March 29 Zodiac Is Aries, Birthdays And Horoscope

March 29 Zodiac Personality

An individual with a March 29 birthday is a bit different than other Aries.  They have a willingness to follow their own path. You are quick to adapt and enthusiastic, as you have the typical Aries determination. You possess a natural charm with a unique kind of thoughtfulness towards others. Being yourself keeps you at peace and gains you a sense of satisfaction.

You are ambitious and will often need a real challenge to increase your drive and motivation towards achieving a goal. Your dreams and fantasies take a major role in determining where you want to be at a certain age. You are loving, kind, and considerate and this makes it easier for you in most relationships. Your cool temperament and modest character are traits that help you explore life’s challenges.


Having a March 29 birthday, your career choices are easier for you to decide on. Despite the fact that you are prone to be bored with one occupation, you always know what you want. You prefer a job where social skills are required and one that allows you to enjoy variety. Following appears easier for you but this does not mean you are unable to take charge. You feel contented after helping out your colleagues and like using your potential to the maximum.

Connection, Network, Business, People
Since you don’t really know what you want in a career, it is likely that you will change jobs several times before you find something that is right for you.

A fast-paced kind of job that is stimulating is fit for you. You like learning and adding to your knowledge. You respect authority and this gives you good progress. Feeling appreciated and acknowledged after a good day’s work makes it all worth it to you. At some point in life, self-employment is something you may contemplate.


When it comes to money, you tend to be quite lucky. You rarely fall into major problems with cash flow. You prefer being the boss of your spending, rather than having someone else taking charge. Once in a while, you are tempted to empty your bank account on something frivolous. You desire expensive merchandise and have an eye for quality items.

Budget, Savings, Money
Try to stick to a reasonable budget.

However, you are able to make sacrifices so as to satisfy your priority needs first. You may be the best at making a good budget but will need great motivation to follow it to the letter. You are not known to be mean. This is why you rarely lack an extra coin for a friend in need. However, you have a low tolerance towards people who take advantage of this and will not respond nicely.

March 29 Birthday

Romantic Relationships

Romance, for someone born on March 29th,  is something you find joy in. You may seem flirtatious but will prove loyalty once you find love. You highly respect the institution of marriage and will take time before settling down with a partner officially. One of your best traits is that you are playful and fun, making you a wonderful soulmate. You like teasing your lover and seeing them laugh gives you great joy.

Jealous, Cheating, Affair
It is best that you end up with someone who doesn’t think flirting is cheating.

You are able to compromise when there is a need to. Surprising your soulmate with special gifts is something you like doing. One may judge you as the shy one in bed but you are quite hot-blooded sexually. You are gifted with the ability to understand people and accept their flaws. You rarely run out of companions. Anyone would be lucky to have you as a lover should fight to keep you close.

Platonic Relationships

Being an Aries born on March 29th, you like meeting new faces. You appreciate diversity and like engaging in talks where you can exchange ideas. You are passionate about gaining more worldly knowledge than materialistic gain. This drives you to listen more to others to know their opinions and views about life. You are a lovely person to have as a friend. You are able to help people deal with their troubling issues.

Smile, Unhappy, Sad, Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar
Aries people can cheer up anyone.

Most people will prefer your shoulder when seeking comfort. You are wise and therefore able to give words of encouragement. You value your personal space and privacy. This is because you are not the open book kind of character. One will have to break through your emotional guard to study you. You are not afraid of rejection. You are the type of individual that will boldly rise when others try to bring you down.


Family has taken a great part in shaping your life. The love you have for them flows strong and deep. You do your best to make your parents happy. You often listen to their suggestions and put them into consideration. Being with your family makes you feel safe and happy. You like visiting and checking on them to increase the bond that binds you together.

Gift, Present
It’s not uncommon for you to give your family members gifts without a reason.

You like encouraging your siblings to bank upon each other. No matter how much you feel disappointed at times, you still show them love. Marking their special days is something you try to keep up at. Your family enjoys having you around and you should always know that without you complete them.


Those born on March 29th experience normal healthiness. However, being overworked or stressing your brain may seriously affect your energy levels. Relax your body and mind once in a while with activities such as yoga. Keep fit by engaging in games and other physical activities to maintain a healthy appearance.

Water, Cup
Try to drink more water to stay healthy!

You are averagely good at maintaining a balanced diet but should increase your water intake. This is because your body is prone to dehydration. You have a sweet tooth for sugary stuff and should ensure a regular dental checkup. One tip for you is to keep smiling to increase your days on earth.

Personality Traits

You make achievable goals in life and desire success. You are persistent with a positive attitude towards situations. As an Aries, you are able to make something good out of the worst. You dream big and will work to make noticeable steps up the ladder. Your sharp intuition helps you to deal with the ups and downs in life. You are able to look at the brighter side. This is what keeps you hopeful. You like finishing what you started. You would rather try than regret. Being taken for a failure is your worst nightmare. You use every challenge as a stepping stone towards better things.

Aries, March 29 Birthday
Aries symbol

March 29th Birthday Symbolism

Your lucky number is two. Rely on it when playing games and trying to win lotteries. Mother nature has also chosen it for you because it always gives you a second chance. The magician picks out the 2nd card in his bag for you, the priestess. It simply brings out your pureness of heart and courage to face obstacles that come your way. The beautiful white pearl happens to be the special gem that brings you luck. It helps you repel negative energy and steer on.

Priestess, Tarot, March 29 Birthday
The priestess tarot card is for you.


Planet Mars reigns your March 29 birthday. The moon determines your attitude and perceptions towards most things in life. Your balanced mix of practicality and patient fortitude enables you to accept situations. You love harmony and will avoid unnecessary drama. You try to keep your calm when frustrated and have the heart to forgive.

However, an ending thought for you is that you should try to give more attention to yourself. Focus more and keeping a smile on your face. You should also loosen up a little and try to let people in. Talking to close friends about some issues will always help you take some weight off your chest.

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