March 14 Zodiac Is Pisces, Birthdays And Horoscope

March 14 Zodiac Personality

Being born on March 14th, it is thought that you are a focused person in life with a self-driven spirit. You are home loving, intelligent, independent, and naturally sociable. Your temperament is naturally refined. You are able to communicate and express your feelings and thoughts. This makes you admirable. You have a high degree of intuitiveness and are a wild dreamer. You have high expectations for things to go your way and like doing good to have a sense of satisfaction.

As a Pisces, you are selfless. You are naturally witty and very creative. You are inquisitive. This explains your curious personality. You have the thought that being too close to people makes you vulnerable and this is why you like keeping a distance.  You like having your own say and taking control of your own situations.


You are not choosy when it comes to the area of work and you find yourself moving from one occupation to another. You like jobs which make you feel useful and those that offer you a challenge. Your clever nature and observing techniques make you of great importance at your workplace. You never take anything over seriously and you believe that you can perform most tasks that come your way.

Skills, Career, Job, Talent
Showing off your skills makes you happy at the workplace.

When it comes to the delegation of work, you are considerate to your employees. You try to be fair to your fellow workmates by performing duties assigned to you in time. You are the type that enjoys helping others and creating morale for teamwork. Making jokes to give people a moment of relaxation is something you excel at.


Financial matters are crucial to a person born on March 14th. You are not really good at taking control over your money and you find managing finances a little bit difficult. This is because you are a risk taker and a little bit greedy when it comes to money deals. You are easily lured into the ideas of winning lotteries and gambling because you have a temptation of being wealthy enough to enjoy the luxuries of life. You are able to set a coin aside to assist a person in need and are active when it comes to charity work.

March 14 Birthday

Romantic Relationships

When it comes to affairs of the heart, you seem to be a little bit special. Compared to other Pisceans that share your zodiac sign, you are strong and are able to take control of your feelings. On finding the person who attracts you, you are confident enough to approach them as you are not afraid of rejection. You are passionate when it comes to intimacy and you should not doubt your skills on this. You are understanding and are able to forgive as you have the thought that everyone makes mistakes in their lives.

Commitment, Love, Marriage, Wedding Rings
Since you admire married couples, it is likely that you will one day be married as well.

You value and highly respect the institution of marriage and like complimenting on solid marriages where the couple is happy to have each other as a companion. You find yourself settling into long term relationships quite early. However, you take your time to win the trust of your soul mate, but you are still able to make them feel special by being open about yourself on the first stages of a relationship. You are not overly choosy when selecting a partner as you know that no one can be perfect.

Platonic Relationships

Having a social life contributes to shaping who we are. For a Piscean born on March 14th, the people you meet in life determine your main wishes and goals. You are friendly and are good at making gestures to new people. You like making sure everyone is happy and comfortable with your presence. Interacting with people is part of your day to day life as you like sharing your interest with others and understanding different personalities.

Party, Concert, Friends
Planning special events for your friends is one of your special skills.

Your fun-loving nature gives you an easy time when connecting with your old friends. You always try to create time for social events and will rarely turn down an invite to any occasions. You enjoy helping others and are a good listener. Comforting others makes you feel like a better person in life. This is why you are good at boosting other people’s self-esteem and making them feel encouraged despite their worries.


Being born on March 14th, you treasure family ties and like being attached to your family. You never miss out on any special moment involving your family. You like sharing your joys and sorrows with family as you believe that they always want the best for you. Spending time with your family keeps you in a good mood and gives you positive energy.

Family, Children, Parents
As a Pisces, you are always there for your family.

You like helping out where you can when it comes to family issues. You are willing and ready to do favors for your family and protect them from any kind of harm. Observing your siblings struggling to understand the challenges of life and giving them a chance to learn from their own mistakes is something that you aren’t afraid to do.


Having your birthday on March 14th, you value the importance of good health but can be slow to respond to your body. Be keen and careful with any kind of irregularities that you experience. You try to promote your health by eating a balanced diet and reducing stress. Take part in light exercises, as you find physical activities quite tiresome. You are curious and adventurous. This explains why you are prone to drinking alcohol smoking and trying different types of drugs. You should avoid these habits to have a generally healthy body.

Personality Traits

You are opinionated and like sharing your views about life with others. You value modesty and uphold the virtues of love and kindness to other people. Your facts about life are always logic and this gives you good progress in life. You like doing things in your own way and to a certain standard. Like many other Pisces, you have originality in thinking and are open-minded. You are quite empathetic and have a need for being appreciated for your good deeds. Your main goal in life is to have peace and be happy with yourself.

Couple Chatting, Coffee
Peace, love, and joy is all you want in life.

March 14th Birthday Symbolism

On the magician’s deck, your tarot card is the 14th one. It brings out your sharpness of mind and discloses your best attributes. You have a curious mind and love for information. This is why you are good at finding out the cause of most happenings.

The clear diamond is classic, but diamonds in other colors can also fit your birthday horoscope.

The magnificent diamond is the precious stone that attracts good fate to your direction. It brings you peace, self-control, and bestows you with a selfless nature. Your numerical luck depends on the 5th digit. You should find it reliable in lotteries and games as it will never disappoint.


Planet Neptune dictates your personality. The power of Mercury keeps you adamant and strong-willed. You like being reasonable and will question anything fishy. You make every step in your life noticeable. People acknowledge your presence as you have an awesome character. You create positive energy and like feeling motivated. You are hopeful for better things in life in the future. Try to get rid of any negative habits as they do not add any value to your life.

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