March 3 Zodiac Is Pisces, Birthdays And Horoscope

March 3 Zodiac Personality

Having your birthday on March 3rd is a wonderful thing. This is because you are thought to be naturally nice with a big heart for giving. You are an ambitious individual and are self-driven. You make wise choices in life and are usually assertive with your decisions. Like other Pisceans, you dream big and have set goals in mind. You are cheerful and friendly giving you a sociable character. You are sensitive to people’s feelings and moods this enables you to get along with them well.

Even though you are a bit of a dreamer you still have a practical innovative approach in life and like being associated with optimistic people. You have a taste for quality and are good at buying eye-catching things. You are gifted with the ability to help people and be sweet when communicating with them. As someone born on March 3rd, you are fun loving and outgoing and are able to create time for enjoyable activities outside the office. You are good at expressing your feelings and thoughts and this gives you an easy time in your relationships.


Areas of work are an important part of your life as you belong to the Piscean group. This sign is full of hard workers. You prefer occupations that make you feel important as you like gaining a sense of accomplishment. You are skilled at performing different kinds of tasks and this makes your jobs options extensive. However, you are not the type of person who enjoys working under pressure. You like doing things at your own pace to reach your own stands.

Job, Career
It is likely that you will try many jobs before you find one to stick with.

You find yourself having a variety of jobs to commit to. It is likely that you will choose a profession that enables you to determine your main wishes and goals in life other than financial gain. You usually know what to do when your work mate has a problem with his or her area of duty. This makes people enjoy working with you and working for you.


When it comes to managing your finances, you find it easy to organize your spending. You are skilled at making a wonderful budget that enables you to meet most of your needs. You like buying nice things and are usually tempted to dig into your savings from time to time. This makes it hard for you to save up to a good amount or the target you have set for yourself.

Piggy Bank, Money
Try to work on saving more money!

You are sensible with your money and like taking control over it. However, you are generous and have a habit of giving and helping those in need. Family and friends opt coming for you for loan assistance and you rarely turn them down. You are not easily filled despite your kindness and will take caution not to be taken advantage of.

March 3 Birthday

Romantic Relationships

When it comes to matters of the heart, you have a need for a companion who understands your weaknesses and who will stand by you, no matter what. You are known for building strong and long-lasting relationships. This is why you do not mind marrying early. When you have your eyes on someone who attracts you with their personality, you are confident enough to approach them.

Dating, Sex, Couple
Find a partner that treats you like a friend and a lover.

One will have to win your trust before you are completely open with him or her. You follow your instincts in choosing who you want to be within your life. You are caring and are good at making your partner laughed from time to time. This is why you find yourself having relationships that grow stronger with each day that passes by. You are understanding and know how to give affection, attention, and loyalty to your soul mate.

Platonic Relationships

You are a sociable person and are good at making friendly gestures to new people. You are the type of person that a new face will grow fond of within a very short time as you are generous and playful at the same time. It is not likely that you will have many enemies, as you have a mature way of dealing with personal difference. You embrace every opportunity that gives you the chance to interact with others and know their opinions and views about life.

It is pretty easy for you to make new friends.


Family is a priority to a person born on March 3rd. You are ever spending quality time with your family and trying to make them forget their worries. You are not reluctant to follow your parent’s advice. This explains why you cannot do what they suggest.

Siblings, Brother, Sister, Children
Spending time with your siblings is very important to you.

You are good at making sure your siblings can get what they need without offending or hurting anyone. You teach them the importance of respecting others and show them how to handle issues without causing trouble. Acting as a guide for them to make them better people in life is one of your favorite things to do. You like keeping the ties in your family stronger and increasing the bond that binds you together by encouraging them to uphold the virtues of trust and loyalty for each other.


Your health is of great concern to you and the minor ailments are brought about by your tendency of committing too much time in work. You have a habit of trying to perform many assignments given to you all at once. You are advised to have a discipline of relaxing your mind and to keep your energy levels high enough to have a generally healthy physical and mental wellbeing.

Diet, Salad, Fruit, Vegetables, Food
Stick to a healthy diet and your health should be fine.

Luckily, you are good at maintaining a balanced diet and have a proneness to respond quickly to the effects of excessive fats in your body. This is why you should ensure you have a glass or two of water and take part in activities that can effectively burn your calories.

Personality Traits

You have a purpose in life and are good at making sure that you meet your objectives. Luck often comes your way and you tend to take them with every chance. You are able to understand people’s different personalities and live with them in harmony. You are quite a charmer and have a high degree of intelligence. Like other Pisceans, you are inventive and are able to come up with ways to overcome obstacles in your life. Often, you stand out and get noticed by many due to your witty character. You are confident enough to be sure about yourself. You are realistic about things and will only do things you are capable of.

Pisces symbol

March 3rd Birthday Symbolism

People born on March 3rd have three as a lucky number. You have been given the ability to rise after a fall. You are resilient in all your undertakings. Unlike most other Pisceans, you are competitive. It takes a lot from you to be the best in your field. Reading is something you do to improve your skills and abilities. Your card is the third tarot in the magician’s deck. Quartz is the stone that will guide you in life. It has the stories of your past and your future.

Quartz, Gem
Quartz comes in a variety of colors.


The beauty of your heart is from the planet, Neptune. It commands your existence on earth. Jupiter takes over your life. It is responsible for every move you make in the cause of your life. You enjoy second chances.

Learn from your mistakes and grow from your misfortunes. Teach people the lessons that you learn in your journey. This is a way of giving back. People respect and admire your values. The principles that you have are the moral campus of the community.

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