Taurus Capricorn Partners For Life, In Love or Hate, Compatibility and Sex

Taurus/Capricorn Love Compatibility 

What do these two zodiac signs have in common and what will cause tension between them?  Will they be able to connect on all levels or will they struggle to find any common ground? Find out all about a Taurus/Capricorn relationship in this article.  

Taurus Overview 

Taurus (April 21 – May 21) is recognizable by their friendly demeanor.  They can be found within a circle of acquaintances more often than with a close friend.  They work hard in order to afford the finer things they want in life but may be a little slow to finish a project.  Like their zodiac sign of the bull, Taurus can be pretty stubborn.  This can be a good trait if theyre focused on leading a team to success.  This doesn’t mean that theyre too hard-headed to be a good teammate.  Fun is very possible with a Taurus when theres an adventure waiting to happen. 

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Taurus can bring fun yo a friendship or relationship.

Capricorn Overview 

Capricorns (December 23 – January 20) rely on themselves more often than not.  They prefer doing things on their own as they’re more confident that itll be done right the first time.  By being efficient and hard working with a goal in mind, they can achieve great things.  This doesn’t make them antisocial; in facttheyre very supportive of their friends and may focus their attention on those friends instead of themselves.  They don’t share their own problems so easily and prefer to be in control even at the sacrifice of free-time.  When they find love, theyre ready to be a loyal partner and fall for someone who can bring energy and fun into a relationship. 

Taurus/Capricorn Relationships 

Can Taurus be that kind of partner to Capricorn?  As a matter of fact, they have a number of similarities and common interests that make sense for them as a couple.  Theyre both supportive of friends and family with shared values.  At the same time, there can be challenges that might block them from becoming a long-term couple. 

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Taurus/Capricorn relationships can become great in the long-term if they overcome their challenges and blockers.

Positive Attributes in a Taurus/ Capricorn Relationship 

Responsible is one word that can describe both Taurus and Capricorn.  Theyre reliable, work hard to achieve their goals, and never want to be the one to disappoint.  These two are also financially responsible.  Taurus especially likes name brands and quality items, yet theyll make sure that they can afford it even if it means waiting for a great discount.  Capricorn wants to be in the know when it comes to details and can help advise in these financial matters.  Theyre the best at planning things out. 

This pair have a great give-and-take relationship.  Taurus is curious and can discuss many ideas with Capricorn.  Anything that comes to mind can lead to their next adventure, especially when its a shared interest.  Theyre also honest with each other and intuitive of each other’s feelings.  They don’t want to be responsible for being heartless or causing any pain.  Theres awareness when they need space and an appreciation for doing things independently.  Their open communication reduces the potential for arguments. 

Taurus loves romance and seduction; theyre ruled by Venus after all.  Capricorn is a sensual lover and is ready to shower them with love and attention.  This could be a bouquet of flowers sent to work or a bath and massage at the end of the day.  Pleasure is important to them.  Sex can also bring out a side of Capricorn that few see or know about.  Theyre creative and willing to show and try new things with their lover.  This is one way that their relationship keeps from becoming dull and their bond grows stronger as a pair. 

Negative Attributes in a Taurus/ Capricorn Relationship 

In spite of their common interests and many positive qualities, it’s not the perfect romance for these two signs.  Attitude is one thing.  Taurus takes a more positive view on life while Capricorn expects the worst in almost everything.  These points of view can grate on each other and make them want to be exposed to it less and less.  Even though Taurus can be patient, it can take a toll on them emotionally.   

Both signs are also very strong and demanding.  With signs of the bull and the sea goat, they reflect stubbornness in their personalities.  Taurus always wants to be right and often wants to be the lead.  Capricorn is so confident that theyre right and make all of the plans so that the worstcase scenario doesn’t happen.  They both want to be in control, and this is where the arguments and head-butting occurs.  Their ability to communicate gives them a chance to work out a compromise before they hurt each other’s feelings. 

Some of their habits can lead to arguments and the potential for a breakup.  Taurus may not always want to do everything that needs to be done.  Projects that don’t interest them or tedious chores may go undone when they’re feeling too lazy.  This can drive a workaholic like Capricorn crazy.  Downtime is not something theyre familiar with.  For them to see their lover doing nothing productive can be frustrating.  If they start to ignore each other and be stubborn about who is right and wrong in the situation, the relationship will start to crumble without communication.  Capricorn is known for their mood swings that can go from high to low with just one word or action.  Friends of Taurus may not understand Capricorn as well as they want, which can lead to awkward social engagements.  If the shyness becomes too overwhelming or boring to defend, they may not know how to hold on to their love. 


When it comes to compatibility, these two signs have so many strengths that make the high times enjoyable.  They can bring out the best in each other socially, emotionally, mentally, and sexually.  A positive is their ability to communicate about many ideas and interests as well as their feelings and thoughts about their relationship.  Their personalities differ when it comes to control.  Taurus is more outgoing while Capricorn is more of an introvert.  There may be times when these differences negate the love that they share with their positive relationship attributes.  Understanding and compromise will be the way that both of them can connect with the positives in their relationship so that their bond can remain strong. 

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Communication, compromise and understanding are key to a Taurus/Capricorn relationship


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