March 2 Zodiac Is Pisces, Birthdays And Horoscope

March 2 Zodiac Personality

Individuals born on March 2nd are thought to be naturally nice and kind at heart. Being born on March 2nd, you are talented with the ability to perform different tasks at one time. You make assertive decisions and follow your instincts to make wise choices in life. You have an expansive mind that gives you the ability to generate useful ideas.

Like other Pisceans, you are cheerful and friendly in nature and this adds a certain kind of warmth to your sociable personality. You like appreciating people for their good deeds and like complimenting on the beauty of nature. You are a good adviser and listener at the same time. However, you are cautious not to let anyone take advantage of your kindness for your weakness. You are able to understand circumstances and are persistent in what you do. You are known for your good work and have a positive attitude towards life. While you are a little bit shy, you know how to put on a confident face.


When it comes to the area of work, you take it as a serious part of your life. You are very hardworking and are good at putting things in order to have an easy time when performing your responsibilities. You are an organized person with a plan for everything. Also, you are skilled at helping others to polish up on their areas of duty.

Computer, Work, Freelance, Write, Type
It is likely that you will be one of the most productive workers at your workplace.

You are ever in for work and everyone will notice when you are not around. Your originality in thinking enables you to put across facts as they are. You like feeling useful and tend to look for occupations that are quite demanding. As you are intensely talented, you have a variety of jobs and most of your time is committed to working. People enjoy working with you as you are a very good motivator as you give them encouragement.


You like managing your own finances and having control over your money. Being born on March 2nd, you rarely rely on others and would rather save up for things than borrow. You have a discipline of making a budget of your income and have a habit of following it to the letter. You are not known for depending on loan assistance.

No Money, Poor
Try not to give away too much of your money or else you might not have any left over for yourself.

Charity also has a place in your heart and your wallet. You have a kind heart and like helping others in times of need. You find yourself advising people on how to reorganize their income to be able to meet their needs. Continue to avoid carrying your credit card around as you are sometimes tempted to enjoy the luxuries of life.

March 2 Birthday


You can be a little shy when it comes to matters of the heart. You tend to hide your feelings and take your time to be sure before you disclose to someone your feeling towards them. However, this does not mean that you are not passionate and romantic when it comes to intimacy.

Roses, Flowers
Love blossoms slowly, but beautifully, for someone born on March 2nd.

You are never short of a loving partner as you are kind and naturally nice. You are flattered by petty compliments and you often find yourself blushing. Sadly, you easily get heartbroken when betrayed. However, you have a big heart of forgiving as you believe everyone deserves as many chances as they can have in life to be better people. You are sensitive to your soul mats moods and will always put his or her needs before yours.

Platonic Relationships

For a Piscean born on March 2nd, you are pretty social. You like creating casual friendships and are fond of finding comfort in the company of others. Unlike in your romantic relationships, when it comes to platonic relationships, you are not afraid of rejection and will always have a positive approach to meeting new faces. You express your love for having people around you by making them enjoy and be happy to be with you. You are a good communicator and this enables you to interact easily.

Friends, Women
It is pretty easy for you to make new friends.

Since you are good at helping your friends, this builds a solid base of having long-lasting relationships. You are the type that is ever making sure everyone is having a good time when you are out having fun. You often make nice gestures towards new people and try to find out what they like. Often, you invite people for parties and this enables you to create a kind of bond with them.


As an individual born on March 2nd, you find joy in spending time with family. You enjoy serving and looking after your family. You gain a sense of satisfaction whenever you check on them and knowing that they are doing fine. Missing out on family events, such as outings gatherings and dinners, is something that you’d never do. You enjoy playing with your siblings and observing them learn from their silly mistakes.

Home, House
Home is your safe place.

You find home a safe place both emotionally and physically. When getting advice from older family members,  you may pretend to not to care, but secretly, you treasure those moments. You believe that only your family will truly want the best for you. Your family gives you a sense of belonging and helps you determine your main objectives in life.


Health is of importance to any individual born on March 2nd. You rarely suffer from major illnesses. The minor health issues you experience are caused by your worries which bring you anxiety leading to irregular sleep patterns. Your emotional fragility makes you have a very different approach to stress in that you find yourself nervous about minor issues.

Healthy, Food
Try adding more organic foods to your diet.

You are good at eating a balanced diet and value natural foods. Try to take exercises with a little more seriousness so as to keep fit. You need to learn to be open with your feelings and be able to find effective ways to deal with troubling situations to keep your emotional health generally good.

Personality Traits

Your opinions and views about life matter to you a lot. You value the virtues of kindness and modesty. You tell people the truth no matter the consequences and expect people to do the same. Your main strengths of character lie in your reliable nature and world imagination that motivates you towards success. You like being around optimistic people and are good at imparting knowledge in others.

Pisces symbol

March 2nd Birthday Symbolism

Being born on March 2nd, your root number is two. This gives you a special kind of uniqueness. This numerical reference to your birthday has the keyword peace. The tarot card that is linked to your day of birth is the second one to the major arcana. It highlights the high degree of your intelligence and your proneness to disagreements. The lucky gemstone connected to babies born on March 2nd is the magnificent and precious pearl stone and it should be always at your reach as it increases the warmth in your nature and attracts good fortune.

Pearl, Jewelry, Necklace
Man or woman, pearls are the perfect gemstone for you.


Like all Pisceans, your character traits are greatly influenced by the astrological force of planet Neptune. The actual day you were born is fully governed by the moon. The combination of these two celestial bodies explains your dependable and generous characteristic. You are good at responding to situations and can overcome any obstacles that come your way. A piece of advice for individual born on March 2nd is that you should learn to create time for yourself so as to plan on your future.

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