July 19 Zodiac is Cancer, Birthdays and Horoscope

July 19 Zodiac Personality

Individuals born on July 19 are in the Cancer zodiac sign. Because of this, you are influenced by the moon. As a July 19 zodiac, you have very unique fortes. You are very insightful. You cannot be fooled easily. 

As a Cancer, you unleash schemes and tricks easily. You are very smart. This is largely because you heavily depend on your experience and intuition. You are very courageous. You face the bull by the horn. This quality makes you stand out from the rest of the members of the Cancer zodiac sign. 


People born on July 19 share their dreams and goals. They love for everyone around them to know all they are about and what they want to be. If you were born on July 19, you love to be contented with your job. Different facets of your job should be compatible with your personality for you to be contented. In a business setting, it is not advisable to place an individual born on July 19 in the finance department. 

Cancers will be bored if they cannot learn new things at their job.

You make your everyday situations a learning experience. In a given occasion you weigh your priorities and make the necessary decisions through your decision-making process takes a long time.  If you were born on July 19, you have a special way of conducting your business that only appeals to you. You should, however, take initiative to accommodate others in your environments.

July 19 Birthday


Money is not your measure of success. Your measure of success is the smile you put on people’s faces after helping them through different faces and situations of their lives. You do not oppose the fact that money is essential for you to survive but it’s just that your perspective of success is different. 

Saving Money, Finance, Virgo
Save your money. Don’t spend it willy-nilly.

Your spending is alarming. You should be very careful about how you spend your money and the resources disposed to you. 

Romantic Relationships

An individual born on July 19 possesses valuable qualities that help him/her anchor in relations; Love and Loyalty. If you were born on July 19, you love wholeheartedly and can be swept out on your feet by a caring individual who shows these two qualities. You love taking control and leading things in a gentle and receptive manner. However, you need space for your alone time in order for your relationships to last a while.

Smile, Woman
Make sure to have some alone time if you want a healthy relationship.

Platonic Relationships

You have made it a lifetime mission to encourage other people who feel demeaned in society. The faces of people who heed to your advice and encouragement are payment enough for you. Encouraging others to stand up for themselves means a lot to you. 

If you were born on July 19, you love your freedom but you do not overindulge. You are very cautious and you always have your guard up. You trust your intuition which controls your guard. As well, you are one vulnerable creature. No wonder you cannot let your guard down. Your past has taught you very valuable lessons and you do not want to make the same mistakes. You are friendly but very choosy. 

Friends, People
Cancers are friendly to everyone, but you only make friends with the best kinds of people.

You make friends with different people according to something specific you see in them. However, you are judgemental. You judge people even before you interact with them. Funny enough, you do not judge them according to their present situations but by your standards.

You have a sense of dark or rather odd humor. You laugh at things that no one else finds funny. This makes you the weird one in your group of friends.


Like any other cancer zodiac sign baby, you have a soft spot for family and friends. You dearly cherish the support they offer in your endeavors. You appreciate their involvement in your life and in return you offer them your loyalty to them. As a Cancer, you are always there for them, supporting and helping them when need be. Your helping hand comes so naturally. Your family and close friends admire that about you.

Family, Child, Parent
Take and give advice when you can, but not when it’s unneeded.


For individuals born on July 19, their health is intertwined with their attitude. Why? If you were born on July 19, you tend to eat better when you are in a jovial and happy mood. You have a schedule of exercises but it’s followed especially when you have had a fruitful, jovial and good day. 

On the other hand, when you are sad, stressed and you have issues bothering you, you hardly eat. You tend to turn to junk food for comfort. The term “regular exercise”s do not exist when you are not happy. You need to be very careful with how you handle your anger issues. You can fall into depression which is harmful to your health. Depression is known to be a window of ill health and a problematic future. 

Smile, Unhappy, Sad, Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar
Your mood directly impacts your health.

Most of the time, people born on July 19 get too busy forgetting to diet or even exercising.  If you were born on July 19 and find yourself in such a situation, take a break. Go on a vacation and let your mind rest. Replenish your body, mind, and soul.

July 19 Zodiac Personality Traits

People born on July 19 are people of high standards and hence have very high expectations. If you were born on July 19, you should know that expectation is the mother and harbor of all disappointments. Maybe for some reason, you cannot help it. At some point, it will sink in. In any given occasion you expect the best out of it. It is a good thing but you should weigh your pros and cons. 

Cancer Zodiac Quiz, July 19 Zodiac
Cancer symbol

Despite your high expectations, you tend to procrastinate things.  People born on July 19 are very wise and knowledgeable. They assess situations and act accordingly. If you were born on July 19, you highly depend on your wisdom and knowledge acquired from different sources to salvage different situations. 

.July 19 Zodiac Symbolism

Your lucky number is one.  The word that you are given is the lucky word “drive.” You are in possession of the 19th tarot card. The stone you should wear is the lucky gem ruby.

Ruby, Gem, Pig 2020 Horoscope, July 19 Zodiac
Ruby jewelry will bring you good luck this year.

July 19 Zodiac Conclusion

Cancer babies born on July 19 are special. They tend to possess unique qualities and their level of elegance makes them stand out. You show a sense of style and manner in the way you conduct yourself.  No one is perfect and persons born on July 19 have their imperfect phase. If you were born on July 19, you tend to be lazy at times. You do not rise to embrace some events because of your laziness. The combination of your laziness and procrastinating makes you miss out on a lot of things. 

You are optimistic about life, always hoping for the best. People born on July 19 are idealists. They do not let practical considerations predict their next move. They highly depend on their visions and future impact. 


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