August 20 Zodiac is Leo, Birthdays and Horoscope

August 20 Zodiac Personality

Being an August 20 zodiac means that you fall in the Leo zodiac sign. You are friendly and have both contemporary and conventional ways to drive conversations. Hence, your conversations are always bubbly. August lions identify themselves with a sense of belonging, especially those who are born on August 20.

You set achievable objectives and you go all out to accomplish them. People born on August 20 are intellectual, enabling them to grasp a lot of content with a quick understanding and interpretation. Due to their brilliant brains, they are great problem solvers and always strive for perfection.


Leos are serious when it comes to their careers. They will do whatever it takes to advance in their careers. However, August 20 zodiac personalities are more caring and family-oriented than most other Leos. Because of this, they would do well in careers in which they can help others. Look for jobs as teachers, doctors, or counselors.


Leos are great at making money, but sometimes they have trouble when it comes to spending too much of it. Luckily for August 20 zodiacs, this should not be too much of a problem for them. They are not as materialistic as other Leos. However, they do like to keep their outfits in style, and this can sometimes be expensive. Leos would do well to save up their money so they can afford to make these purchases, instead of using a credit card to do so.

Credit Card, Online Shopping
Entirely avoid getting a credit card if you can help it.

Romantic Relationships

For you, romance is only preceded by marriage. It’s a package that comes hand in hand. You are affectionate and have a normal sex drive, unlike your other Leo counterparts. You seek a partner who is as smart as yourself. If you are a woman, there are high chances that you are unrealistic about romance. You are romantic and extremely passionate. Also, you tend to be overly protective. You have that extra quality in love caused by your high levels of intuition, and you follow your gut. Hence, you rarely make the wrong choices in love.

Wedding Rings, Book
August 20 zodiac personalities believe in romance as a means to get married.

For being a Leo born on August 20, you find yourself being attracted to someone with a creative and imaginative mind. For someone to capture your heart and attention, your soul mate needs to be supportive and protective and give you unconditional love. You are prone to be disappointed if you take on casual love affairs. Real love will come from your friendships. Your true love will pick you especially because of your kind soul.

Platonic Relationships

You are the rock amongst your friends. When things are hectic, you hold the pieces together and ensure things are back to normal. As a Leo born on August 20, you do not hold on to old resentments. You let go of situations that are not helpful to your life and the lives of people around you. This makes you a happy person because baggage does not bother you. You are a Leo that forgives and forgets.

Dating A Sagittarius Man, August 9 Zodiac
August 20 zodiacs are very forgiving.

As a Leo born on this day, you carry the notion that everyone around you should obey your commands. Let go of your dictatorial attitude and you will see your relationships with others will get better each day.


According to the August 20 zodiac horoscope, you love family reunions and have a strong desire to have a close relationship with your family. You have strong family ties. You are likely to work towards achieving a comfortable life for you and your family. People born under the Leo zodiac sign have family playing a huge part in everything they do. Family and friends are a crucial part of who you are.

Mother, Child, Aug 14 Zodiac
Your siblings, children, and younger relatives look up to you.

Your family and friends look up to you as a result of your determined and focused nature. You have great addictive charisma. People want to be around you all the time. If you were born on August 20, you are very responsible and have control over your emotions. This helps you to be on top of things. You were born to be a leader and you find that your siblings look up to you. They take you as their role model.


Health issues for a person born on August 20 are mainly due to lack of focus, especially when you are under a lot of stress. You are moody and become grumpy when you are hurt. More often than not, you come down with some illness as a result. Being over-stressed also makes you prone to suffering from allergies and skin irritation.

Relax, Simha 2020 Horoscope
Relax to improve your mental and physical health.

A well-planned exercise routine combined with something fun is the key to igniting the fun of exercising. Nature and outdoor retreats will relax and help alleviate stress. As an August 20 zodiac personality, your eating habits also contribute a lot to your wellbeing. Therefore, it’s important that you start on good eating habits and also get a grip of your feelings to avoid ailments.

August 20 Zodiac Personality Traits

An individual born on August 20 is proud, extremely confident, and possesses the needed determination to accomplish any objectives that you set your mind to. You have the capability of accomplishing your hearts wishes and desires in this life. You tend to conquer them one after the other.

Leo Zodiac Sign, August 20 Zodiac
Two Leos will share interests and hobbies that make their relationship harmonious.

As a lion born on August 20, you have a plan and you achieve these goals one at a time. Obstacles are the game-changer for you, and you will not rest until it has been overcome. These challenges are your platform for progress, development, and even for emotional maturity. At times, you will be daydreaming or fantasizing about something you did in the past that is due to give great rewards in the future.

August 20 Birthday

August 20 Zodiac Symbolism

As a Leo born on August 20, your ruling star is the sun. It gives you the strong will power and unique discernment skills that you use. The Death tarot card matches your birth date. It symbolizes your lovely way of living each day as it comes and accepting the things that cannot be changed.

Your lucky numbers are three and five. Three represents the intuitive side of you and stability in your life. Five represents your broad-mindedness in many unusual cases. Your lucky colors are violet and burgundy. Violet signifies the control over emotions and mental energy, the value of little things in life and balance of most spheres in your life. Burgundy symbolizes self-control, fame, tranquility, anger, and fresh starts.

Emerald, Gem, Jewelry, August 20 Zodiac
The emerald is your lucky gemstone.

Your lucky days in a week are Friday and Saturday. On Fridays, you have your head clear of all worries of your life. Hence, you can conclude on well-thought decisions. Saturday is when your body and mind relax. Nothing can bring down your perfect mood on this special day. Your lucky birth gemstone is the emerald. This is usually odd for a Leo. This gemstone enhances your decision-making skills and boosts judgment in situations that need intelligence, insight, and wisdom to succeed.

August 20 Zodiac Conclusion

An individual born on August 20, your horoscope predicts that your strong characters will mostly be evident in your observant nature and your realistic view to life. This basically allows you to think before you open your mouth in any situation.

You have an original sense of style and your enthusiasm of life together with your sincerity will see you through in whatever you put an effort to or attempt to do, think or say. You are a perfectionist and you can be emotionally demanding if things do not go as you desire. Once challenged about your shortcomings, you tend to be stubborn and hot-tempered and very opinionated. It is, therefore, time to take it down a notch and try work on these unbecoming attitudes.

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