zodiac Personality

As a person specifically born on January 29th, you have an innovative mind and a sense of realism in your dreams. You’re seemly full of enthusiasm and are known to create positive energy. You are idealistic in nature and your main strengths of character are in your charismatic trait. At times you can be kind-hearted, and have empathy for emotional cues. You avoid drama in your life and are immediate in taking action to settle your personal differences.

Your great sense of humor gains you many friends and gives you the ability to communicate effectively. You tend to be through in your work and this is why you perform your duties to a certain standard. You are very responsible, sharp, and intelligent and hence not easily fooled. Also, you are curious and have a habit of reading a lot of books as you thirst for knowledge.


You are a very hard working individual, just like other Aquarians. You have an easy time in selecting your career choice as you know where your passion lies. It is likely that you will know what to do with your life from a  very tender age. You love well-paying occupations that enable you to meet your needs.

Connection, Network, Business, People
You are likely to get along with many of your coworkers.

Your charitable and sociable nature allows you to be likable in most workplaces. Almost everyone will notice when you are not in for work. You are good at performing different tasks within a short period of time making you meet your target. You prefer jobs that will give you a sense of satisfaction and where your efforts will reap appreciation. However, you do not like working under pressure as this lowers your productivity. In most cases, you desire to be your own boss.

Born On Jan 29


Money is fairly important to you as an Aquarian. You are good at managing your finances and have discipline when it comes to making a budget. You are commonsensical with your money and will not waste it on unnecessary items. Your budgeting skills are great, as you prioritize your basic needs. This is why you do not like taking advice on how to use your cash. You are able to easily reorganize your income with changing circumstances.

Budget, Savings, Money
Make sure to keep close tabs on your budget so you do not spend more money than you have.

Money provides some form of security for the future for you. You are bestowed with an avid love of helping others and this is why you give a hand to those in need. You rarely run into trouble financially and do not like the idea of loan assistance. Family and friends often come to you for advice on what to do with their own money or they might try to take advantage of your generosity.

Romantic Relationships

For an Aquarian born on the January 29th, your ideas of love are based on your knowledge and high sense of intuition. You are a common romanticist and welcome the ideas of commitment. You could be a little bit self-contained and this makes it hard to know you intimately. It is especially difficult for you to explain your feelings/emotion (romantic or otherwise) to your partner.

Couple, Dog
If you want a close relationship with your partner, you will need to learn to open up to them and work on your own communication skills.

You have the need for affection and attention due to the feeling of your emotional contentment. You need a partner that understands you and that who can cope with your temperamental nature. It should be noted that you are capable of having a strong and long-lasting relationship, as you are passionate and considerate when it comes to intimate situations. This explains why you are good at giving your soul mate personal space and not making decisions for them.

Platonic Relationships

Being social is part of your personality, as an individual born on January 29th. You are sensitive to people’s moods and this is why you are able to make your friendships lasts. You are good at helping people gets solutions to their problems even before they identify them. Often, you enjoy acting as a guide for others to help them explore this challenging world.

Communication, Couple, Understanding
You are likely to make many friends by helping people.

Your social personality seems impractical, especially to the realistic types. You seem a little bit shy in your inner self but will often find ways to build your confidence when approaching people. You are kind at heart and this attracts people to you. People take your word significantly and you do your very best to fulfill your promises.


You take your family as an important part of your life because you were born on January 29th. Finding comfort in the company of family gives you joy. You will always create time to spend with your family no matter how committed you are to work. You love observing the sheer cluelessness of your siblings and have a habit of advising them to make better choices in life. However, you have the tendency of taking charge and this makes your siblings find you bossy. You need to let loose so as to let them earn your trust and open up to you to increase the bond that binds you together.

Family, Siblings, Brother
Even as a child, you are likely to give advice to your family members.


You have minor health issues that are caused by your reluctant nature to exercise. You are advised to get involved in fun activities to help you have generally healthy well-being. Also, you are advised to avoid fads in your diet for healthy living. Lack of adequate sleep affects your energy levels and makes you moody during the day. You have a hard time to regulate a well-paced lifestyle as you commit most of your time to work.

Healthy, Food
Add more fruits and vegetables to your diet, if possible.

Your tendency of dieting affects the functioning of your body and you are advised to take in more vitamins to keep healthy. Stress increases your irritation levels and you are advised to avoid being around people when having unresolved issues. You have a tendency of having regular dental checkups as you have a tooth for sugary foods. You should take a lot of water to maintain healthy skin and avoid issues with digestion.

Personality Traits

For self-sufficient Aquarian water bearer, you are difficult to understand. It’s almost like are able to read people’s minds and can tell when they do not want you around. You look for activities that help you utilize your deep rational thinking. Optimism is your key to success. And this is why you take everything positively. Whenever failure comes your way you are able to use it as an encouragement that motivates you to achieve your goals in life.

Fall Down, Fail, Model
If you fall down or fail, you can pick yourself right back up again.

January 29th Birthday Symbolism

As you were born on January 29th, the summation of your date of birth reduces to a birthday number of eleven. The similarity in the numbers of your birthday number explains why you are very un-compromising in opinions and views.

Pearl, Jewelry, Necklace
Man or woman, pearls are the perfect gemstone for you.

The tarot card associated with your birthday is the second one on the magician’s deck and this explains why you are able to make the wisest chooses and have the ability to stick to them. The magnificent pearl is your luckiest gemstone that brings you courage and makes you have a caring intuitive side. On wearing it you are destined for success.


The dominance of the planet Uranus is assumed to have a major influence on the probability of your personality as an Aquarian born on January 29th. The actual day you are born is cosmically ruled by the twinkling stars and this explains why you have added heaps of optimism.

Your levels of honesty give you good progress in life. You are friendly and have the ability to compromise and avoid arguments with those you relate with. You are quite tolerant and this helps you build solid relationships. One last thought for individuals born on January 29th is you should consider attempting to conquer your inclination to not listen to other people’s opinions.

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