March 15 Zodiac Is Pisces, Birthdays And Horoscope

March 15 Zodiac Personality

Individuals born specifically on March 15th are known to own an extra sharpness and are usually logical. Having March 15th as your date of birth, you are sensitive and have empathy for emotional cues. You like getting information. This explains your curiosity. You are kind and are known for helping others deal with their troubling situations. You have a sociable character and are very friendly. Your warmness of heart enables you to help people and put their needs first.

You are an idealistic person and like having your own opinion about things. You like being realistic and making attainable goals. As a Pisces, you are sensible but not mean and value the art of giving. You like being organized and are a very responsible individual. Ambition drives you and you are motivated towards success. You find comfort in the company of others as being alone makes you sad.


Work is an important aspect of life. Being born on March 15th, you take work very important and are cautious when performing your area of duty. Career decisions for you are not difficult to decide on. This is because you settle for a job which can help you utilize your versatility and bring out your full potential.

Business, Work, Promotion
Confidence will help you to climb the career ladder– no matter what career you choose.

You are very diligent in your work. This makes it easy for you to work for others and with others. You like gaining a sense of accomplishment and feeling satisfied with a job well done. You believe in yourself and you are never afraid to perform any assignment given to you.  Your high degree of intelligence enables you to feel of importance at work and this gives you morale and it is the reason why you find yourself focusing on a specific profession for quite a long term.

March 15 Birthday


Financial matters are a crucial part of our lives. March 15th adults do not find it hard to manage their own finances. Having your birthday on March 15th, you like having control over spending and do not like suggestions on how to use your cash.

Piggy Bank, Money
Try to work on saving more money!

You like living by your means and avoid buying things you cannot afford. You have a certain kind of ego and you avoid borrowing as much as you can. This is because you like being independent and dealing with your own financial restraints. You are careful when it comes to the luxuries of life. This is why you hardly spend money on expensive treats. You are patient enough to save up for things you desire and this is why you have an outlined plan for your money usage. Despite these, you are generous and are not selfish when it comes to helping a person in need.

Romantic Relationships

With the thought that you belong to the Piscean group, you have a fairly positive attitude towards the idea of love. You appreciate the happiness that comes with finding the right person to share your ups and downs in life with. You have a need to love and to be loved. Look for a companion who will stick by you even during the most trying moments of your life. Take your time when deciding on whom to spend your life with. You are the loyal type who dearly apologizes after a silly mistake. You are devoted when it comes to a long term relationship and you do your best to keep the love flowing strong and deep. It is possible for you to make up for your jealousy by showering your partner with love.

Roses, Flowers
Show your love as often as possible to remind your partner of your feelings for them.

Platonic Relationships

Having a social life is a priority for a person born on March 15th. You value friendship and are good at interacting with other people. You immensely value your personal space but you like being around people so as to avoid overthinking about worrying situations. Making new friends and keeping a connection with your old friends is important to you.

Pisces, Friends, Enemy, Argue
It’s not possible to be friends with everyone you meet, and that’s okay!

You are choosy when it comes to deciding on your closest friends; one has to break through your emotional guard to win your trust. You are charming and like being nice to people you have just met. You do your best to avoid being judgmental and will always look at peoples’ positive sides and try to embrace their flaws.


Family comes first for a Piscean who was born on March 15th. You would move mountains just to see your family happy. You like putting your family’s’ suggestions into consideration and are good at helping them make wise decisions in life. Your siblings grow fond of you, as they have the habit of talking to you about their lives especially when it comes to their personal relationships. You avoid choosing for them on whom to associate with and try to give them some kind of personal freedom. You like seeing your parents stress free and will do anything in your power to help them cope with their day to day lives.

Mother, Child
Giving advice to your family members if your forte.


When it comes to your health, you are pretty active. You are good at listening to your body and giving the necessary response. You find your fitness very important. This is why you try to create time for physical activities. You adore food and have a healthy appetite. You have a tooth for sugary things and junk food. Try maintaining a balanced diet as you are prone to gaining excessive weight. You like staying happy and avoiding life worries from keeping you low and sad. You are able to share your problems with others. This reduces your stress levels. You believe in beauty sleep and value adequate rest.

Stress, Rooster Health
Reduce to stress levels to improve your health.

Personality Traits

Being born on March 15th, you thirst for knowledge and are very curious. You do not allow any obstacle to hinder your way towards success and are focused to achieve your goals in life. You are creative and are good at following your instincts about situations. Your lightness and spirit enable you to easily get along with others. You are not materialistic and are determined to accomplish other things s in life that are not necessarily based on money. You like feeling appreciated and have a need for being noticed.

March 15th Birthday Symbolism

You like connecting with people and adding to your knowledge. You are naturally giving and have a strong belief in destiny. The luckiest number for you is six. It will always put a smile on your face. It also gives you great potential and a witty mind.

Turquoise, Rock, Gem
Wearing turquoise jewelry can help to bring you luck.

In Tarot, the 15th card gives the reason for your sociable character and friendly nature. Being calm-natured fulfills your desire for happiness and joy in life. You are sometimes tempted to do wrong but possess self-control. The precious turquoise brings you good luck. It gives you a self-driven personality and keeps you focused.


The planet that predetermines your character is Neptune. Jupiter improves your life skills and adds you sharpness of mind. Changing negative situations into positive ones is your greatest forte. You are bestowed with an extra kind of love towards other people. You have a high degree of intuiting and heaps of intelligence. Be aware of your greatest attributes to know your worth. You are easily approachable as you own an awesome personality.

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