March 28 Zodiac Is Aries, Birthdays And Horoscope

March 28 Zodiac Personality

Having a March 28 birthday, you definitely own a beautiful soul. You are warm at heart with a welcoming personality towards faces you have just met. You like feeling appreciated and showing gratitude. As an Aries, you possess a get-up and go attitude that keeps you on your toes to be the best version of you. You value honesty and respect modest characters. You are more optimistic than most Aries. This increases your chances of having easier progress in life.

You are innovative and intuitive, but not as assertive as most Aries. Your risk-taking nature takes part in determining your main wishes and objectives. You like feeling good about yourself and will apologize when you do wrong despite your egoistic nature. However, you are not the best at handling troubling situations but are ever willing to try than not solve problems.


As someone with a March 28 birthday, your interests will determine what career you choose. A job that offers variety is the best fit for you. It tends to give you a higher sense of satisfaction. You are not basically all about money, but a more rewarding career makes you a happier person.

Flowers, Florist, Creative
Get a career that lines up with your interests.

You like helping. This is sometimes mistaken for being the “know it all” kind of character. However, this does not stop you from sharing your thoughts and ideas. You prefer using your creativity to the maximum and being productive for the welfare of all. You happen to feel lazy at times but your mindset goals keep you determined and focused to make your future brighter.

March 28 Birthday


With March 28th as your birthday, you tend to be quite lucky regarding finances. You may not have as much money as you desire but you sure never lack. You are fairly good at spending wisely and trying to sacrifice some luxuries to keep your hands off your pocket.

Money, Lottery, Lotto, Gamble, March 28 Birthday
Just because you are lucky with money doesn’t mean you should play games of chance.

Make sure to shy away from borrowing, as you find it cumbersome to depend on other people. This enables you to maintain a commonsensical stance with your incomings to keep away problems involving cash flow. You like having a good time and will always put a coin away to spend on fun activities. You are bestowed with a generous personality and this explains your heart of giving. However, you are cautious not to be taken advantage of at all costs.

Romantic Relationship

When it comes to affairs of the heart, you are usually optimistic. You prefer learning from experience and as a result, once love finds you, you welcome it with open arms. You value romantic relationships and will not take it kindly when one takes you for granted.

Passion, Car, Sex, Couple, Kiss, Space
Confidence is key in your romantic relationships.

In your romantic relationships, you are sweet talking and quite a charmer that never runs out of companions. You need to be a bit more trusting, hence fearful of long term commitments. The idea of marriage comes you a lot but rushing into things is not really your kind of style. You enjoy the pleasantries that come with love: cute text notes, gift exchanges, special moments and the likes. You may overreact to situations at times but compliment this with the many times you put a smile on your partner’s face.

Platonic Relationships

Having new friends makes you excited. You like exchanging your views with different people. You seem to understand that we are not all alike and this helps you tolerate people’s flaws. However, you easily get disappointed when hurt or betrayed. This gives you a weakness to forget what you forgave.

Your circle of friends will grow with age.

You prefer a smaller circle of friends but it keeps growing larger as time goes by. You like hanging out with friends and keeping the fire alive. Like other Aries, you are not entirely open as you highly value your privacy. You like it when people come to you for advice. You are a comforting shoulder to lean on and this brings out your caring nature to loved ones.


Family grounds you. You treasure your parents and siblings so much that you make sacrifices to see them feeling content. To you, friends are family. You enjoy making time meaningful by engaging in family gatherings, dinners, and outings that keep you bound to them. You like keeping your family relations exciting with the joy of giving and receiving gifts.

Family, Children, Parents
Aries people will do whatever they can for their family members.

Your parents love having you around as you are ever willing to help. You may act bossy when around your siblings but it is always in good faith. You hate quarrels and will more than often be the one settling disputes among your family. Seeing them happy and together gives you much joy.


Like most Aries, your health problems are likely related to high stress levels. You usually have the thought that you are strong with healthy well-being. This leads to being hesitant to go for checkups and overworking your body and mind at times. However, you really care about your physical appearance and will always try to maintain a balanced diet.

Lotion, Soap, Skincare
Use moisturizer to keep your skin healthy.

You are more prone to dehydration and skin problems than most Aries. This should be a good reason for you to ensure plenty of water in your system and a good skin care regimen. Try to relax more often and free your mind off worrying issues. Keep in shape with a healthy workout routine and engage in activities such as swimming and yoga once in a while.

March 28 Birthday Personality Traits

People born on March 28th are opinionated. You feel better when your voice is heard. Your best attributes are exposed within your thoughtful temperament and sharpness of mind. You are intelligent and can be quite a good listener. You are able to embrace change and adapt in accordance with circumstances.  

Aries, March 28 Birthday
Aries symbol

Like many Aries, you possess a witty and eloquent nature. People like having you around, especially when you are in a vibrant mood. It is easy to tell when you are unhappy. You should make an effort of not letting anything put you down. You are supportive of your friends which may at times seem pushy. Learn to let things be sometimes because it is impossible to help everyone. You should take pride in your astuteness and persistence and keep striving to make the world a better place.

March 28 Birthday Symbolism

Having a March 28 birthday, you are lucky to have the beautiful ruby stone being the gem that brings you good fortune. You should have most of your jewelry made from it. The first digit happens to be the number chosen for you by Mother Nature. This is why you prefer leading for others to follow other than the other way round.

Ruby, Gem
The ruby is your lucky gemstone.

You find yourself creating positive energy and instilling morale in others as this digit gives you plenty of drive. The magician picks out the first card on the deck for you. It is connected to your curiosity and love for adventure.


You should feel privileged to have Mars as your guardian planet. The glowing sun is in control of your attitude and perceptions towards things in life. Your idealism and realistic view of situations are wonderful assets to own. This will help you in your livelihood endeavors. You should try to be more assertive in decision making. Balance the trust you have for your instincts and those who care about you. This will give you a more peaceful surrounding and happier life.

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