March 20 Zodiac Is A Cusp Pisces And Aries, Birthdays And Horoscope

March 20 Zodiac Personality

People born on March 20th are believed to be light-hearted with a very inquisitive nature. Being born on March 20th, you are not as serious as most other Pisceans. You are fearless of making goals in life and will do your very best to achieve them. You are nice and very friendly because you believe that sharing your joys and sorrows with others determines your main wishes and aims in life.

Like many Pisceans, you are naturally intelligent with a brilliant way of doing things. You are honorable with a tendency to love unconditionally. You have a practical innovative approach in life and are good at making wise decisions. These Pisceans are the type that tries to create peace by avoiding unnecessary drama. Your vivid dreams can every now and then motivate you in overcoming challenges in life. You are able to understand situations and look at them from a logic angle. Your versatility makes you a very interesting person and this explains why people like being around you.


Difficulty choosing career paths may be a problem for a person born on March 20th. You prefer a job that suits your many talents and one that is worthwhile. You settle for an occupation where you are able to help others make noticeable steps in the cooperate ladder. Likely, you will have a humanitarian element in your personality and therefore focus on social issues.

Connection, Network, Business, People
The best job for you is one that will allow you to work with others– clients or coworkers.

You are able to relate well with others and generate positive energy by instilling morale among your fellow workmates. You have heaps of intuition. This is why you are able to show your confidence in what you do. You are humble enough to ask for help when you need it and to respect other people at your workplace.

March 20 Birthday


Individuals born on March 20th have a relaxed approach towards finances. You get tempted to dig into your pockets quite often but will only buy something when you can see its worth. You have a taste for expensive things and lavish living but you understand that you can do without the pleasures of the world. Money is of great value to you and this is why you are not careless with it.

No Money, Poor
At times you are relaxed with your money– just try not to be TOO relaxed!

You prefer having someone to help you organize a budget and to encourage you to have a discipline of following it. You are not mean and are always willing to stretch your hand to a person in need. Occasionally, you put a coin or two away for emergencies and charity work. You are cautious enough to avoid being taken advantage of by people taking your kindness for your weakness.

Romantic Relationships

Having been born on March 20th, you are not as confident as other Pisceans when it comes to affairs of the heart. You are afraid of rejection and will rarely make the first approach. You may seem tough on the outside and very independent, yet you have the need to feel loved and pampered. When it comes to your actions towards your soul mate, you are deeply romantic.

Shy, Woman
Since you are shy, it is likely that someone will make the first move on you, rather than vice versa.

However, during intimacy, you feel a little bit shy to be in control. You are able to love continuously and this is why you often involve yourself in long term relationships. Usually, you are the type that has a hard time to break up with your soul mate. You are very tolerant and are able to express your feeling and deal with situations in a mature way.

Platonic Relationships

Being born on March 20th, you like interrupting with both new people and those you know. You like attending social functions and are bestowed with the ability to read people’s minds. You have a habit of commenting and participating in healthy discussions. People’s opinions and views about life are of great interest to you. However, you have a weakness of interrupting others but compliment this with your sincere apologetic nature. You like being associated with positive minded individuals and will always assume negative comments. Friends find you interesting and like being around you as you are able to put their needs before yours and are very sensitive to their feelings.


A Piscean born on March 20th finds great joy in spending with their families. You are willing to sacrifice yourself for the sake of your family happiness. You have the thought that your family shapes your life. They are the reason for the person you are today.

It is likely that you will get along with most all members of your family.

You like cracking jokes when around your siblings because seeing them laugh gives you satisfaction. You may be a little tough on them trying to make them follow the right paths in life, but this is in good faith as you only want the best for them. Your parents find you quite helpful and their love for you is seen in their eyes.


Minor health problems experienced by personalities born on March 20th are usually associated with diet issues. You are prone to being dehydrated and are advised to maintain a high intake of fluids every day. You require the maximum amount of vitamins and proteins for generally healthy wellbeing. Ensure regular exercise so as to keep fit. Relaxing more often reduces your stress and makes you more active during the day. Try to avoid foods that do not add benefit to your body and you should keep up on this.

Water, Cup
Try to drink more water to stay healthy!

Personality Traits

Your opinion matters and are always confident to lay out your ideas. You have an expansive mind that is able to learn quickly and accumulate information. You are a very curious individual and. This highlight on your inquisitive nature. You are assertive minded and are not easily sewed when it comes to making important decisions. Your main desire is to be happy and content with what you have. You prefer worldly knowledge than materialistic items. Your courage inspires others to look at negative situations in a positive way.

March 20th Birthday Symbolism

You are advised to put your trust in the digit two when taking risks, as it is your luckiest number. It gives you positive energy and puts extra weight to your calm nature. In mystical divination, the 20th tarot card on the magician’s roll gives you an adventurous nature. It is the key to your wise desire to reach hearts.

Pearl, Jewelry, Necklace
Man or woman, pearls are the perfect gemstone for you.

The pearl is your chosen gem to make your fantasies a reality and create a fortune from anything you lay your hands on. It will always be your armor against any negative forces and will offer protection from all kinds of danger. You value dignity and this is the reason to why you uphold the appropriate kind of decorum.


The glowing moon is the ruler of your day and the planet Neptune holds the greatest influence on your mental and ethical traits. Your pureness of heart is your greatest forte and it makes you irresistible. You are worthy of respect and are a character that appreciates the beauty of life. You are inviting. This is how you overcome hostility with the people around you. You believe in good things and are more than often in a cheery mood. You have had a wonderful impact on your friends and family as you always spread positive vibes.

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