March 19 Zodiac Is A Cusp Pisces And Aries, Birthdays And Horoscope

March 19 Zodiac Personality

Individuals born on the March 19th are surmised to be quite dreamy with a positive attitude towards life. Being born on March 19th, you have a diplomatic powerful presence. You are a quick thinker and will usually have an easy time conveying your ideas. You are bestowed with heaps of generosity and a big heart to forgive. Like many Pisceans, you are smart and are known to be very brilliant at what you do.

You are able to put other people’s needs before yours. This makes you a nice friend. You take every opportunity that knocks on your door so as to achieve success in life. You are very ambitious and nothing hinders you from getting what you have set your mind on. Also, you are able to put maximum effort into every responsibility assigned to you. You have a high degree of intelligence and are able to come up with new ideas. People admire you as you have an innovative mind and a certain kind of intuition.


Career paths for a person born on March 19th are easy to decide on as you are very assertive in decision making. You have an aim to stand out and to help others improve their working skills. You prefer a kind of job where you are able to use your ability to perform many different tasks at the same time. Being happy in what you do tends to be more important to you when choosing a profession. You are quick to learn and this explains why you lack the patience to undergo lengthy studying. However, the one stipulation you have is that the occupation you are in must live you feeling appreciated.

Business Woman, Career
Get a job that allows you to advance up the career ladder or provide you with other rewards.

Despite your slightly serious nature, you are likely to get along with others extremely well. You enjoy teamwork and financial gain is not one of your top priorities when settling for your job. appreciated.


Having your birthdate as March 19th, you keep a close eye on financial matters. You do not find it hard making a budget as you are a saver rather than a spender. You like planning ahead to avoid running into problems with cash flow. Luckily, you have the ability to keep something aside for emergencies as you find it very hard to borrow. You like managing large investments like buying your own home and having your own car.

Money, Donate, Charity, Philanthropy
Donate money when you can, but make sure you save up enough to pay your own bills first.

You are not selfish. This explains why you are averagely active when it comes to charity work. You have a relaxed approach to finance but are never careless with money. You only buy something if you can justify its worth. All in all, you are disciplined and will only treat yourself after work well done.

March 19 Birthday

Romantic Relationships

For a Piscean of March 19th, you are believed to have an adventurous purposeful spirit. You are cautious and more tuned into your body and mind rather than your emotions. However, you crave for oneness and have a need for closeness. You have a need to feel that you have someone who truly cares about you. However, you tend to be a little bit choosy when deciding on whom to have as a soul mate.

Couple, Holding Hands
It is best for a Pisces to take things slow in their romantic relationships.

You are very romantic and passionate when it comes to intimacy and should never doubt your skills on this. You are the type that prefers long term relationships based on the power of love. Your soul mate becomes your major weakness and you find yourself doing anything in you might to make them happy. You require a strong friendship before settling for marriage. You are extremely protective and can sometimes be over jealousy. Sometimes, you find yourself arguing about petty issues but cover this up by being nice and apologetic.

Platonic Relationships

Having a social life is a priority for a person born on March 19th. Being alone makes you bored and very moody. You take comfort in the company of others. This is why you like being around people. You are the type that becomes interested in knowing other people and not letting others try to get to know you. One has to break through your emotional guide to win your trust.

Party, Concert, Friends
It is easy for you to make casual friends, but difficult to make life-long friends.

You like helping your friends focus on making themselves better people and dealing with their weaknesses. You always have a solution to people’s problems and are known as a good adviser. In your relationships, you are observant and are believed to be an excellent listener. You are very supportive in conversations and will rarely ignore others when they talk to you. This makes you a very interesting character and explains your social nature.


Being born on March 19th, you have the thought that family shapes your life. You like being close to your family and form a habit of checking on them from time to time. You enjoy helping your parents and putting their suggestions into consideration. Most of all, you treasure your siblings and are very sensitive to their feelings. You are able to offer them good advice and at the same time give them space to learn from their own mistakes.

It is likely that you will do whatever you can to make your family members happy.

You like seeing your family content. Making them satisfied is one of your priorities. You avoid making decisions that weaken your bond with your family. You are able to provide the love and care your family expects from you. Generating positive energy among your family members and encouraging them to have their backs for each other is something you do often.


Any minor health problems experienced by a person born on March 19th are often associated with stress. You are advised to deal with worrying issues immediately to avoid building up anxiety. You like being in control of your own body and are able to listen and give the correct response to its requirements.

Healthy, Food
Try to have a balanced diet to stay healthy.

Avoid eating anything that does not seem beneficial to your body. You are able to maintain a balanced diet and regular exercise as you care about your physical appearance. You need adequate rest to keep your energy levels high during the day. Spend more time relaxing your mind to avoid overworking it.

Personality Traits

Having your birthdate on March 19th, you are an opinionated individual. Your main strengths of character lie in your purity of thoughts and numerous aspirations to achieve your goals in life. You have a unique kind of resoluteness that enables you to make headway in everything you do. You are prone to becoming erratic as you are a temperamental person. Your self-control compliments this as you avoid lashing out your anger on others. You are very protective of the people you love and this makes you a special character.

Pisces symbol

March 19th Birthday Symbolism

Nine is the number chosen for you. It makes you destined for greatness. You possess a crafty nature that makes you skilled at having things done your way. You are good at exercising courtesy and creating a harmonious surrounding. Most people will describe you as hot-blooded, due to your burning desire to complete what you have started with style.

Ruby, Gem
The ruby is your lucky gemstone.

The 9th card in tarot is the door to fulfilling your wish of explaining the unknown and accepting your flaws. You are hesitant but always ready to take a different path when there is a need to. The ruby is the precious gem that you need to have by your side to add on your courage and to pave way for success.


Your acceptable personality is controlled by Neptune. This makes you stand out and be at the top in whatever you do. The golden sun has the most effect on your birthday. It keeps you feeling content and gives you a unique balance in your feelings. You work your way through problems making you reliable. You have your own boundaries and like feeling secure. In your life, you are the boss. You are positive towards correction and this gives you good progress.

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