Ox Dragon Compatibility: Stubborn and Different

Ox Dragon Compatibility

The Ox Dragon compatibility will be filled with conflicts, disagreements, and arguments. This is due to the many differences that the Ox and Dragon possess. In addition, both are stubborn and will not want to make changes. The differences they have are quite evident. The Ox is timid and shy while the Dragon is impetuous and fiery.

Due to all these distinctions, it will be hard for them to get along with each other. They will have a lot of work to do so they can achieve the right kind of unison and harmony. There seems to be little or no hope for this relationship. Is this true? This article looks at the Ox Dragon compatibility. 

Ox Compatibility
Those born in the year of the Ox are believed to be intelligent and stubborn.

The Ox Dragon Attraction 

They Complement Each Other

The Ox and Dragon are quite different. However, they will be able to blend their numerous differences to form a healthy and strong partnership. The Dragon will fall for the stable, solid, and honorable nature of the Ox. Likewise, the Ox will admire the work ethic, determination, and willingness shown by the Dragon. 

The Ox sees a bright future with the Dragon. The Ox will not fail to notice the charismatic and vivacious nature of the Dragon. This is because Oxen have a great taste and will be naturally attracted to the Dragon. They will shower each other with the attention and delight they always desire. This ability to complement each other will go a long way in helping them to hold onto a good relationship. 

Love for the Finer Things in Life

The Ox and Dragon enjoy the good things in life. This similarity is something that they can use to make their relationship a success. It is something that can keep them together as they will enjoy doing the same things. They will love engaging in material comforts and the pleasures of this world.

Since good things do not come easy, they will work together so they can earn the life they really love. They will sacrifice a lot of time working hard and will make sure they get rewarded through financial success and freedom. The Ox Dragon compatibility will rarely be faced with financial instability. 

Two Devoted Beings

The Ox and Dragon are committed and devoted to their main cause. They work hard in their workplaces and in each and every activity they indulge in. The two will put in the work needed to make everything around them successful. They will, therefore, work extremely hard towards making their partnership a success as well. Though they are quite different, they will do their best to create perfect harmony and unison. They will form a great team, both in love and in worldly matters. 

The Downside to the Ox Dragon Compatibility 

The Ox Dragon relationship will be faced with numerous issues. Most of these will be led by the different traits that the Ox and Dragon possess. Let us have a look at some possible drawbacks of this relationship. 

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Dragons are strong natural leaders but they can make their partner feel under appreciated.

Different Personality Traits

The Ox and Dragon possess a lot of personality differences. The Dragon is sociable and loves to spend time with friends and acquaintances. Dragons love to be out of the house during their free time where they can discover new people and places. They live varied lives and hate doing the same thing over and over again. This is very different from what the Ox views life. Oxen are usually reserved and they love spending time at home where they feel safe and secure. Also, they do not see any happiness in spending time around large crowds of people. 

All in all, they will have varied ideas about how they should spend their quality time together. One will want to go to the club while the other one wants them to stay at home. They will definitely disagree on these terms. Due to the social nature of the Dragon, they may end up getting too close to other people out there. The Ox will not like the flirty nature of the Dragon. The Ox can end up concluding that the Dragon is seeing other people. 

A Stubborn Couple

The Ox and Dragon relationship will bring in two lovers who are very stubborn. They believe that their decision is right and therefore do not accept change easily. If either of them tries to bring in change, it will probably be turned down by the other. This may lead to a lot of issues, especially when change is paramount. They will have to learn to listen to each other and accept to make some changes once in a while. 


The Ox Dragon compatibility can work out if these two lovers are ready to make the needed sacrifices to make their relationship work. There will be a very strong attraction between them. The Ox will be attracted to the Dragon’s love for life and adventure. On the other hand, the Dragon will fall for the Ox’s stable and humble nature. They can work on this admiration to create a perfect relationship. 

However, there are some things that might set them apart and probably lead to the end of their relationship. They have very many different personality traits. The Dragon is outgoing and sociable while the Ox is timid and withdrawn. Due to this, it might be hard for them to get along with each other. The success of their partnership will test their ability to blend their numerous distinctions and create the needed harmony. 

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