January 28 Zodiac Is Aquarius, Birthdays And Horoscope

January 28 Zodiac Personality

As an individual born on January 28th, you have a unique personality. You are cheerful and friendly and this helps you interact easily with others. Your independence and need for personal space make you have a special personality. Your spirited youthfulness enables you to create a balance between work and fun. You are determined and this is your main strength of character.

Your love for complimenting others helps you gain you a lot of friends and admirers. You are usually spontaneous and will use this as an advantage when relating with others. You have a sense of intuition, comfort, and a quest for love. Your bright cheery character and goodness of heart make people want to be around you. You have a strong desire to help people improve on their weaknesses and be better people in life. You like to discuss with others your new ideas and different viewpoints concerning life.


Suitable career choices are difficult for an Aquarian of January 28th to decide on. However, you are flexible and your versatility enables you to fit most occupations. You look for a job that captivates your hard-working nature. Sometimes you forget to create time for other important activities because you get hung up on work. You do your job with a purpose that involves keeping your mind active and destructing you from the troubles of life.

Business Meeting, Pigs Make Great Business Partners
As a January 28th adult, you will prefer a job that keeps your busy.

Individuals born on January 28th are known to bring out their full potential to be at the top in their career. You are generally satisfied to get a job that suits your social nature. You have a witty personality and this helps you make decisions in a slip of a second. This explains why you are ever making a step in the cooperate ladder.

Born On Jan 28


As an Aquarian, you value managing finances. You love having control over your money and are very assertive when it comes to knowing what to do with it. You are a saver rather than a spender and this is why you hardly get into problems with cash flow.

Piggy Bank, Roosters With Money
Work on saving more money than you spend.

However, you can be a little into wanting to enjoy the pleasure of life and this leads you to dig into your pocket from time to time. You are advised to be very careful with this to avoid being a spendthrift. You will occasionally congratulate yourself by treating yourself with part of your savings. However, you do not always spend all of your money on yourself. You are not selfish and are willing to sacrifice a coin or two to put a smile on another person’s face.

Romantic Relationship

Relating with other people is very important. Like a typical Aquarian, you desire and cherish to be loved.  You may be cautious and selective in choosing a long life partner. You have a habit of ending things when betrayed. People born on January 28th are advised to learn to give people second chances to build a strong and long-lasting relationship.

Sex, Bed, Couple, Love
Make sure to follow your gut when it comes to your romantic feelings.

You are guided by intuition when it comes to matters of the heart. You believe in the destiny of finding a compatible soul mate. Luckily, you are not afraid of rejection and will approach one who w attracts you with confidence. As a water bearer, you are loyal and devoted to your partner.

Platonic Relationships

Having a social life is incredibly important to the average Aquarius person. Being social is not only being active on social networking sites. This explains why you are not hesitant to make new friends. You are a good listener and are not the type that stares off into space just to avoid eye contact. This makes you quite interesting and dependable. 

Party, Alcohol, Friends
Drink on the weekends if you like, but don’t let your partying interfere with your work.

You believe in the presence of company for sanity to be there. You have a big heart of accommodating peoples different characters and are able to tolerate their negative sides. It is unlike you to turn down a party invite and will go for a drink or two during the weekend.


Family is an important institution that contributes greatly to our personality. Being born on January 28th, you highly treasure your family and will often check on them from time to time. You ensure that they show up for every special moment of your life as this gives you delight and a feeling of satisfaction.

Children, Siblings, Friends
January 28th children will act as a third parent to their siblings.

You admire watching your siblings growing from their mistakes and is always the one giving them ‘the talk’. Like many other Aquarians, you are willing to go an extra mile just to see your family happy. Sometimes you find yourself taking their suggestions on what to do even when you have a totally different idea. You respect each member of your family and loves strengthening their skills to improve their living standards.


Good health gives us peace of mind. For an Aquarian born on January 28th, health concerns that may bother you are caused by your lifestyle and habits of letting your worries build up to anxiety. You believe in beauty sleep and will have adequate rest before starting your day. Irregular sleep patterns make you moody and quite temperamental during the day.

Exercise Class, Yoga
Try to take an exciting exercise class to motivate yourself to work out.

You find exercises quite boring and could be a little bit ignorant in keeping your body fit. This is because you find it hard to create time for activities such as yoga. You are advised to ensure a balanced diet to keep your energy levels at their optimum.

Personality Traits

You are idealistic compared to your fellow Aquarians. You are confident, practical, tenderhearted, and are willing to help others. Your lightness in spirit makes you ever vibrant. You value harmony and uphold the virtues of honesty and kindness. Your choices in life are usually based on realizing your goals. You have a set of pre-determined plans and are very organized in your work. You concentrate on achieving your dreams and goals to gain a sense of ambition. Like most Aquarians, you are naturally nice and emotionally cool. Your main focus is your happiness.

Aquarius, Constellation
You have many of the same personality traits as the average Aquarian.

January 28th Birthday Symbolism

Having January 28th as your birthday,  your digits add up to ten which equate to one, making this your root number. This explains why you are born a leader and have the discipline of polishing your work to perfection. The tarot card associated with your birthday is the first on the magician’s desk. This symbolizes your need for communication and quest for comfort. Your thoughtfulness for others allows you to fit in. you have a longing to be appreciated and are prone to be easily upset by petty issues. The ruby is the precious gen stone that brings you luck and enables you to have an optimistic attitude.

Ruby, Gem
The ruby is your lucky gemstone.


Aquarian people have many of their traits influenced by planet Uranus. Being born on January 28th, your actual day of birth is governed by the glowing sun. The force of these two celestial bodies gives you a certain kind of uniqueness in your character. The sun explains why you are always in a cheerful mood and good at lifting other people’s spirits when they are low. You are good at dealing with worrying situations as you have a very expansive mind. You believe in true love and this explains why your loyalty and devotion to your soul mate is extreme.


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