July 27 Zodiac is Leo, Birthdays and Horoscope

July 27 Zodiac Personality

Being born on July 27 means you are a Leo. Planet Mars rules this day. It is a big reference to most of your personality traits. You are predicted to be an honest soul, extremely charming, and possess a great optimistic attitude. As a July 27 zodiac, you’re a very sociable creature, being able to fit in easily in all sorts of environment and situations. 


Choosing the right path is of great importance to you. You want to contribute fully to it. Monotony is not in your vocabulary. You are always enthusiastic about keeping your mind busy and also by being physically active. Therefore, a career you choose should be based on these ideals. 

Man Walking, Rabbit Men, Dating
Get a job that allows you to stay moving!

When doing routine work, you have a tendency to become bored. Hence,  the need to mix it and do a variety of routines. You are ambitious, very practical and creative and you come with really realistic plans and ideas. You are precise and possess great organizational skills and you are a hard worker dedicating yourself fully to the kind of work you choose.


It’s incredible how sensibly you are able to handle money, regardless of how much you earn. You have a lot of responsibilities. This allows you to plan your income appropriately. This is a good thing, as you never have any money problems.

Money, Rabbits
Leos are great with money.

Romantic Relationships

Being a Leo born on July 27, your horoscope predicts that you are warmhearted, romantic, and sweetly playful. It’s in your nature to want to create a happy homely atmosphere. You will put all your efforts to having a harmonious relationship with the people you deeply love. 

Element, Air, Fire, Earth, Water
Leos are most compatible with air and fire signs.

When it comes to your soulmate, a July 27 zodiac is warm, protective, honorable, and will do everything possible to make them feel safe, appreciated, and loved. You tend to put these high expectations for your partner. You can get very disappointed if they do not live up to them. Try to accept them as they are and you will have a chance of being in a long happy relationship.

A July 27 zodiac has a tendency to be emotionally insecure and also extremely concerned with the way they look. You will go out of your way to dress fashionably in the attempt to hide a few years and look youthful. The partner you choose should be able to understand this side of you and accept it, and even encourage it, as you react really badly to criticism.

Platonic Relationships

As you do not like to pretend, you tend to speak your mind when you are bothered by something and this can at times come out as bluntness. However, that is not your intention. Despite being outspoken, you have the most generous of hearts, you are understanding and quite brave. You are also very attentive and alert to your surroundings. Trust your instincts. 

Men, Friends
Try not to be so blunt in your conversations.


Leos tend to marry later in life than most zodiac signs. They need to know that they are with someone who is perfect for them. They can be picky in this way. Once they are married, they will be likely to have children. Leos will raise their children to have high levels of self-confidence. They will do everything they can to guide them through life with ease. 

Children, Siblings, Friends
The children of Leos will be confident, like their parent!


A person born on this 27th day of July is set on keeping healthy and fit. You are extremely keen on what you eat and your diet is on point. You exercise regularly with a well-planned schedule. This is because you know the benefits of keeping a healthy life.

January, February, Calendar
Keep a planner to make sure you stick to an exercise schedule.


When it comes to healthiness, a person with a July 27 zodiac gives himself the best there is. The benefits are truly rewarding. Keep yourself hydrated though by taking a lot of fluids. This will prevent susceptibility to dehydration. Always go for dental checkups because you are known to have a very sweet tooth. You are too weak to say know to chocolates and cookies and you always have is stashed somewhere. 

As per the wellness of your mind, you have no problem talking openly about your problems or about something bothering you. Hence, the chances of building up negative emotions are close to zero. You have that one friend who you call when things tend to go downhill and you feel much better afterward.

July 27 Zodiac Personality Traits

Your degrees of practicality, your organizational skills, and your unhesitant manner are some of your strongest traits that you can possess. A combo of these traits and your other forces like your honesty, optimism, and charm help you get through life without stress. Your other life guides are your instincts and very alert nature which are advantageous in avoiding obstacles. It’s also noticeable that when you are presented with unfamiliar or any form of alteration to the things that you are used to, you tend to jump on to the defensive and you show your disapproval of the situation by being moody and sulky. Relax and accept change, it might be at times good for you.

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Leo Symbol

An individual born on July 27 is predicted to be very proud, extremely confident, and possesses the required determination to achieve any objectives that you set your mind to accomplishing. Because of this, you achieve all of your goals. You conquer them one after the other. You have a plan and you achieve these goals one at a time. Challenges are the game changer for you. You will not rest until it has been overcome. These challenges are your platform for growth, development and even for emotional maturity. At times, you will be daydreaming or fantasizing about something you sow in the past that is due to give a great reward in the future.

July 27 Birthday

July 27 Zodiac Symbolism

As you were born on July 27,  “seeker” is your the lucky word which is a reference to your enterprising skills and your alertness to your surroundings. Your lucky numbers are two and seven.  In the tarot, the hermit is associated with the day you were born. It indicates your ability to stick to our principles and your compassion towards others. 

Hermit, Tarot, Tarot Card, July 27 Zodiac
This is the Hermit tarot card.

Your lucky gemstone is a bloodstone. Wear it well. It lifts your courage and attracts wealth. Your cheerful nature, your self-drive and your enthusiasm are the perfect trios of traits that will guide you to getting the most of life and in achieving your deepest desires. Continue with the faith you have in your perceptiveness which will sort out your agony of being judgmental. 

July 27 Zodiac Conclusion

Concentrate on expressing your positivity more often. Hiding who you are could turn out to be unfavorable in the long run. The planets and celestial bodies have combined to give you the best admirable qualities. You are an amazing human being who deserves the best in everything that you touch. Happy birthday! 

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